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18 Killer Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

A kick to a business is always important. Likewise, of any large enterprise, your company needs a kick too. How to do that? To boost your business and to start it with a kick you need top killing marketing ideas, which shall stay promising throughout the time. 

We bring you the best marketing techniques that help you survive not only in COVID19 but throughout your business career. But here is a catch; 

You will have to stick to the strategy to gain from these effective marketing techniques”

Here in this piece of writing, you will know what the most promising marketing ideas are and how can you take advantage of these.

Before indulging in the marketing ideas; let’s have a look at traditional marketing.

Sneak Peek To Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing
The image defines Traditional Marketing

It is defined by its name, the “Traditional Marketing” and it includes all traditional elements of marketing such as billboards, printed media, pamphlets, TVC, and more. Till the early 1990s, traditional marketing was the only type of marketing present. However, it was the time when Coca Cola and other ads took charge. 

Did you know? In 1941, the first-ever TVC came on air, and it was of wristwatches named “Bulova Time

Examples Of Traditional Marketing:

In this modern era where everything is digitized, you can still have a glimpse of traditional marketing. In addition, here are a few of the best examples of traditional marketing that are evergreen.

Mail Programs:

The mail program is an evergreen way to increase the visibility of your brand. Through postcards, tri fold brochure, letters, and fliers you can increase brand awareness. Hence, it is one of the best examples of Traditional Marketing. 


The broadcasting methods such as television and radio are categorized in traditional marketing, but still, it is used these days for marketing. One great thing about broadcasting is that it creates a sense of authenticity.

Referral Programs:

If you wish to increase your brand visibility in minimum time then a referral program is the best way to do that. You can even turn some of these ideas into best side hustles to make extra money.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing:

Traditional vs digital
The image gives a comparison between Traditional and Digital Marketing

When there are two or more same fields in the ground then the comparison is a must. However, here are the pros and cons of both traditional and digital marketing;

Might be interested in Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience 

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Marketing:

With the rapid increase of new marketing ideas, traditional marketing is often devalued by marketers. But the marketers do not understand that traditional marketing can bring a lot of wonders even today.


  • Impactful
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy to memorize


  • Hard to measure
  • Expensive
  • No direct interaction with the audience

Pros And Cons of Digital Marketing:

We are living in an era where the internet is now like food to us; that is a necessity. With the proper digital marketing strategy, businesses can scale their revenue and increase brand ROI. But still, there is always some pitfall in the establishment of certain fields. Moreover, there are not only pros but cons too. 


  • Maximum Engagement
  • Easily Measurable
  • More targeted audience


  • Potentially frustrating and annoying
  • Not permanent
  • Constantly evolving

Top 5 Categories Of Marketing Ideas Through Which You Can Boost Your Business:

We have categorized the top marketing ideas into 5 categories for your ease. Have a look at them:

  • Social Media Marketing Category
  • Content Marketing Category
  • Contest Marketing Category
  • Built-up Marketing Category
  • Community Marketing Category

Social Media Marketing Category:

Social media techniques
The image shows almost all of the social media platforms

Bump Your Handles:

When it comes to less costly advertising, bumping your handles is handy. It does not require much effort and hence, becomes one of the best marketing techniques.

Use Hashtag Properly:

Using the hashtags properly is an art when you should know which is the right time to bombard your content with the hashtags. Because hashtags help you to reach a larger audience.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Images:

Never take the power of images/visuals for granted. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques, which helps in maximizing the visibility of your brand.

The team at classic gaming site Solitaired, for example, started posting the unique card designs of their solitaire games across their social media channels. They saw a 21% improvement in click-through-rate and 9% increase in engagement on their games from social channels. No matter what social media platform you have a presence on, try to include related visuals or images to drive stronger engagement.

Content Marketing Category:

Content marketing
How the quality Content is build

Killer Content For Your Audience:

Whether or not you agree, content does create an impact and leaves an enduring impression. So, it is smart to create killer content that engages a lot of audiences. You can use email marketing tools to help your content reach broader audiences for maximum engagement. There are some tools such as SendinBlue that can help you achieve this. (You can check out the full SendinBlue Review here). In the end, the maximum visibility of your company shall be your ultimate goal.

Add Visuals:

Like said that visuals do create an impact and can be used to attract people. These are the easiest ways to gain maximum attention. Because the audience‘s attention can be grabbed easily via visuals.

Use Infographics:

While drafting the idea of linkable visual assets use infographics as much as you can. Indeed readers do love to see visuals. Use free PowerPoint templates to create decent infographics, which will soothe the reader.

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Do Not Miss Bullets:

At times, the reader is in a hurry and does not read the whole content. In fact, just go through the document and decide whether it is useful or not. To stick the reader to your article, the usage of bullets comes handy. 

  • Just imagine
  • To see content
  • Like this

Rather than viewing the content in a paragraph form. 

Higher Flesch Reading Score:

In the content marketing category, almost everything is about content and its presentation. The more you focus on content and its looks, the more it gains visibility. However, for higher Flesch reading score you are advised to;

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Less passive voice (less than or equal to 10%)
  • Use transition words (more than or equal to 25%)
  • Do not repeat sentences
  • Avoid using tautology

Here are the Flesch Reading Score for your ease;

  • Easy to read (80 to 90)
  • Fairly easy to read (70 to 79)
  • Understandable for student level (60 to 69)
  • Fairly difficult to read (50 to 59)  

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Contest Marketing Category:

Caption Contest: 

The contest is an art of promotion marketing. It engages a lot of people because these days everyone wants to win. Certainly, it falls among the effective marketing techniques. For example; throw a picture with a contest like “the best caption on this picture will win a reward”

Picture Contest:

The picture contest is very effective for many reasons. Firstly, the picture engages a lot of people and indirectly you get many leads. If you have opted for a catchy picture then 80% of the audience will certainly click at it. 

Video Contest:

Not many users will enter the video contest but still, it falls among the finest marketing techniques. If the correct strategy has been used such as using a famous personality as a host then definitely many people will take part in it. 

For example; In early 2020, when there was a hype of PSL in Pakistan an anthem was released “Tayyar Hain”. On the contrary, Ali Zafar released his anthem “Mela Loot Liya” on-demand of the public. However, the catch here is that he asked every Pakistani to participate in a video contest and send him doing the hook step of the song. 

This certainly engaged numerous people, why because the authorities used promotion marketing techniques to grab the attention of the public.

Poll Contest:

 Poll Contest for Marketing Ideas
The image gives a sketch of poll contest

The poll contest falls in the promotion marketing of your brand and helps in providing the maximum visibility of your brand. Also, it is one of the best marketing tactics because it is instant and does not require much effort.

Grow Your Business Via Chatbots: See What Marketing ideas Botsify Has For You:

Do you think that marketing ideas cannot blend with a chatbot? Then maybe you are not correct because Botsify has a lot of options for you through which you can grow your business. Have a look at what we have for you?

We provide;

  • FAQ Chatbots
  • Website Chatbot
  • Messenger Chatbots
  • SMS Chatbot
Botsify FAQ chatbot
Botsify’s overview of FAQ Chatbot

Through these, you can connect with your audience instantly and can grow your business to your desired horizon. 

Why opt for a chatbot? Because chatbots can help you connect with your audience this is what marketing techniques are. The more you connect with your audience the more is the chance of visibility.

Learn everything about chatbots and see how can you grow your business through it: An ultimate guide to a chatbot

Urban Marketing Category:

Make A Use Of Your Surroundings To boost Your Marketing:

When it comes to urban marketing among marketing ideas, making use of your surroundings is a plus point. See which of the surroundings you can use for marketing aspects. 

Unusual Sponsorship:

Urban living results in some exclusive marketing tools that you won’t find anywhere else. The truth is, in order to capitalize on these opportunities you need to think creatively.

Do Not Miss Mural To Get Attention Over Your Brand:

Urban Marketing Category
The mural to boost your business

The mural is surely a plus point in terms of promotion marketing because it grabs the attention unintentionally too. However, if you get a chance to decorate any of the buildings then it will be beneficial for your company.

Community Marketing Category:

Create Or Join Relevant Facebook Groups:

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the best platforms for marketing techniques. It is because Facebook gains over 2.6 billion active users as of the first quarter of 2020. Also, when you meet new peoples your company will gain new users.

Think And Act Locally For Spreading your Ideas:

When you are marketing through the community it is mandatory to act and think like the peoples of those respected platforms. Because when you act locally people indulge in you more. 

Reply To The Queries For Your Personal Branding:

marketing techniques branding
Reply to the queries for more visibility

Solving the queries of maximum users/people can bring you close to them. So, with this marketing idea, you can also help as many as you can.

Summary Of All Marketing Ideas:

  • Bump Your Handles
  • Use Hashtag Properly
  • Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Images
  • Killer Content For Your Audience
  • Add Visuals
  • Use Infographics
  • Do Not Miss Bullets
  • Higher Flesch Reading Score
  • Caption Contest
  • Picture Contest
  • Video Contest
  • Poll Contest
  • Chatbot Usage
  • Make A Use Of Your Surroundings
  • Unusual Sponsorship
  • Don’t Miss Mural
  • Create Or Join Facebook Group
  • Think And Act Locally
  • Reply To The Queries

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