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Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience – Why And How To Differentiate The Two

Nowadays, customer experience and customer service have become buzzwords in the Online business world. However, customer experience and customer service are so complex, that often businesses don’t bother to invest separately. They both are actually the two different fields but related to each other.

According to the Oracle Report, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiation in 2020. On the other hand, a report (Oracle) says that 83% of customers shopping online require some support or service to complete their purchase

So that means these both are valuable in the online industry. Because they are two elements that are so closely related, there are companies that often confuse customer experience and customer service. 

Do you know the difference?-Let’s find out the real difference between the two concepts.

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Understanding a customer-centric strategy involves customer experience and customer service—but do they intend the same thing? Or is there a difference between these two words? 

In a nutshell, here’s how industry experts would define each: 

Customer service concentrates on communication and problem-solving so customers get the best out of your service. Customer experience looks at the overall result that you leave customers in every stage of the customer journey. 

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So that’s the basic difference between them. Hopefully, you understand why they’re both priorities for your business. But these terminologies aren’t fully defined within a single line Now, let’s have an in-depth look at customer service vs. customer experience.

What is actually Customer Service?

Customer service is the help that a company provides to customers before, during and after buying or using a company’s products or services. Good customer service gives customers satisfaction and involves creating relations with customers, with the aim of developing them into long-term relationships or converting them to loyal customers. 

Better customer service can decrease your retention level up to an exceptional number. And also increase your sales extremely as shown in the infographics below.



These are some elements of good customer service include which can help you out to develop your customer service and also provide better brand awareness to customers:

Professionalism: At first you have to make a professional strategy to assist your customer and You need to treat all your customers professionally. Professionalism makes customers feel cared for.

Promptness: You must meet the customer’s expectations with respect to delivery timelines. Avoid delays at all payments. This includes replying to customer messages quickly.

Politeness: Politeness is the key to customer service. Whether the customer makes a purchase or not, it’s essential to remain polite. Greeting the customer happily and saying “thank you very much” are a part of good customer service. Always keep that in mind that the customer is always right.

Personalization: Every customer feels good when the company they are doing business with addresses them on a personal level. And by using chatbots features you can create a personalized messaging service where customers feel free to ask any question.

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So that’s the customer service now move ahead and for better understanding let’s have a look at some of the examples.

Customer service examples

Customer service differs from how quickly your brand responds to someone on Facebook messenger (and what your brands say to them), all the way down to a customer wanting to return an item (and you respond to that situation). 

Here are some important examples of customer service:

  • Facebook messenger responses (either by a customer service team or set up with logic and AI through a messenger bot). 
  • Instagram personal message responses
  • Instagram comment section responses
  • Paid campaign social media responses
  • Site chatbot responses
  • Email responses of any sort
  • In-store partners, and how they communicate with customers and likely customers
  • The returns process, and how a team communicates with customers going through that process

So these are some key points for bettering your customer service and knowing the true meanings of what customer service actually is? Now let’s see what is meant by customer experience in his digital world. 

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What is Customer Experience?

In simple words, we can say customer experience introduces the journey that customers will have with a brand. It includes all interactions, including browsing products on a website, interacting with staff, making a purchase, reading promotional blog posts, and using your product.

In other words, Customer experience is the knowledge the customer has of your brand. It’s how customers perceive their communications with your company or brand. While you may think your customer experience and brand are the same things, a customer may have a different perception, and that would be regarded as the customer experience.

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As you have seen in the image customer service experience can help you out to improve your customer retention up to 42% and also can increase sales at an extreme level.

But another question you are having in your mind at this pint is How to create a great customer experience?

So simply we have some tips for you, consider these tips to upgrade your customer experience:

Reduce the steps. Reduce the effort it takes to gain a purchase on your online store, app, or social media. It’s best when customers don’t have to use a lot of energy to buy or to get issues resolved. So reduce the steps at the checkout point and provide ease to your customers and get more sales, well i guess that’s great.

Evaluate opportunities. There are lots of software and CRMs that promise to streamline the process and boost sales results. Before availing of these shiny tools, think about whether they’ll be related to your customers or help you to achieve your goals.

Design well. While you are designing the website, always keep user experience in mind at every step of the entire customer journey. Create consistent branding throughout all your platforms such as social media, website, and email.

Monitor metrics. Try to measure customer satisfaction, conversion rate, average response, and other relevant metrics. Use research-backed data to upgrade your customer experience strategy. 

Upgrade your team’s capabilities. Crafting a positive customer experience is a team effort. If you want to get better results, schedule and monitor your team’s development through group training, coaching, and eLearning software.

Customer experience examples

Good customer experience also includes good site design and user flow, as well as good physical retail layout and flow. Customer experience also includes any: 

  • Email nurture streams you send: the content as well as the flow 
  • How you build out your returns process: Is it easy or is it difficult to return an item
  • What your shipping policy is: Does it get there quickly, is there free shipping, so on and so forth
  • How do you package your goods: Branded packaging? Is there a return slip included? Are there instructions?

So these are some important tips to better up your customer service experience hopefully they were helpful for you.

Customer experience is the overall strategy designed by your brand to give customers an experience that aligns with your branding strategy. 

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The difference between customer service and customer experience 

To summarize, what’s the difference between these two terms?

In simple words, customer experience is focused on the entire journey from pre-purchase to post-purchase. In contrast, customer service is solely limited to service interactions like asking for product information or reporting and solving issues. 

Businesses invest in building exceptional customer experience and customer service in the long term because both of them are essential to hitting sales targets and achieving customer success. Businesses that put customers first will ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

As we have discussed above these both terms are quite related to each other. Good customer experience means the company has provided great customer service, and that the service offered has left the customer happy and satisfied with the service received.

So for the better business strategy, you have to work out on both the criteria but it’s’ quite hard to manage it at once so what about to use an intelligent method to develop your customer service and experience.

Chatbot a Helpful tool to improve Customer service and Experience

A chatbot can easily fulfill all the key factors needed in customer service experience, a chatbot is proved as more reliable and dependable as compared to humans customer service and adding a multi-language feature to your chatbot is a plus point and high up your business to an extreme level.

see how chatbot engaging rate is 5 times better than emails sent by a human



If you own an online business, many of your customers come from more countries than just the one you’re based in. If your chatbot—which can help users with everything from making a purchase to customer support—only speaks English, you may be losing huge audiences who have a different language. The need for multi-language support has become a requirement for every technology that wants to stay in the game.

At Botsify they can provide you the features that fulfill all the tips we have discussed above and better your customer service and lead your customer to have a better experience with your brand.

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Bad customer service experiences will damage your business’s reputation and you will end up losing customers. By creating chatbot you can easily interact with your customers in any language. If you haven’t thought about any customer service strategy it’s better you do so because of its high time to acquire artificial intelligence in your business.

So what are your thoughts about customer experience and customer service? Are they different or not?

Let us know in the comment section below.Or want to automate your experience and services with Botsify Book a demo meeting with us.

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