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Are you in need of a virtual team member? One that could help you align your tasks, be the tour guide of new co-workers & upgrade your office workflow to increase productivity? Well, you can get yourself a Slackbot that will it all for you!

Customize Slackbot as needed

Can’t find the perfect bot from the readily available ones in the market? You don’t need to compromise on customization anymore!

Botsify allows you to build the right bot for your needs without any programming skills. So all our non-technical fellas can enjoy an easy drag-and-drop user interface, to create conversation scenarios you always wanted.

Customize Slackbot as needed

Use Slackbot at Work

How would you like an assistant who helps you perform repetitive tasks, set up your meetings, onboarding tours for new employees and anything else you want (except for getting you lattes) and stays in a good mood all the time?

Slackbot is capable of working with your database and gather the information required, on conditional bases. The bot is much smarter than the regular slack commands that you need to remember, well you no longer have to!

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