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Create an interactive chatbot, engage website visitors, provide fast and accurate information, improve customer acquisition.

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A chatbot can help you sell your product, book appointments and grab those leads without going broke over a 24/7 customer service agent


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No more unattended prospects, get warm leads with a customer service chatbot without lifting a finger.

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A customer service agent can handle 2 or 3 customers at once yet cost a lot more than a chatbot. Don't worry, you don't have to know the technicalities, we have got it all covered.

Quick Learning

Personalised interaction with customers

Let your customer support chatbot build connections with prospects and increase your chances of converting more leads into customers.

Uberoom went from saving 0 to 102,752 hours with a website chatbot in 12 months.

Uberoom is a hotel room decoration service in the US who is using our chatbot development services to reduce customer response time. The chatbot immensely improved engagement reduced bounce rate and increased customer retention with an average of 11 minutes of stay on the chat.

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Questions You Might Have

You will have a dedicated account manager with a personal contact number to assist you with any troubles you come across while using our platform in less than 12 hours of time.

You can also find help on our Facebook community where the entire botsify clientele hangs out.

24/7, 365 days customer support available for your website live chat.

Reduce bounce rate and capture leads using engagement tools and cool chatbot flows with unlimited customization options.

One chatbot for multiple channels like Website, Facebook, Whatsapp.

Store data in your CRM or spreadsheets.

Hybrid tendencies of switching from chatbot to human support agent on demand.

Botsify allows you to scale your business by connecting your workflows with the chatbot.

You can integrate with so many platforms like Shopify, Slack, Zapier, google search, Dialog Flow, Hubspot CRM and 1000+ more integrations.

Of course, we can! Your first chatbot draft will be ready in 5 working days.

You will have access to a dedicated account manager to make quick changes on-demand requirements to your chatbot in less than 12 hours.

We will have a monthly one-to-one review to ensure you reach your automation goals at the desired time.

We have helped scale 300+ businesses from different industries before you and saved around 30-50% of customer support time for them in 3 months or less!

We offer dedicated customer support for you to get in touch with anytime you want.

We will provide you real-time-analytics, and access to 10+ reports to see the time you saved answering your customers.

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