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15 Effective Ways To Increase The Website Conversion Rate

Websites are not only for generating traffic, it is more than that and it’s not only you, but many of us also don’t know how to utilize 100% of websites successfully. If you want to generate customers from your site then give it a read.

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Let’s start with the journey of generating traffic on the website to website conversion and see how a website converts a customer generating machine!!

In the beginning, I declare that increasing website traffic is not the only thing you have to do, but converting that traffic into your customers is important. Your primary goal is to attract several visitors on your website becoming your customers and the number of sales per month. Increase your website conversion leads make a huge success in your business.

“90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.”

It’s not possible every visitor on your website will be your customer but it can be possible if you carry some well-defined strategies for website management. Let’s explore how your website drives your visitors into your customers!!

What do you know about website conversion?

Basically, website conversion occurs when a visitor comes on your website and makes decisions about what you want from them such as sign up, get started, making a purchase, etc. through this a single visitor can change into a customer and take your desired action. This process of your website visitors to become a customer is website conversion.

Multiple people visit your website but now the question is how can you differentiate who is a visitor and did he take your desired action to increase website conversion? 

Here, a new terminology I am going to introduce, which is the website conversion rate.

The website conversion rate is the percentage of the desired action taken by a visitor and the number of visitors. From this, you can calculate how many visitors complete the buying process from your site.

website- conversion-rate

For example, if 50 people visit your website and 5 visitors convert into your customer, so the conversion rate is approximately 10%. Here you determine how less conversion occurs and it’s for all of you. It is true for everyone, no one comes on your website to buy your product, but you have to increase website conversions rates consistently.

Your conversion rate influence on some factors:

  • Type of organization
  • Which product/services you offer
  • Your cost
  • Which sales cycle you adopt
  • And much more

The concept of website Conversion varies from business to business, it means if your business is online selling different products, your successful conversion is selling that product. If your website’s aim is to generate leads, so your conversion is website conversion lead. If your website is meant to give services like software or apps making, then your conversion in means of services. So, conversions are different from each website and according to what you are doing.

Why is it so Important ??

Well, the purpose of determining the website conversion rate is to get to know how your website works for you in a useful way. Here we go to discuss some question where you know how your website performs well:

  1. Is your website attracting/targeting your right audience?
  2. Is the traffic on your website visitor fulfill your desired action?
  3. Can your website acquire customers easily?
  4. How much revenue increases per month/year? 
  5. How many new customers generate throughout the website conversions?

If you analyze the above questions well, you will probably know the importance of website conversion to boost up your business constantly.

For example, so many people drive on your website but the goal of increasing website conversion doesn’t occur, it means there is something wrong on your website, and you have to fix it before you lose a huge conversion.

Now you can easily figure out what’s wrong with your website doing. 

To fix your problem, you can use multiple tools to optimize your website conversion rate and it definitely works when you plan something out of the box to increase the conversion rate. 

“ Growth happens when your website traffic doesn’t fade away.”

Before going forward, I want to discuss four stages of the sales funnel where a visitor journey starts and ends up with a purchasing decision that increases website conversions.

Now the question is how can the sales funnel increase website conversion rates?

Sales funnel makes a fine road for buyers’ persona and it helps people towards conversion. You can easily interpret that your ultimate goal is to be achieved. There are four stages:

  1. Awareness: At this stage, people get aware of your product/services and they explore your website and learn about what you are selling.
  2. Interest: When people reach this stage, their interests are developed and they consider your product as an option and do research for more. 
  3. Decision: At this stage, people are ready to make decisions because they get what they want from you. You have to be very careful at this stage, try to make an easy way to attract your visitor.
  4. Action: At last, your visitor completes your desired action that you want from them either it can be a signup option, making a purchase, form submission, or whatever you present on your site.

As you can see, different stages of sales funnel compelling to the visitor to complete your desired action. This is how the sales funnel contributes in increasing website conversions and generates website conversion leads. By following these steps, you can keep your eye on your visitors-cum-customers. 

Let’s take an example!

Botsify launched Coronavirus Chatbot on the proposal of digital Pakistan team and interestingly as soon as people get to know from Tania Andrus, the head of Digital Pakistan initiative announced the chatbot on her twitter and soon after they announced, the chatbot had been taken very positively throughout the country. Botsify had received almost 15,000 messages by the night. Thousands of people used COVID-19 chatbot and benefited from this. 

Botsify provides chatbot services as you can see how people got aware, they built their interest, they took the decision and after this they acted by using coronavirus chatbot. Read more about coronavirus chatbot

Now, you can easily divide and analyze your sales cycle but the story does not end here. What is lacking in your website and how can you optimize it to increase website conversion rates?

It’s mysterious!!?

Don’t worry, moving forward we are going to discuss how to optimize conversion rate and I will give you some ideas so that you will be able to achieve your goal of converting users to your potential customers. 


Now, you know about the conversion rates and how it works. To eliminate the small errors on your website don’t leave a single chance to feel defeated though.!!

Let’s begin to discuss which tools you use to fine-tune the effectiveness of your site as well as lead you to develop new goals.


The way you want more customers, visitors also want some immediate action to move further. CTA plays a vital role in website conversion rates but how should CTA look like??

Use a visible and clear call-to-action button on your site, it is responsible to guide your visitor what next step he/she should take. And what is going to proceed next for them? 

It is a known fact that a good CTA button pops off on your page so that visitors can’t ignore it at any cost.

Source: Mighty Call

Even the color of your CTA button should be visible, prominent and eye-catching.

Research from HubSpot conclude that

“The red CTA button outperformed the green CTA button by 21% .”


Indulge different testimonials on your page, make visitors trustworthy. Your testimonials may be a case study, feedback, survey, customer’s word of mouth, etc. People want proof and when you share testimonials, It impacts ultimately on your website conversion rate because it’s an undeniable piece to concern.

You can easily attach your testimonials on chatbot and people connect to communicate with your bot and that is more emphasizing.


As you already know, every second person operates smartphones, and the first step he/she takes to find something is from mobile phones. In point of fact,

Your website works on every device smoothly and there must not be any hurdle to drive on your site. If your site is mobile-friendly, there are high chances to increase conversion rate. You can optimize your website to use responsive design, it ensures that your site supports mobile devices and delivers the best experience to your user.


Your website should say, “Talk to me”.

Suppose a visitor is researching your website and suddenly pops up any query on his/her mind, he/she surely needs help or may instantly need answers to his/her questions, what will you do to manage this?? Well. you need to insert a chatbot on your website. 

So the question should be what is chatbot?

Chatbots are the AI software that interacts with users in a conversational format, combining natural language UI (content, document, etc) with graphical UI (buttons, images, forms, menus, etc). It interacts with visitors and responds to different queries, gathering data, generating leads, and hence improving your AI SaaS marketing efforts.

You can interact with your customers round the clock without a hitch, even so, you don’t need to respond to your customer, your chatbot is enough for this.

Botsify gives you chatbot services and not only live chatbot, but it also has conversational forms, different templates, media block, and FAQs bots and more. You can customize your bots accordingly. 

Let’s Try


If your website takes time for loading, you are shooting your foot by yourself.

It’s painful…!!

Make sure your website loading time is as minimum as possible. As far as your website responding lately, do you think any one of them will stay for a longer time? At least I am not. Your website is not supposed to be a sluggish one. 

A survey told us a 7% reduction in website conversion rate on the result of the 1-second delay in the page loading process. 

Additionally, page loading time is also affected when it comes to search engine ranking. If you want more conversions, speed up your website and commute it less than 1 second and get effective ROI from your site.


Quality always matters!! ?

People love to see visual things and they develop their interest when the picture shows the real side of you. The same is for websites if your product images are visible with high resolution, it tends to develop trust in your product, so visitors easily reach the stage of decision. If you use templates through your website chatbot, it builds a great experience over the customers. Use high-quality user interfaces, drive your visitor to your potential customer.

If you want to insert templates chatbot, grab this opportunity that botsify offers you. 

Have a look at how Botsify fulfills your website requirements. 


By using these templates, you can enhance our website conversion rate even double.

Templates for You


It is extremely fascinating when a video is attached to your website with some impressive content. Video is entertaining, captivative and has potential in a way to attract the customer. In case, a visitor comes to your page and gets bored just seeing the written content, what will he do? It’s an obvious answer, he leaves without making any purchase. 

Have a squint on this statistic,?

Video marketers are said to get 66% more qualified leads yearly than those who don’t focus on video.

To make your site super visual, you have to work on simple videos with high resolution, it can be a tutorial video, your product branding ads, personalized video of prospects and what that you can relate with your product. It seems like you will talk to your prospects directly.

In 2022, most probably, 92%-95% of video marketers work on video content to increase website traffic and website conversion rates.



Give your prospect a chance to try your product for free and let them know how your products would be the one in the crowd. Let’s say you go to buy a car and you want to drive it at once but the dealer doesn’t allow you to do it. What will be your reaction? I think it will be worse…!!

Don’t do this with your customers, take advantage of your experience. On your website, mention it clear that you offer a free trial(s). Your website chatbot gives these types of information in one click of visitors. So what are you waiting for? Make your website more reliable and don’t let the customer empty-handed. 

If you visit the Botsify page, you can see how Botsify gives you 14 days free trial. To make your website chatbot, don’t waste your time and click the button below.  

Let’s Get Started


Your products’ worth should be the standard of competitors. Not too high, not too low. When people search for different products, they also want to know the price of the products so that they can reach their decision. Make your website in a way that you offer your product at different rates. 

Offer them three or more rates by using the pricing strategy matrix such as economy, penetration price, skimming and premium. More simply, you can offer basic, standard and premium rates.

Source: Dreamstrime

For example, you offer

  •  free trial or low rates in basic, 
  • economy rates offer in standard, 
  • and advance rate in premium with some other benefits

It should be clear and visible on your site and one more thing is, consider different payment methods for your customer convenience. It will directly help you to increase website conversion rate.


It is the best way to introduce your other different products to your customers and keep them engaged on your site. Grab your prospect’s attention with Interlink your products or other related content. The buying and selling process is not for one time task, it should be ongoing throughout the years. It can also help in decreasing the website bounce rate for sure. 

To do this, use chatbots, it brings your customer back whenever you announce your next goal for your customers. Show more products to attract your customers’ attention and generate profit as you want.


The pay per click concept is not new, you may all understand this, if not it’s okay I am going to tell you. When website traffic comes organic research, it is unpaid. But when you need PPC ads, you have to pay against a single click on your ads and you can say you invest money on your website management. When any one clicks on your PPC ads, then the visitor may be converted into your client. This is the return on investment (ROI).

Eventually, you are buying visitors from this technique. Make sure you use long-tail keywords in PPC ads, so the search engine ultimately catches your keywords and compels the user to click on your site. See how PPC and chatbot capture goes together and bring visitors to you. Improve Customer Acquisition Using this PPC Marketing Strategy in 2020

Don’t forget to make your website chatbot with Botsify.


Currently, many business insiders efficiently use discount tactics but have you noticed retailers regularly post discount offers and some offer coupons to integrate sales. 

83% of consumers are happy to see coupons and ready to make purchases because it feels assuring to get something back as an incentive

Why do you stay behind to take advantage of it?? 

Go hurry up and renovate your site with these offers to attract the visitors and make them your potential customers.

Pro tip: Offer promo code, downloadable coupons, mobile coupons and market your coupons through email, SMS, or even through chatbots.


You get positive feelings when you see a happy and satisfied customer’s feedback on your products or services. You can share positive experiences with your visitors to keep in front of the website. By this, you can give another chance to be a trustworthy seller and make customers satisfied with your product/services. 

Moreover, you can add a feedback form chatbot for the visitors so they can also give some tips and appreciation on how your website works and how you can optimize your website more. 


The way you communicate instantly when a user lands on your page is more likely to welcome a guest cordially. When a user comes at your website, first headlines grab their attention and compel them to read.

In case, your website headlines are not visual or users do not get them well; they will instantly leave your place and jump on the other multiple options. Try to keep them retained by using numerous techniques and think 10 times before you put your words on your description. Even these slight improvements in your errors on your site can head a tremendous traffic and website conversion lead at the same time. The more website conversion rate, the more profit you have. 


In order to make your website run well, try to inspect daily. Implement regular A/B testing on your website, so you can easily navigate different versions of landing pages such as sign up, get started, feedback, purchase listing page and other to identify the combination that converts best. 

Source: Elysian Corporation

Frequently testing may optimize your website conversion rate and if any error occurs, you can take action immediately.

Let’s wrap up?

I hope you will check out your website conversion rate right after reading this blog and plan to optimize it to get a better outcome of your website and indirectly strengthen your business performance. To Increase website conversion, this blog surely helps you to do your best. Some quick tips for you..!!?

  • Try to drive organic traffic on your website.
  • Remove content that distracts the visitor.
  • Gather information by lead generation chatbot to generate leads.
  • Insert short survey chatbot.
  • Talk more about the benefits of your product on your website.
  • Prepare a clear value proposition for your customer.

To put chatbots alive on your site, don’t forget to jump on the Botsify website to make appropriate and customized chatbots as you want. 


Lets Get Started


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