Live Chat To Provide Customer Support

With live chat, you can optimize customer experience, provide real-time connectivity, gain maximum revenue, & handle excessive sales

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What Do You Get To Make Communication With Customers Easier?

You can communicate with the clients in real-time and can provide support to them when they need it the most

Human Takeover

The human takeover brings the advantage and improves the support experience for customers

Video Calling

Video calling for customer service helps businesses to deliver faster solutions. It is a perfect solution for complex technical issues that require visual understanding

Translate Live Chat

Our live chat provides the translate live chat feature where the agent will translate any of the messages of the user from the chosen language within a blink of an eye

User Details

The user details can be the best source for lead generation as it tells everything such as where the user belongs to, the last converse, email, phone number, and a lot more

Stories In Messages

The stories in messages can help the user in such a way that if the user could not get any of the messages then the agent will show up the story to make it easier for the client

How Does Live Chat Works?

At Botsify, the building up of live chat is very easy. You do not need to have any extravagant knowledge to build it up or to know "How it works?"

Fastest Response To Gain The Customers Trust

Don't let your customers wait. Connect them with the live agent to solve their queries in real-time, & gain the trust of your potential customers

Fuels Your Sales & Cut Off Your Expenses

The live chat can be a maximum of 30% cheaper than a phone call. Reduce your expenses and fill up your sales tank, and make your customers happy!

Top Industries That Are Using Live Chat

Millions of industries are using Live Chat, yours can be too! Try for once


With a live chat, the clothing brand can give humans a mirror. Also, it builds in-depth customer profiles & creates a safe place for brand & customers, both

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In the area of food, customers are more concerned about nutrition, processing techniques, & hygiene. Through live chat, the agent can briefly explain the clients & in result enhance the customer satisfaction

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It uses the live chat to save the time of both customers and company

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The conversion rate can be optimized with live chat. Also, it can meet the customers need and can improve their insights

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Customer Service

Live chat in such areas helps with customer acquisition and onboarding

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Through the live chat, the educational industry is gaining more potential students and there are more chances of parental engagement

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The travel agencies use the live chat to save the time of customers and to solve their queries faster

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Botsify Chatbot Integrations

100+ Integrations for you! Store user information, capture leads, create scenarios, save data into CRMs, and much more. Take a look at some of the most popular plugins our platform supports

Put Yourself In The Customers' Shoes

Feel the customers' pain, solve them, & gain beyond your imagination