Digital Marketing Trends & Innovation To Pay Attention In 2020

Digital Marketing Trends & Innovation To Pay Attention In 2020

The digital marketing landscape is rapidly changing. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, or even what products and services you sell-you can’t simply ignore digital marketing trends. 

As far as technology is concerned, you can say it is the reason that digital marketing trend is here. The digital marketing trends are evolving like a boom in the business perspective. If I say, I am ruling my business, I must have vivid strategies to follow.

Businesses felt that change in many areas of their business function after deploying automation. But the vast area where automation works is digital marketing, even if you want to talk with your customers in a bulk or even want to analyze their lifestyle, you can judge by powerful AI tools.

There are many wheels in digital marketing. A big turn we can see every next day is digital marketing trends and innovation never stops you from spreading your network. Whether you are operating your business in the USA and want to capture your audience with other various countries, it is not a big deal at this digitized time. 

But how does it all start? Is it a magic key that business insiders keep in their pocket or something else? Let’s go back in time so I can clear your image by all means!

Evolution & Innovation in Digital Marketing Trends

In the year 1990, the word Digital Marketing was first coined and used. Web 1.0 technology was built at that time and allowed users to find out what they wanted to. Still, they weren’t allowed to exchange this information over the internet. The advertisers and analysts this time remain unaware of this newly invented terminology.

How It All Started!

In 1993, the first clickable web-ad banner then went online. HotWired then bought a pair of banner advertisements for their marketing and campaign. That marked the start of the age of digital marketing.

In 1994, several innovations were developed and hit the industry with a new goal (The first e-commerce purchase was made over the internet). This year, Yahoo was introduced, too. It’s received 1 million views within one year of its launch. Yahoo’s concept of digital marketing has changed, and the companies have sought to improve their websites so they can get a higher rating.

In 1996 a few more search engines and tools were launched, such as HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa. The first Social Media site was launched in 1997.

1998 was the golden year for digital marketing with the launch of Google this year. Besides, Microsoft launched MSN this year too, and Yahoo launched web searching for Yahoo.

Two years later (in 2000), the internet bubble burst, scrubbing out all the smaller search engines. That creates more space and business opportunities for the giants.

And soon after professional and social channels came to life year to year. And interestingly it is still going on and adding more opportunities for us. LinkedIn, Google apps, YouTube, WhatsApp,tumbler, and the list is infinite to read.

This is how evolution and innovation appeared in this century. Moreover, It can also be inferred that no magic key is there but digital marketing is rising exponentially and offers a lot of benefits to both users and business owners every day.

If you want to truly establish your position in this digitized period, then you need to make careful use of all these resources. 

Digital Marketing Trends That You Should Follow

Somehow, in 2020 when the world faces a disastrous period in health and business, digital marketing is trying to set up trends to make sure your ways toward success are more streamline. And you should be aware of these trends that make your journey easier in 2020.

Before moving forward on trends, Let me explain what digital marketing is… 

Digital Marketing

Source: PNG item

Digital marketing is the phenomenon of marketing that promotes your products and services via online channels so that businesses can improve their reach toward customers more promptly.

It can be enhanced by sync with different automation tools that create a specialized and personalized experience for their targeted prospects. This concept has become a trend in digital marketing that evaluates the overall online marketing phenomenon. 

Let’s be clear, we live in an era where marketing technology empowers your businesses alongside some traditional style. So, get some fresh knowledge about new trends in digital marketing and try to figure out what fits you in your firm to not only survive but thrive in this age of transformation.

Trend#1: Artificial Intelligence is a Big Boom

If you still have not realized why your competitors are sunk in profit so I’m telling you that they must adopt AI tools to grow their business. In 2020, many industries now realize why AI is the heart touching innovation for a long time and it might be a wake-up call for them. 

As Karthik Ramakrishnan, Head of Advisory and AI Enablement at Element AI quote,

“In 2020, enterprises will pay closer attention to AI trust whether they’re ready to or not. Expect to see VCs pay attention, too, with new startups emerging to help with solutions,” 

Also, Artificial intelligence statistics for 2019 say that more than 50% of marketers have started using AI in their marketing campaigns, with more to join their ranks soon.

AI is machine learning that provides a human-like interface and solves many problems as humans do. It facilitates you to store big data that helps in predicting consumer behavior and interest with proper insights. 

AI automates various tasks that help in saving time and catering to a large amount of business in a while. AI tools provide much resources to make digital marketing successful.

Trend#2: Chatbot Automation for Online Chat

If you are hoping to make your marketing channels alive, this digital marketing trend helps you to entertain your customers even without any human-help. 

Chatbots are responsive 24/7 and that gives your marketing a boost without losing its patience. It is far better to jump on the chat than to wait for a call from the other side when you are operating an online market. 

Botsify Chatbot

Source: Botsify

Yes, you might be amazed but as soon as the number of messaging apps increases, people get involved in it more often for buying purposes. Look at this stats why people prefer chatbot.

The state of research report says, 

The top benefits of chatbot are 24-hour service (64%), instant responses to inquiries (55%), and answers to simple questions (55%).

The chatbot is the new dominant tool that keeps the major function of the business in its hands. What chatbot marketing does for you is to give instant support against any query from your customer side and provide help in any regard.

But you have to train for it as you train your customer support agent. And yes it is less costly than the wage of a customer support agent. I just point out some major benefits although there are many.

  • Round the clock service with chatbot automation:

Chatbot provides 24/7 service hours without slowing down their action. It doesn’t need a nap or breaks to take a breath, working for you tirelessly.

  • Easy and quick response rate:

After having 24hrs online, chatbot automation helps in releasing your burden by attending your customers. Solve queries and develop a loyal and better customer relationship with them.

  • Ability to generate qualified Leads:

Chatbot not only helps customers but also brings new people for your business growth. A successful marketing strategy is supposed to provide new customers and has good conversion rates. Chatbot marketing supports this strategy and makes sure to not stop your business cycle.

  • Chatbot automation set up personalized style:

Throughout the buyers’ journey, the chatbot provides a user-friendly interface and makes your customers feel protective. After having a conversation with your prospect or customers, a personalized touch can increase the chance to convert your customer into a potential customer.

Communication matters when you follow online trends!

Make your communication faster and streamline customer experience even more better.

Trend#3: Advance and Programmatic Ads 

Understanding technology is not a simple task for a normal human. People get amazed when they just google any product and select any site to explore it. But when they leave that particular site, they find ads in their news feed on all the channels they use.  (By the way, this is called the real-time bidding-A form of programmatic ad).

This is what AI does and the meaning of Programmatic ads will now clear that using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to purchase real-time ads, instead of going to human deals and pre-set costs.

According to Adobe Digital Insights,

62% of media-buying professionals who are increasing spend on programmatic TV in the next six months said the main benefit is reaching a more targeted audience. 

It is also reported that, 

The U.S. is the biggest programmatic ad market, worth $24 billion in 2016, and accounting for 62% of total global programmatic ad spend. The U.K. comes in second, at $3.3 billion. (Source: Zenith Media).

Trend#4 Well-Tailored Long-Form Content  

A closer look at the product always satisfies the consumers. When someone buys a product, he wants to investigate it and try to explore every corner. So, he can make better decisions. 

One of the digital marketing trending sources is content where companies show their real image of product, use-cases, benefits, and what customers want to know. 

86% of highly effective organizations have someone in charge of content strategy. (source: CMI)

Your content must convey the knowledge of products and services. But this time, no short-form content works. You have to create content with an authentic context and with lots of knowledge for better digital marketing.

You can see the current stats of content marketing below.

content marketing AI

Source: Demand Metric

Google supports your content if your content is up to mark and made by all the spices. It helps to recognize your product and services more reliably and the click-rate on your site increases and consequently, your sales increase.

Pro-tip: Usually, posts that are at least 3,000 words long generate the most traffic, as readers are given a detailed analysis of the subject. 

As per research, 

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

Trend# 5: Social Media Channels With Resourceful Features

If we go back to our past, whenever people got leisure time, they used to go out shopping, have some tea with family, or other activities. But now, when people get free-time, they serve the internet, wander on social channels, and interact with several things by just sitting on the couch. 

It says that,

When a brand is available and active on a messaging app, over 66% of consumers will feel more confident about purchases, while 55% feel more connected to the brand. (Facebook)

Either he/she wants to shop or need to satisfy their cravings, it’s all just one click away. You are the one who provides them all these things on their gadgets. The social marketing strategy works all over the world, people see your product, investigate it, and reach you. 

But all you need is to display your product strategically. Your ad marketing must target your qualified audience, your content enhances their knowledge, the trust you have to build, and the assistance you need to provide. All these you can do by digital marketing, that’s why it’s a vast area. 

You can make your official pages, invite the audience, regular content posting, display your products with vivid images, make stories of your brand (Facebook Stories has 300 million active users daily), and many more opportunities you have.

You need to follow online trends in that way and analyze where you were and where you are. Facebook ads another way to engage your audience at a lower cost.

Trend# 6: Social Messaging Apps Boost Marketing Trend

Social media marketing is a powerful weapon in the digital marketing trends. It is not just for entertaining the people but it opens the door for all types of businesses. This stat shows you why I am emphasizing on it.

About 56 percent of global users of the messaging app say they have messaged products to get more information at all levels of the buyer’s journey. (Facebook)

WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users, sending over 55 billion messages every day.

Social media marketing has many features that make your brand more visible to optimize your marketing digitally. Social media ads, video content, blogs, stories, and the most happening tool is messaging apps that direct you to your customers. 

Almost all social media channels connect with chat messaging and provide a way to communicate. It is not for connecting with only friends and family. You can build your relationship with your customers through this.

On the other hand, businesses create different apps that customers have to download and all the transactions are easily run by their official apps. Many websites embed chatbots to give instant messaging support to their visitors. 

Others also build a chatbot on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other channels to just engage the customers, resolve queries, and instant assistance and present their products in real-time.

Trend# 7: SEO Strategy to Rank You on Top

In the above portion, I discuss how google supports your content to make your brand visible. But how? So the other side of the image is here. SEO, helps you to understand how customers browse online to discover details about your company to your rivals.

Search engine optimization is now a more open area in digital marketing and many additional things have been introduced that make it easier for searchers. This may help you to show your product in these sections.

Google uses 810 unique SERP features. Of those, 161 are found on more than 0.2% of keywords. (seoClarity, 2020)

About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot, 2020)

Write a simple word on the search bar and you can find multiple related topics over there. Featured snippets are another eye-catching part that gets thousands of clicks in a day. “People Ask for” suggests a more comprehensive way to find related things. It is all done by SEO.

The long-tail keywords play a part in it and make your content more optimized to reach in SEO ranking. This is digital way to market your content in the town. 

Trend# 8: Voice Search Recognition

One more interesting Digital marketing trend that makes the easiest way for toddlers to the elders is voice search. The textual based content still empowers but voice searching added value increasingly. 

The difference you see in this context like your search for “outfits” by typing or with voice search you could say, “what is the best outfit for a party”

Consider this stat:

72% of people who buy voice-activated speakers say their device is used as part of their everyday routines

Mostly, voice searches use asking location, information about deals and sales, personalized tips, information about upcoming events, customer support, and more.

Well, the stats show it all. In the near future, businesses adopt voice search engine optimization to optimize their conversion rate. These all are online trends that make people highly engaged in any essence. 

voice search AI

Well, the stats show it all. Soon, businesses adopt voice search engine optimization to optimize their conversion rate. These all are marketing trends that make people highly engaged in any essence. 

Behind the scene, AI plays its outstanding role to provide these technologies. AI is getting smarter and the amount of voice assistant errors like Alexa, Siri, and Google has significantly decreased.

By 2020, 50 percent of all queries will be by voice

Marketers need to emphasize more in natural content, so it can easily capture more in audible form than typing. Doing so will help you get the coveted zero position or snippets featured on Google.

Trend# 9: Omnichannel Marketing is Now Vital

Omnichannel marketing is the combination of channels that helps in gathering data and provide a unified profile to make your database the simplest. It is a customer-centric approach. Companies integrate all their channels (it can be offline & online) and put all the data on the same plate. 

Oasis fashion stores declare that this unified approach led to a rise in profit of 48% in the same year.

This trend is the bridge to maintain the gap between customer-retailers. Marketers can approach their customers at multiple channels at a time. This may help companies to spread their businesses in a very streamlined way.

A remarkable study shows that 73% of clients use more than one network and one device during a single shopping trip.

You have more opportunities and platforms to conquer the market and your audience. Various social marketing channels you can explore and increase your ROI by not staying only one channel.

You find people everywhere and after analysis, you can prioritize which channel caters to your targeted audiences. Omnichannel is now a giant platform in the digital marketing trends.

Social media

Source: Botsify

There is another online trend that optimizes omnichannel integration. That is embedding chatbot to provide instant help, provide information, simplify marketing funnel, and other operations regarding your marketing campaign. They build a chatbot to simplify all the channels and restore data. 

Trend# 10: Personalization Moves Beyond The First Name

You have to think timely before you lose your place in the market. If you want to stand out in 2020, you need to personalize your marketing campaign without being late.

If you just overflow our customer inbox with irrelevant content or offers, they might be annoyed by this act. Personalization stats say that,  

63% of consumers are highly annoyed with generic advertising blasts.

AI lends a helping hand for the marketers and accumulates all the messy work in a straight line. It’s hard to overlook every customer and make your content likewise. You have to personalize your content, emails, product, even the discount offers.

Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences.

As we can see in our inbox, companies send emails by our names, it is common nowadays. The sender does not change the content by person to person but the email automation is for sure. 

Personalized email marketing also set a mark in digital marketing trends.

Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click-through rates.

63% of consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting, or relevant.

Same as you can offer a discount by knowing a person special days like a birthday. This can be done by your restored customer data. A chatbot is one of the tools that you can use in gathering data in a trouble-free way.  

Trend# 11: Video Marketing Preposition

The standpoint of making everything digital is that buyers interact with goods and products and must have multiple choices to fulfill their needs. And all they can do is just search on the internet. 

Companies follow various marketing strategies. They are comfortable doing new things to market their product. One of the trends in marketing that makes your brand more fascinating is video marketing content about your products and services. Consider these stats:

99% of marketers using video will continue to do so in 2020.

By 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos (a 19% increase from 2019).

93% of companies claim they got a new customer because of their video content on social media.

Video content is the energetic strategy that makes people engaged by its presence. And people also try to get knowledge about your brands by the video content. 

It is a vast trend that not only ends on YouTube. But as we discussed above, we have many social channels and their features, you can easily go for this. Like on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and the most used feature is stories and even on your official website. 

63% of businesses say that video gets the best return on investment (ROI) on social media.

If your website has textual-based content and video as well, it can increase your organic traffic up to 5x. 

Trend# 12: Influencer Marketing/Word of Mouth Marketing

Once you are done to satisfy a customer, it will bring more customers to you. So what is this? This is the word of mouth strategy that surely works when influencers amplify your product and convey your message in the large market. 

Let’s say, you make an ad with celebrity endorsement and it gets viral just for the sake of your celebrity. Same as, if an influencer tries your product and recommends it with others, people believe their words of mouth and give your products a try. 

It is completely based on trust. If people realize it is a worthwhile product they surely move your product to others. The chain begins and the ending brings profitability and loyal customers. 

Nearly 90% of all marketers nevertheless considered ROI from influencer marketing equal to or greater than other marketing platforms.

Digital Marketing

Source: Big Commerce

Many companies reach out to influencers or experts and conduct interviews. The reason behind this strategy is they ask questions about related products and usage in real life. Through this, experts convey their brand message to their targeted audience. 

The same thing Botsify did, you can visit the Botsify website you find customers’ testimonials and in their blog section, you can find techie expert interviews as well.

Trend# 13: Conversational Market Makes You Alive Anytime

Another interesting way to reach your customer more effectively is conversational communication. Chatbot helps to make this happen easily in marketing trends. 

It can be described as “ A feedback-oriented marketing strategy used by organizations to improve engagement, create customer satisfaction, expand the customer base, and eventually raise sales. Conversational marketing is based on the common-sense principle of responding to the needs of the client and future clients.

Consider the stats here:

  • 79% of consumers are willing to use messaging apps to get customer service.
  • 82% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as very important when they have a question.
  • 36% of companies use live chat for marketing, sales, or customer service inquiries.

Either you want to take feedback or gather data, you have a new style to do this. And people feel tailor-made content for them and enjoy this way and happily submit forms like this. 

How Botsify Helps You to Follow Marketing Trends

All the trends follow AI technology somehow. And Botsify provides you an AI tool “chatbot” that suits all the trends. So why not follow these online trends with the chatbot. Well, the chatbot is already a worthy trend for all types of businesses.

As I mentioned above the benefits of the chatbot, you have much more to explore from the Botsify platform. You may also cover the major operations on this auspicious tool. 

You can embed chatbots on social media platforms, your official website, social messaging apps, omnichannel marketing. Also, make your content with an overwhelming gesture and affiliate personalized touch that helps in increasing great engagement.

Your marketing needs to be revamped!

Introduced chatbot in your digital marketing strategy and get 5x more profit.

Stay Ahead For More Trends

So, there you go! Adopt these digital marketing trends and change them when the trend changes, because change is very important but it’ll be a positive change in any regard. Stay alerts for more marketing trends.


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