What is Messenger Chatbot?

A Messenger chatbot is basically a piece of automatic messaging programme that uses AI to converse with humans.

Messenger chatbot can help you to provide 24/7 connectivity with the 2x faster response rate for your Facebook messenger marketing.

What Brings Facebook
Messenger Chatbot For You?

Facebook is a big platform that engages millions of people and if you extract your target audience you can reach them out across the world. Businesses are super active on Facebook by having their official pages, great content and their promoted ads to attract your targeted audience.

It’s not just about the above activities, the game-changer is Facebook messenger that can engage your target audience, reduce your marketing cost, segment your audience, convert 3x audience better than facebook ads, better lead generation and you can say all in one!

To engage your customer and increase your brand visibility, messenger chatbot is a great tool to introduce here. Even, a chatbot can acquire your prospect on the comment section and make them get into messenger bots.

Chatbot has multi-talented features that allows visitors to get hands-on information with no time, broadcast messages, Easy payment methods, your brand credibility, push notifications, and other integration that enhance the chatbot functionalities. For customer-centric communications, 80% of brands use chatbots. This includes brands from B2B.

Facebook Messenger, used by 70% of mobile phone users, is the world's third most-used app. As Facebook allows you to grab a large audience, why not choose a messenger bot for having a good time with the visitors. A fact is proved that the best feature of chatbot is the real-time responses 24/7.

How Facebook Messenger
Chatbots Revealed!

Facebook launched a messaging platform in 2016 that allows developers to create bots that can communicate with users of Facebook. There were 34,000 bots available at the end of 2016, representing a large variety of use cases. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg worked tirelessly and he was very excited to give a messenger platform for his users to promote their business.

Mark Zuckerburg explained that “with AI and natural language processing combined with human help, people will be able to talk to Messenger bots just like they talk to friends.”

By having a great appreciation from the business owner, he also said that “We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend” and it means alot to the Facebook audience. The expressive capabilities in anything and everything are boundless.

The Usability of Facebook
Messenger Chatbot

63% of consumers believe businesses should be on Messenger. Facebook messenger bots are globally active for all the users so businesses can work around the huge audience. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the use of Messenger app as a conversational platform for personalised messages to reach users on a scale.

To achieve this target, messenger bot allows you to be more conversational like a human interaction. Messenger bots are conversational, interactive, and instantaneous. Marketers are more relaxed after embedding chatbots on their messenger platforms as messenger bots can

Answer Repetitive Questions:

Chatbot for Facebook messenger is all about to reduce workload by giving repetitive questions’ responses without any irritation. You can easily set the customers’ mind by conveying pre-sales qualification.

Building List of Your Qualified Leads

Messenger bot is responsible to get authentic leads from the basic information of the users. Easy and trouble-free collection of data helps you to make your prospects into potential customers.

Survey Your Audience:

You need your customer valuable feedback but this time without sending lots of emails. Messenger chatbot has the ability to build conversational forms within a bot that is easy to conduct surveys of your brand.

24/7 Working Hours:

Without even taking a nap or break, fb messenger chatbots work for you 24/7/365 and provide assistance to your thousands of customers at the same time.

Drive Higher Engagements:

Bots are able to keep records, and to go the extra mile, you can use those information. Messenger chatbot drives engagements at one glance and helps you to engage and re-engage to your customers with your product/brand visibility.

Facebook Messenger Enhances Its
Conversational Performance

Firstly, messenger chatbot inherits with a simple automated response that is not as smart as today's messenger bot is. The advancement in messenger chatbot brings it more intelligent as human and more personalized as your friend.

Firstly, Facebook couldn’t give the satisfied customer experience. The trial of messenger bot was not up to the mark as people want to interact with the bot and the bots respond as an auto reply message. After clicking the TRY IT button which redirects to the messenger bot but users experience that there was no greeting text over there from the business account. You can say it didn’t provide human touch experience to the users.

But as time goes, messenger chatbot appears with the maximum features that makes it smarter and intelligent. When you create a bot on the Messenger App, communications are a lot more than basic text messages. The app allows you to send rich media, such as audio, video, and pictures, in addition to text, and offers a range of organised messaging options in the form of message prototypes, fast answers, icons, and more.

Another AI integrated mechanism is what Facebook called "M Suggestions," or contextual in-line pop-ups that signify helpful bots or built-in features to effectively complete the sentence. To tell you're "on your way," will be in your suggestion. Also, a suggestion to share your location you can see on messenger bot.

Facebook Messenger, Then Vs Now?

Facebook launched the Messaging app in 2011 and users happily jumped in, creating by 2015 an active group of around 600 million chatty people. In April 2016, Facebook opened Messenger to chatbots, algorithmic script-driven conversational software programmes.

The announcement caused a lot of excitement, but in the domain of public opinion, earlier chatbots failed. Critics are divided between those who gratefully celebrated the "potential" of chatbots and those who could not easily disregard the unpleasant encounters provided by most chatbots.

Many headlines are made like “Facebook’s new chat bots still need work” TechCrunch and “Facebook Chatbots Are Frustrating and Useless” Gizmodo.

Messenger's first-generation chatbots featured services that sent weather forecasts, took flower or food delivery orders, and delivered travel documentation to your phone by airline. Those have been the good ones. But the rest of the thing is not working as it should work.

Businesses getting benefits from
messenger chatbots

Messenger chatbots continue to rise in prominence, and the possibilities for making it more simpler and easier is still in process. It is a good time to give it a try. For example, marketing email click-through rates have not increased in years (3.1 percent, on average), and about 30 percent of marketing emails have even been opened. Chatbots can help you handle competition from the inbox, too. Let's unravel from what a Messenger chatbot will help you do.

You may ask which top industry should consider using a chatbot and do I have a real-life use case of the chatbot. There are plenty, Let's mention the main industries:

E-commerce Business Chatbot: Helping Consumers Make Purchasing Decisions

The rise of eCommerce in the market can’t help admitting that it is drastically spreading the wings overall the world. Chatbot in Ecommerce businesses helps almost all the activities from interacting with customers to easy payment methods. For example, BeautyBay is an online beauty product store that implements chatbots to study the needs of its customers. By interpreting their searches, they show their customers all the relevant items by evaluating the previous experience of their style.

Hospitality Industry Chatbot: Bringing Customer Support to The Next Level

Chatbot for travel and hospitality business provide a great travel experience to travelers. You can automate all the information from searching for a beautiful destination to the urgent travel policies, your customer just one tap away from all these actions.

It offers trouble-free accommodation, a refund & cancellation process, a great place to suggest, and other complexity. The advanced messenger chatbot features helps you to organize half of the event with budget-friendly customer support, alternative options for users, and an easy advance payment method.

Real Estate Business Chatbot: Redefine the Real Estate Business Game

A great option for all the real estate business owners to capture leads, booking and selling property, and make their clients aware of all the market value and shares. You can train your Facebook messenger chatbot for the real estate business with well-versed policies that help to respond to all the dealers of your business.

Banking and Fintech Chatbot: Supporting Clients with Easy Transfers

A fintech chatbot allows users to get responses from their financial queries 24/7. Messenger chatbot in fintech business makes online transactions easy, allocation of the bank branches, easy balance check, and informative policies. It also helps to provide a great user experience with personalized assistance for their banking activities.

Healthcare Industry Chatbot: Providing Assistance Round The Clock

Chatbot makes the healthcare industry more active by responding to any quick questions in a second. If a patient requires a first aid suggestion or booking an appointment with the doctor, it is now easy to facilitate without disturbing physical patients around. Many appointments take long calls, some are missed out because you are on another call. Chatbot helps you to receive appointments without missing one.

HR Industry Chatbot: Increase HR Efficiency of Hiring Candidates

Many organizations use chatbots in HR services for finding the best fit for their vacant position. Chatbot in the HR industry reduces the workload of the HR managers from screening to the scheduling process. It is easy to collect resumes and after checking the requirements, a chatbot can easily schedule the time of the candidates.

Marketing Agency Chatbot: Attract New Clients Opportunity

A must-have tool for marketing agencies to capture leads, easy to know clients' needs, easy appointments for demos/meetings to the client and booking for services. Messenger chatbot helps to streamline the sales funnel by the help of conversational strategy.

Education Industry Chatbot: Trouble-Free Assistant for Students

An advanced level of facilities in the education industry that helps to increase students engagement, 24/7 teaching assistant, to provide smart feedback for students, better support and guidance regarding career and admission process.

Must-Have Features for Messenger Chatbot

With the flexibility of AI technology, its open new horizons for messenger chatbot builders. This section focuses on the capabilities that should be included in the bot for messenger.

Working in Offline Hours 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Chatbot is known for its ability to provide faster response that too 24/7 working hours. The more you respond quickly, the more you can converse with messenger bots. Now, your Facebook marketing will not stop at any cost and marketers can have a great sleep without any restlessness.

Broadcast Messaging

In messenger chatbot, you can send thousands of messages in just one go. With broadcast messaging features, sending your single message in bulk to your valuable customers is not a big deal if you have a chatbot for Facebook messenger.

Easy Payment Method

Messenger chatbot allows you to make the easiest payment method even after shopping, any educational fees or even banking transactions. No need to change different pages or jump on different apps, just from the messenger bot you can have secure transactions across the world.

Brand/product Visibility Elements

Your messenger chatbot should be responsible to enhance your product visibility by having images, product demo video, files, and catalog. You can receive higher engagement once you create an attractive bot for messenger.

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot With Botsify

To conclude all the requirements, Botsify is the one where you can build your own Facebook messenger chatbot with zero coding knowledge. But if you need customized chatbot for messenger with no effort, Bostify fulfills your need because it is a fully managed chatbot platform and it means alot to Botsify. Botsify provides you in-house chatbot development services with optimum functionalities and integrations.

Why Botsify--The Best Option To be Considered!

With almost 8000+ users, Botsify improves user experience and adds valuable features to achieve the goal of their clients’ business. Every second user praises the functionalities of this fully-managed platform because with Botsify, businesses achieve various milestones such as a real estate business capturing 500k+ leads within 3 months. Let’s have a look at why it is worth trying.

Fully Managed Chatbot Platform

Instead of having trouble in coding, Botsify gives you a fully managed platform where you can make your customized chatbots in a few seconds. You can consult with a dedicated chatbot builder who can create your bot with no hurdles.

Authentic Lead Generation

With over thousand of people surrounding the Facebook apps, it can redirect to the messenger bots and scrap out basic information that helps to prepare authentic leads. Botsify provides you google sheet integration that helps you to export all the data without having any trouble.

Easy to Monitor Analytics

You can easily monitor Botsify Facebook messenger chatbot and get real-time insights once you integrate it at your page. It shows you how much customer hours saved, customer average chat time, total outbound messages sent by bot and how much teammates hours saved.

Acquire Customers from Comment Section

The journey of the comment section to land in their inbox for personalized experience, only messenger bot has the ability to do this. Botsify has the feature to acquire prospects and customers from the comment section that makes your sales funnel streamlined.

A Large Data Store and User Attributes

With Botsify, you can make your messenger bot personalized enough by creating a data store with related keywords and also you can apply user attributes to give authentic recommendation to the chatbot user.

Auto Sequence Messages and Follow-Ups

You can easily set your sequence of messages with multiple options like if you want to show your message after 5 minutes from the conversation start. (Like a recommendation or promotion messages) you can set it once and the bot is responsible to show that in real-time.

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot With Botsify

Botsify is the platform that is responsible for giving promising tools for your Facebook marketing. That’s why Botsify makes its interface easy to use so anyone can create chatbot with or without coding skills. Let's make it one, it's only 3 steps away

Sign-up For Your Account

Just sign-up with Botsify and add your payment information to enter in the dashboard.

Create Your Messenger Bot Story

After sign-up, click on “create a Story” and you can see a story-based UI on your screen that is easy to fill out your customers' questions that are more frequent to your product and the bot responses in the next action.

Save Your Story and Test Your Bot

Just hit the save button to save your story and test your bot on the next window.

Connect Your Bot Story on Messenger

Settings---->Publish bot--->connect to Facebook
Click on publish bot and connect your messenger bot to Facebook