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6 Low Budget Content Marketing Ideas for SMBs

Are you a small business owner who can’t get enough of content marketing tips? The problem you may face is that some marketing techniques require a lot of money to implement.

How do you go about content marketing, if you don’t have a huge budget to spare? You can use these 6 tips that cost little to no money!

Find long-tail keywords with no competition

Writing for marketing is all about serving the people. What the people want is their questions answered as fast as possible. What you should do is find a question that is bothering your clientele and answer it, and also know where is the best place to advertise a business.

Some of the most asked questions are already answered. As a small website, you probably can’t answer those in hope to get some traffic.

What you should do is find the questions that few people look for. These are called long-tail keywords. The name speaks for itself, these are the search queries that have over three words in them.

They are usually easy to rank for and will bring you new customers little by little. Here’s where you can find ideas for these keywords:

  • Answer The Public
  • Google Keywords Tool
  • Google cues
  • Reddit
  • Quora

Publish a guide

Another way to bring some great content on the web is to share your experience. Think about what is your target audience. Answer these questions:

  • Who are the people why are buying from me
  • How are they using my products
  • What problems do they face that I can help solve

If you know your customers well, you should be able to come up with a list pretty soon. Take a look at your list and make a Google search to find how many competitors have similar content.

The thing about guides is you may not even have to compete for a place in the search. A guide can be a great way to let your customer make the first step down the sales funnel.

Ask your visitors to subscribe to the newsletter or leave their contact information in exchange for access to a guide, a video manual, or a free webinar.

Publish an infographic

Infographics are huge these days. They’re a good way to show a lot of information, they’re catchy, they sell well.

However, publishing a fancy looking picture is not enough. The thing is there are so many infographics out there that the demand for them decreases. So you have to make it very valuable.

Do your own study in something within your industry, or find a great study that got little attention. Then you have to make sure the information you’re bringing up is very relevant either to your customers or to people at large.

If you create an amazing infographic on the topic your customers can relate, it can give you a lot of exposure in the social networks and on the web in general.

Create an amazing infographic with ease!

Participate in the discussion

Talking to people on the internet can actually be a great content strategy. Pick the forums that your clients or people in your industry gather and take part in the discussion. Find other websites that may host discussions that are important to you. This includes Quora, Reddit, or similar websites.

You can find the relevant topics on these websites and talk to people. Share your expertise on the subject, answer the questions people have, and leave a link to your article or a guide when necessary.

This helps you get valuable backlinks and promote your brand on the major websites your customers use. Some people may even order your services directly in the DMs.

Find like-minded websites

When you publish a piece of content, nobody knows about it without a link. That’s how Google measures whether you are fit for being in the search or not.

This means you have to find opportunities to spread your content to other content creators around the web. Google explicitly bans link exchange, the practice of swapping links with other websites with the sole goal of getting more link juice. Some experts even say this practice doesn’t work anymore.

What works is showing your work to other people in the industry and making sure they like it. Your company doesn’t even have to be big and influential. ProEssayWriter, a small company that works in a highly competitive market, is able to write for top publications like the Huffington Post simply because of the experience they can share. You can be just like them.

Find websites that write on similar issues and write to their webmasters to establish a relationship. Compliment their efforts and say you’re using their content on your website. Offer to enrich their content with some information you have on your website and leave a link.

Some webmasters will do that if the content you show them is useful, and you don’t scare them away with being too salesy.

If that doesn’t work, you can always write a couple of guest posts for bigger websites. This will bring in both traffic and authority in the eyes of Google.

Engage on Instagram

Does your content look good? If it’s food, fashion, or something else that people love to see on Instagram, you’ve won a lottery.

Ask your customers to show off your products on the social network while mentioning your brand or a hashtag. Offer a discount in return.

This strategy costs you very little, but the number of customers you are going to get from word of mouth marketing is worth it.

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