Generate 2X More Leads With Real Estate Chatbot

Our chatbots are fine-tuned to collect potential leads for your real estate business from all social platforms and website!

It Works Like Magic...

Our team has designed the real estate chatbot to give interested prospects a quick virtual tour through the bot itself to the visitors. Not only this but with the bot businesses can acquire, nurture and qualify potential leads. Our AI chatbot that knows what our customers need at the right time....!

Our Clients

Utilize The True Potential Of Chatbots For Real Estate!

Our easy-to-use real estate chatbot allows the businesses to provide their clients the property tours, easy buyers & sellers meetings, and useful information of the property


Engage with your customers in multiple languages.

Property View

We provide property view with our high-end multimedia

Seamless Support

Get resolved minute to complex queries with our agents

Connect Sellers & Buyers

Connect property sellers & buyers without any hassle

Potential Leads

Convert visitors into potential leads with real estate chatbot

Schedule Your Meetings

Within the real estate chatbot schedule meetings with clients

Our Client Action Reality Gained $500K Worth Of Potential Leads

Action Reality is an 18 years old real estate agency & it trusted us, so we gave back with 2X more leads than he was struggling for. From Facebook comments to email marketing, our team has result-driven strategies that can help your business also in generating 2X better leads in lesser time

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Optimum automated support for both buyers and sellers!

Intelligent Chatbot For Your Real Estate Business

A Deeper Look At Our Use Cases!

5 Reasons Why To Have Real Estate Chatbot: Top 5 Use Cases

Check out how can you seamlessly qualify contacts with buyers and sellers, & can interact with clients in real-time

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Start exploring real estate bot anytime!

Optimum automated support for both buyers and sellers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a real estate chatbot?

With Botsify, you do not have to worry about building a chatbot. We have a team of highly motivated conversational design experts, and they aim to build the most optimized chatbot for your firm

How powerful chatbots can be in real estate?

Chatbots are a great investment for any real estate company because they can speed up responses and increase ROI. By automating time-consuming human tasks like responding to FAQs and generating leads, chatbots can save a tonne of time.

How many companies use chatbots?

In 2019, almost 40% of large businesses with more than 500 employees deploy at least one chatbot or intelligent assistant. By the end of 2020, 80% of business owners utilized chatbots

Are any real estate firms using chatbots?

Yes, there are many firms using chatbots and increasing their ROI