How To Create Whatsapp Chatbot For Online Business Owners

WhatsApp chatbots have grown no less than oxygen for businesses, big and small alike. Let us explore what and why WhatsApp Business, the advantages of WhatsApp chatbot, and why your online business should be on the various popular messaging apps.

You know what? Including over 1.5 billion monthly active users spread across 180 countries, Whatsapp has risen as the global leader in the field of messaging. Even though It started as a platform for users to attach with their friends and family, a part of it has slowly developed into a potential medium for online businesses to engage with customers.

So the first thing pops up in your mind is why our online business needs a WhatsApp chatbot as there are many other social media platforms that can market our business easily but what are the special perks we get after applying WhatsApp chatbot?- So let’s discuss what is the important factor that made the WhatsApp chatbot the essential need of an online business.

But Why implement WhatsApp chatbot to Online business?

According to a recent report, the number of purchases made through smartphones was 80% last year. That’s quite a sign, how portable mobile commerce is conquering desktop users and rising to the top of the marketing ladder.

This is why instant messaging platforms come into play. Messaging platforms have revolutionized the user experience by making it more accessible, convenient, and adaptable.

WhatsApp has now become the leader on the global market boasting 1.6 billion active monthly users and increasing its user base with 15% every year.

Becoming accessible on a platform where customers already feel at home and comfortable can not only serve you win their trust but also save significant costs on creating bespoke solutions such as apps which, in the end, have much lower engagement rates.

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1. Availability of Business Profile

You can enhance your availability with a WhatsApp Business profile, you can make important data easily available to the customers 24/7. This includes your: 

  • Business hours,
  • Store/business address,
  • Corresponding location pin,
  • Email ID,
  • Website links,
  • Contact details, and
  • Brief business description

2. Smart Replies and Messaging

You can save repeatedly sent messages as templates and preserve time with the Smart Replies feature. For example, typing “/thanks” will deliver the message “Thank you for your business! We look ahead to working with you again.” to your customer. These messages can be customized as per your choice.

You can also set up an “away” automated message if buyers contact you outside of business hours. Simultaneously the same lines, you could also set up a greetings message that introduces the customer to your goods or services when they start a chat with your business. 

3. Increase in Sales with WhatsApp chatbot

Now you have got your probability details then let’s concentrate on sales. With the WhatsApp chatbot, you can engage with new clients and personalize the overall sales cycle. You can engage with the users conversationally by giving discounts on the goods they will be interested in.

This will create interest in your customer’s mind and will proceed to complete the purchase process through becoming your full-time customers. You can also introduce vouchers or special features on successful purchase completion that will influence them to continue their shopping in the chatbot itself.

4. Information gathering

When a user gets in contact with your WhatsApp chatbot you can automatically retrieve his contact number and name, but why to restrict with the given information when you have the best medium to get more details from your customers.

In getting with the communication with the customers you can get better details to make the overall experience personalized for them based on their concerns, language, and area. This also really assists in separating a list of customers with similar product interests to send broadcast messages at one time which can get better attention from interested customers.

5. Collect better Feedback

As you all know Feedback and reviews are the important factors to get the trust of a new customer but obtaining it from the past customer is a challenging task. After the purchase, many customers avoid opening emails or messages that ask for their review. And, it was noticed that people who had a bad experience are often the ones to click and visit the website to write a negative review about it which reduces the likelihood of goods even if it’s not that bad.

That’s great…

Excited to create a chatbot?

Create your Whatsapp Chatbot

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Let’s Create Botsify’s WhatsApp Chatbot

So let’s Create your Automated WhatsApp Chatbot Just in Seconds. Ready to get started? Get your own WhatsApp Business chatbot up and running with Botsify to gain the benefits of conversational marketing.

If you’re ready to boost sales, improve customer service, and bring in more customers to your online business, an SMS chatbot is a perfect tool for you. Sign up for Botsify for free today, or check out our Pro plan for supercharged features and functionalities. There’s no coding or previous experience required to build a bot with Botsify, so you can get started right away!

Now you can create a WhatsApp chatbot in just simple steps. Yeah! you heard it right…  creating a WhatsApp chatbot is as easy as ABC.

Create Your Own Chatbot or select a Chatbot.

So first of all if you don’t have any chatbot with Botsify you can create it and if you have a chatbot already and want to integrate the same in WhatsApp you can do that also, So all at first you need to have a chatbot at Botsify. So if you do not have any chatbot create it now and try this platform free for the first 14 days.
screenshot of Botsify whatsapp chatbot page

Fill the Useful info in a Provided Form

So, Have you created or selected your chatbot?- Are you ready with your chatbot? then here is the next step for you after creating or selecting a chatbot(If you have a chatbot already) you just need to fill a form provided by the Botsify in which you have to feed some useful info…Easy peasy!!!

Wait for 2 Days and Get your WhatsApp Chatbot

At last, after feeding all the Infos you just have to wait for a couple of days so that the developers can connect your chatbot with your WhatsApp and here you go after 2 days your chatbot is ready! Get started now…

Here is Bosify’s working Whatsapp bot:


Botsify's WhatsApp chatbot engaging customers

Generate More Leads With WhatsApp Chatbot

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Benefits of Botsify WhatsApp Chatbot with different perspectives:

WhatsApp, in the form of WhatsApp business chatbots, offers businesses the golden chance to reach out to a broader set of audiences and give them the best customer service that keeps them getting back to you. Explained below are different benefits of the WhatsApp chatbot involving the benefits with multiple different perspectives:

1. For Clients

Clients can gain the following benefits of WhatsApp chatbot: 

  • With chatbots, clients can not only initiate conversations with businesses but also have instant resolutions to their queries.
  • Getting instant replies means that they can have a two-way conversation with businesses.
  • Round the clock support means higher client satisfaction rates.
  • AI-powered chatbots are capable of personalizing conversations, which will add to the value and quality of the interaction.
  • End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and business verification offer users’ data and identity protection.
  • Businesses are available over an already-available platform rather than downloading a different app.
  • Additionally, users are already accustomed to the layout and functioning of the app.

2. For Business Owners 

For business owners, here are some of the benefits of WhatsApp chatbots:

  • The platform is available to all, be it small, home-run businesses or large enterprises.
  • WhatsApp chatbots offer a richer customer experience that helps with customer retention and engagement.
  • Builds brand awareness and brand loyalty while enhancing customer relationships.
  • Makes your business available over multiple channels.
  • Ability to send broadcasts and outbound notifications to clients.
  • Facilitates businesses to connect with customers through an interactive and visual medium.
  • Global availability of WhatsApp (barring China), which allows you to develop a customer-centric chatbot catering to an international audience.

3. Customer Care and Customer Support Executives

Here are the main WhatsApp business chatbot benefits from the customer support angle: 

  • WhatsApp chatbots can be customized to deal with frequently asked questions.
  • Customers will receive instant responses from your business, and this two-way conversation adds to brand loyalty.
  • Complex queries can be automatically handed from the bot to the customer support executive using chatbot-to-human handover.
  • If unable to provide a satisfactory resolution, chatbots can also suggest nearby stores or service centers and even share their location pins.
  • Chatbots can share ticket status and important details with clients. For example, a WhatsApp business chatbot representing a travel agency could share check-in details, live flight status, itinerary, etc.
  • Through WhatsApp chatbot, organizations can set up and collect surveys from clients. This can help with the enhancement of their products and services (and even chatbot workflows in some instances). 

That’s great, isn’t it!!!

So what are your thoughts about the WhatsApp chatbot?

Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section below so that we can learn it…

If you like Botsify’s WhatsApp Chatbot feature and want to try them then join a demo meeting with us.

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