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Build a relationship by Sending follow-up content, personalized articles based on their interest and tell them you know what they like to read that's how you can engage your customers within your brand.

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You must be wondering how to export the list from our platform, then import into MailChimp or similar tools? Dont worry, it’s easier than you think! Our WordPress chatbot takes no more than a minute to sync with your email marketing tool.

Build your readership with your customers.

Not just relationship you can enhance your readership with this chatbot. Begging for emails is the lamest thing to do to build your email list. You need a personal connection with your readers. Try a WordPress chatbot and see them wait for your content!

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Integrate Website Chatbot with WordPress Site

Our website chatbot works with all websites, it’s standard JS code which works in all major browsers. All you need to do is paste the javascript code provided by Botsify into your website, that’s it!.

Integrate RSS Feed with Chatbot

RSS Feeds are dynamic feeds, which can be created on the basis of your website’s content. Usually platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Drupal provide the RSS Feed by default. create your chatbot for Wordpress using your RSS Feed. Learn whole proces in tutorial section.

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