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Build your user's base for facebook messenger to send inbox message anytime, anywhere

Checkbox Plugin
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Checkbox Plugin Integration

Checkbox Plugin Integration

Checkbox plugin works with any website in the world, including yours. Whenever someone checks this plugin it becomes your audience, to whom you can send instant welcome message on facebook through your brand's facebook page and also anytime in future whenever you have new alerts or updates for him.
You can also include the plugin on an ecommerce website, where you wish to send receipts and order updates to the user in his inbox


Helps with the recovery of Cart Abandonment

Checkbox plugin can recover carts through the facebook messaging system. You can ask your users to checkbox their abandoned carts. Instead of email where you get very less open rate. Facebook messages have 98% open rate.

Cart Abandonment Recovery


Send Notifications and Alerts with best industry open rates.

You can notify your user for the feature updates, policy updates, new event coming up. Your messages drop right in your inbox and hence resulting in the best open rate and click through rate, was ever possible.

Notifications and Alerts

Start Now! And Increase your user base.

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