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Advertise your brand, get instant feedback, & provide optimum safety to your customers

Boost Productivity Of Your Business With Telegram Bot

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High Level Of Engagement With Customers

With the help of the Telegram bot, you can organize promotional campaigns. Users will interact more often, resulting in higher engagement on your product with the users

Generate Maximum Leads Easily

To enable discussions with your customers use Telegram bot and earn maximum leads, also, turn your visitor into a potential customer

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All The Time Customer Support

Most of the customers prefer texting over calling and that’s the proven fact. So, here comes a telegram chatbot as a savior for those and offers 24/7 support without any hassle

Multilingualism Advantage With Telegram Bot

Botsify offers a multilingual feature to scale chat support and to entertain all native and non-native speakers!

Which Industries Are Using Telegram Bot?

Here are the top industries cooking with Telegram bot, get one for yours too!


The bot is mainly used for the purpose of collecting information about food leftovers and shares it with those in need. The industry gets an advantage of generating 2x leads

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The eCommerce bot helps users compare product prices and save money. Also, use in showing a catalog of the products to the visitors, results in converting in potential leads

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Travel Agency

With the Telegram bot, the searches for flights, hotels, and restaurants have became relatively easier and customers can book their appointments or tickets too results in increasing brand image

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Information Technology

The IT chatbot can help the user to stay updated with the new platforms or changes. It results in driving more traffic on the website can become a medium for distributing content

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Educationals institutes are gaining a maximum advantage of telegram bot by offering students and teachers ease in scheduling, marking, and offer FAQs

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