Interview of Ramy Aldamati

An Interview with CTO of Glory Think Group, Ramy AlDamati

Ramy AlDamati – CTO at Glory Think Group, is one of the most articulate and insightful people in the tech industry. More than 19 years, with his extensive experience and expertise as an Information Security Professional with strong experience in IT & IS Management, & Security Enterprise architecture.

He is honored to be among such amazing people in EdTech Education advancement worldwide & to achieve 2nd position in Thinkers360 in the Top 50 Global Opinion Leaders and Influencers on EdTech.  

A highly trained, committed and enthusiastic team player with exceptional talents in leadership and communication. He is a highly motivated individual with the ability to adapt to changing situations seamlessly. He is a keynote speaker and trainer and delivered multiple Training (in EN & AR ) in AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DLTs, FinTech, Blockchain Cybersecurity, and more.

Let’s talk with him!

Botsify: First of all, thank you for giving us your precious time. Let’s start with your career, how it started and what is the biggest achievement in your career till now?

Ramy: Thanks to having me and this great opportunity.

I Started my career in the computer domain before graduating from university, I was always aspiring to explore the newest forms of Technologies, and to make the best of the existing ones. Helping senior students in their graduation projects, Teaching in multiple training centers advance courses that I studied by myself during my free time.

Early 2000 I predicted that such evolution in the internet will definitely need more focus in Cybersecurity, which made me transform my career from Development & Programming to Network & Cybersecurity. And got my master’s degree in 2005.

This step made me a step ahead with the new trends of cyberwars and threats, and joined leader Cybersecurity companies (like its2, FireEye, Kaspersky ) to start my battle against these threats, and help raise awareness in this domain.

Mid 2015, I recognized that new trends are coming to the Technology Space, like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI and Other Emerging Technologies. And with each new trend there will be new Threats for sure. Then I decided to merge my knowledge in Cybersecurity with these technologies, and try to build the best model of engagement or adaptations of these technologies in a safer way, by learning the core architecture of each technology, and build the knowledge base around how to secure them. This help me to participate in many organizations, institutes, research center across the globe to add my insights and tech the technologies in multiple levels. And with the time I was requested to participate in many Conferences, TV Interviews, Consulting Projects, and leading projects that will help doing great changes in our life.

Botsify: Congratulations Ramy, we are glad to see you in the top 50 global thoughts leader and influencer  EdTech list and we got the opportunity to talk with you about this.. How do you feel about this honor? Are these types of achievements the actual destination for which you are struggling in your life?

Ramy: Training, Awareness & building contents is something I was doing for more than 18 years, and even during my university study, It is a habit and passion. And I am trying these days to finalize a unique Platform built on a concept of doing game-changing ways for online training by merging multiple EdTech methodologies which will help people in the Online training business and make it smooth and valuable for all parties.

I was really happy & proud for such achievement by getting the 2nd place in top 50 global thoughts leader and influencer, which motivates me more in doing more contributions in this domain.

Botsify: Everyone is unique and different. What makes you different from others?

Ramy: I really enjoy learning new things, Technologies and merge my experience in all what I am learning to build unique and different approach in everything, 

Having my own startup gave me an opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of the industry, and to take on tasks I might not have at a larger company. I think this experience gives me self confidence & not afraid of failure.

Botsify: As we have gone through your profile you belong to a perfect technical background so can you please share a little bit of knowledge with us regarding artificial intelligence? How important is artificial intelligence in today’s world?

Ramy: The world is fast evolving, with Artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront in changing the world and the way we live. This means that with AI, many of our everyday activities can now be carried out effectively by programmed machine technology.

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT, and it will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future.

AI technology is important because it enables human capabilities – understanding, reasoning, planning, communication and perception.

Botsify:  A study by Smart Insights shows that out of 100 leading marketers from different industries, 55% of companies are implementing or already considering using AI in their marketing practices. What do you think which AI tool is best or making ways easy to approach the customers? 

Ramy: AI is beginning to embed itself into all aspects of our lives. From the growing number of self-checkout cash registers to advanced security checks at the airport; artificial intelligence is just about everywhere.

Major tech firms such as Facebook, IBM and Yahoo have already publicly expressed their focus on developing artificial intelligence as a new source of business.

Many eCommerce businesses are already using forms of AI to better understand their customers, generate new leads and provide an enhanced customer experience.

The main Tools that must be needed in every ecommerce business today is the Bot Technology, because it will help in many customer experiences like Customer service, Sales bots, Bill payment bots, Voice bots for telephone, customer service, Live chat Helpdesk.

Botsify: If it comes to discussing artificial intelligence, chatbot is the first AI tool popup in my mind, What are your thoughts about this AI tool? 

Ramy: AI-powered Natural Language Processing, or NLP, enables chatbots to mimic human conversation. They can identify the underlying intent behind the text a real person types, then deliver a response that matches that intent.

Plus, chatbots with NLP can now “learn” from past conversations and improve their ability to provide appropriate responses and solutions. And with this advanced level of processing, they’re becoming extremely helpful in customer service situations.

Botsify: Right now, you are the founder of TrustyCrypto and I think this is the new project that is coming soon. So, what comes to you to initiate this project? Tell me about your expected goal behind this.

Ramy: When I joined the Emerging Technology Domain back in 2015, and got engaged with a lot of projects or consulting services, specially in Cryptocurrency, I found this domain need a lot of attentions specially for the people are have no knowledge in it, and like to invest or be part of this era hype. This Domain is full of Scams, fake projects, hackers after your cryptocurrency money. 

Then my Idea of this Startup came up to introduce a multi-tier trusty ecosystems to address unsolved questions of threats and scams by having a clear directions and guidance to people in the domain throw ( Knowledge, Training, Awareness, Process, Service, & Investigation Tools ) that can be used throw flexible subscription model.

Currently we are working with many Regulators, International Investigation companies, Industry experts and many other parties to build such an ecosystem.

Botsify: Cyber systems are complex adaptive systems that we have tried to understand and tackle using more traditional theories. But now, AI around us, so which type of AI applications are being used in cyber security solutions?

Ramy: Cyber security companies are teaching AI systems to detect viruses and malware by using complex algorithms so AI can then run pattern recognition in software. This allows cyber security firms to stay updated on the latest risks and time frames and build responsive strategies to keep organizations protected.

The role of machine learning (ML) in cybersecurity is growing and has now become more proactive. With ML, cybersecurity becomes simpler, more effective, and, at the same time, less expensive. From a rich dataset, ML develops patterns and manipulates them with algorithms. This way, it can anticipate and respond to active attacks in real-time.

AI/ML enables instantaneous automation, completing tasks that would typically take days for humans, in a matter of seconds. The magnitude of ‘cybersecurity’ makes it infeasible for professionals to rigorously manage all aspects of it, particularly when massive amounts of data are involved. By incorporating automation, professionals can focus on anomalies and large-scale threats whilst AI focuses on the data heavy or repetitive tasks.

Botsify: According to your experience, is it possible to detect cyber attacks before they happen?

Ramy: Current prediction tools are limited

Various methods for the prediction of cyber attacks have been designed in the past, but with limited success. Prediction based on network vulnerabilities can be effective but requires up-to-date knowledge of the network, which is challenging.

Predictive analytics is the science that is gaining momentum in helping to determine the probability of attacks against organizations and agencies and set up defenses before cybercriminals reach their perimeters. Already, several cybersecurity vendors are embracing this technology as the core of their security offering.

Botsify: What should be the upcoming AI tool that will give a boost in this technical era? 

Ramy: Emotion recognition and computer vision will scale and AI can help future servicing interactions with emotion detection and emergent responses to the mood of the customer (damage control in some situations, upsell in other cases). 

Botsify: Quote your words that motivates our reader. And if you feel comfortable, share your images at your workplace or any of your favorite places.


“Try Not to Become a Man of Success Only, Rather Become a Man of Value.”

Many thanks for giving us your precious time. You even inspired our readers with your informative words and your experience. 


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