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How to Improve Customer Engagement with Analytics & Data

Ever wondered how you can use data to improve customer engagement on your website? In both B2B and B2C, companies using data to drive engagement and improving customer experience has proven to be working beautifully.  Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, “Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement” reportMost online businesses are aware of this, but still, avoid …

Customer Churn WhatsApp chatbot

The Best WhatsApp Chatbot Strategy to Improve Customer Churn Rate

Are you looking forward to a strategy to improve your customer churn rate?Let me tell you one thing nobody had a perfect strategy to control their churn rate so you are not alone. Almost all online business owners are looking forward to new strategies to develop their customer churn. learn how a whatsapp chatbot can improve your churn rate.


Botsify Launched Coronavirus Chatbot With Digital Pakistan Team

As you all know, On the night of Thursday 12th March, a few cases almost 8 of Coronavirus throughout Pakistan were recorded. This is just the beginning as things have started going crazy throughout the country considering whatever is going around the world. This virus has infected many peoples in the world and now it …

Growth Hacking WhatsApp chatbot

Boost up your Growth Hacking Strategy with WhatsApp Chatbot

Are you an online business owner and want to grow your business?

So for that, you have to improve your growth hacking strategy and find out an excellent tool that can be proved as an ultimate growth hacker for your business. If you’re ready to grow your business, and you want to do it quickly. so by using whatsapp chatbot you can increase your growth want to learn how?

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5 High-converting Local Marketing Templates You Should Try

Are you an online business owner who can’t get enough conversions?
So let’s high up your sales by using these local marketing templates. In this blog we are going to discuss a bit about a local marketing strategy, then discuss the benefits of using local marketing ideas, and end up to tell you the 5 high converting local marketing template which boosts up your sales to an extreme level.