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Increase Website Engagement with Botsify’s Video Call feature

Website engagement is quite important for the online business owners to stand out in the crowd as in this online business world we have lots of competitors to face off.Video calls can be the solution that glues the fragmented customer journey together.

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Level-up your Website Conversion with FAQ Chatbot feature Within Minutes

Chatbots have grown very useful in many ways. They help customers find information, research brands, products and services and help with making acquisitions. The cherry on top is this fact – chatbots improve website conversion rates. botsify will give you a chance to experience chatbots benefits within a short period of time checkout how?

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The Role of Text Message Marketing in Building Consumer Loyalty

Text message marketing is one of the most popular and growth tools for businesses to getting in touch with their customers. Text messaging is perhaps the most powerful medium of communication in existence at this time, mostly because it allows you to reach anyone instantaneously without requiring any action on part of the recipient. Anyone who owns a cell phone with a network connection has text messaging enabled on their phone, so a short message can be sent to their phone.