WordPress Integration via RSS Feed

With Botsify you can build your user's list and send them daily digest, it builds your readership and ultimately increase your traffic. User's can search different blog posts and read anytime they wish through human friendly phrases. They get full multimedia experience through all the images between your post.

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Simple RSS Feed Integration

Our RSS Feed Integration works with WordPress and all other major CMS around the Web.

Works with Facebook Messenger

Botsify WordPress Integration (RSS) works best with facebook chatbot on Messenger. You can build your readership through facebook messenger with ease!

Works with Website Chatbots too

Botsify WordPress Integration (RSS) works equally good with Website Chatbots to allow your customers to search through your articles right from Chatbot

Update FAQ and Other Queries

Not only that you can integrate RSS Feed, but still make your chatbot smarter over time and let it answer other common question you expect people will ask on your chatbot.

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Integrate Website Chatbot with WordPress Site

Our website chatbot works with all websites, it’s standard JS code which works in all major browsers. All you need to do is paste the javascript code provided by Botsify into your website, that’s it!. Learn How To

Integrate RSS Feed with Chatbot

In this tutorial we would show you how can you create your chatbot with your RSS Feed?. RSS Feed is a dynamic feed created based on your website’s content. Usually platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Drupal provide the RSS Feed by default. Learn How To