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A Map Of Artificial Intelligence That You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence, the term itself has a mystery in it. Some unreal intellect and fake brilliance; it does sound crazy. However, the same two words have drastically changed the whole world. It has modernized human living standards and has provided us with a broader way to think.


Humans have always thought beyond the orders. We had started thinking about AI way back in 1300 AD and had a long history since.

Talking about the origin of modern AI or as we see it now, it was back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. 

The Godfathers of the field, Minsky, and McCarthy defined AI as a program or machine. This machine can perform tasks and use intelligence in the same way the human brain uses to analyze, execute, and carry out different tasks.

Artificial intelligence is more about creating the future. It has a significant impact on the world and can take us to enhanced development and much better living standards.

Artificial Intelligence And The Changing World

You will be amazed to see how AI is changing the world. Numerous sectors in the world are leveraging AI for updating, automating, and improving their overall progress. If you keep up with the growth of the Artificial Intelligence SaaS market or check out how AI can be used in eCommerce, you’ll be amazed at such a quick growth.

With the growth of AI, there are some concerns as well. There is an assumption that AI robots will take out humans for laborers. According to Oxford’s researchers, it is expected that 47 percent of American jobs are at risk by 2030, just because of automation. However, I personally feel that, with this door being closed, there are better opportunities for people to work on and earn. Also, AI is expected to add $15 Trillion to the world economy by 2030.

AI global GDP

Let’s have a quick review of some AI-inspired sectors of this era.

1. Enhancing the Customer Experience and Business

Almost all of us have chatted with the AI-powered chatbots, although we did not realize it sometimes. That’s how perfect AI is. Not only on the live-chats for customer service, but chatbots are also being utilized for marketing purposes. AI and customer service have a great relation shown by the stats below.

  1. According to Oracle – 8 out of every ten businesses are already using chatbots, or at least they are planning to induce AI with their customer services.
  2. Gartner says that the above ratio will be increased to 85 percent by the end of this year.
  3. Adults are already using AI-based voice searches. 40% of them make at least one voice search a day. – Location World

This is not it. There is more to come. It is expected that the productivity of businesses will be improved by 40% by the year 2035. All credit goes to Artificial Intelligence.

Businesses will not be using AI just for customer services. It will be used for making leads, content curation, business insights, and analytics as well.

2. Betterment of the Healthcare Sector

AI technology has the ability to determine information from huge data sets. Using data mining techniques, AI can easily conclude and analyze given input using software algorithms and hardware implementation. It is used in,

  • Biomedicine
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Living Assistance
  • Biomedical Information Processing
  • Biomedical Research

Being more precise, it is used to assess X rays and conduct other scans. Biologists use it to introduce and discover upgraded drugs for new illnesses.

AI Healthcare Sector

Moreover, robot-assisted surgeries are being taken now. It helps in providing real-time information and data. According to Accenture, by 2026, the US healthcare industry will save about $40 billion per year using robots in the operation room.

According to a recent report, Google Health is set to use AI for cancer diagnosis and observe patients’ outcomes. Along with that, IBM Watson has already introduced cognitive computing to analyze and perform breast cancer trails.

Moreover, Oncora Medical, Cloud MedX Health, and Corti are working to utilize AI in the medical field for more advancements.

3. Improving Transportation

Where we are near to see air compressed cars, technology, along with AI, has already delivered a lot to the transportation system. Ai is not only used in the automobiles but is utilized to decrease the traffic, save money, and increase passenger safety. Vehicles are being designed that have the ability to,

Self-Heal: Using AI, vehicles can detect errors and fix it themselves.

Self-Learn: A vehicle that can understand the driver’s behavior and suggest some options according to them.

Self-Socialize: Doesn’t really mean using Facebook or WhatsApp. But vehicles can communicate with each other. This helps in decreasing the accident rates. Vehicles using AI will be able to calculate the distance and speed of nearby vehicles. They can react to any unwanted condition.

Along with public safety and self-automated vehicles, AI is set to help the transport industry in corporate decision making, enhancing traffic regulations, digital vehicle inspection, and improving pedestrian safety. Additionally, advancements in Battery Intelligence Cloud Software will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation

AI Driverless cars

Meanwhile, when new players are starting their run in this industry, giants like Uber are testing Robo-Texas, Google, via its subsidiary Waymo is developing autonomous cars, and Tesla is working on improving its auto-driving system. (Source)

4. Advancement In Education System

Using AI for grading and plagiarism was just the beginning. Now, AI has provided the education system with more enhanced options. Personalized tutoring, instant feedback, and easy accessibility to courses are amongst them. Let’s dig out some information about this.

a. AI Collaboration With Teachers

Since AI is the future, our students and teachers must explore it. This is only possible if it is implemented in the systems in a better way. However, teachers are already collaborating with AI to perform multiple tasks. But there is a need for better development in this particular field.

b. Individualized Learning

AI helps in predicting the nature and behavior of every single person. And it has enough memory to analyze every individual based on their performance and behavior. Hence, AI somehow can be used and is used to a small extent to understand the nature of the students and helps teachers give them personalized suggestions.

c. Universal Access

AI technology is helping in making global classrooms available to all the students. It includes pupils with visual and hearing impairments. Tools like Presentation Translators can help create subtitles in real-time. Such tools and easy to access courses have helped students a lot in the current Pandemic time.

d. Automating Admin Tasks

Without a doubt, AI, with its ability to automate things, is impressive. From making calls to sorting files and folders, it has a great variety to serve us. With about 99.9 percent accuracy, as tested by Google, AI can sort spam emails for you. What more you need as an admin.

AI has a significant impact not only in the education sector but also in improving the world economy. It has also served to strengthen Media, Manufacturing, Law, and other departments. However, the greatest of them all is that it has improved our living standards, and data scientists are working to save more human lives by predicting nature and coping with natural disasters.

Where AI is contributing to different areas of life, it has also improved our living standards.

AI Introduces Smart Living

Have you ever imagined that you may not need a key, a thumbprint, or anything else to open your doors? Or you may not be using switches to switch on your bedroom’s lights. No one had literally thought of it until the early 2000s when this technology started growing rapidly.

AI has introduced us to smart living.

AI Smart living

The following are some best features of AI-Powered Smart Homes.

The most phenomenal one of them all is security. No other person can enter your house without your permission. The installed system recognizes a face, eye, or any of your unique features to open the door. 

Smart lighting not only makes it easy for you to move out of the room or the house without switching off anything, but it saves electric bills as well. It observes your movement and works accordingly.

More features include vehicle detection, smart speakers, wake up alarms, maintaining temperatures, etc.

Google LLC (US), Amazon (US), Samsung (South Korea), Apple Inc. (US)And Siemens AG (Germany) is among the top 10 companies currently working on smart homes and smart city projects.

AI Predicts Nature

A few years ago, AI helped us manage natural disasters, and now it is all set to predict them.

About 8 million people live within 100 Kilometers radius of different volcanoes. Using satellites and AI, scientists are all set to keep a constant eye to be aware of any drastic situation.

No one has imagined that Machine Learning will predict the earthquake, but now it is possible. Under the field of Climate Modeling, AI is helping us tackle climate changes as well.

Wrapping It Up

Where AI has served to save us from natural disasters, it is also serving nature. Remote Sensors and Animal I.D. Tags can bring attention to the problems of animals. Similarly, more is being done for plants.

No doubt, the major part of AI plays in businesses and washed out various difficulties that occurred in the past. Communication is the key of businesses and makes a bridge between customers and marketers.

This 2020, the most trending AI tool is chatbot automation that makes communication simple and quick. Platforms like Botsify make your path easy by providing the fully-managed chatbots to make your customer have a better experience.

Without a doubt, AI is connected with every single part of our life. From personal to professional, and from entertainment to work. Utilizing it the right way can bring up more revolution and modernization in the world.


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