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2022 Guide: How Can I Start A Chatbot Agency?

Every year, chatbots get more sophisticated and demanding. Chatbots were able to handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish on average in 2019, according to the latest data from Comm100. In comparison to 2017, when only 20% of chats could be handled from start to finish without the assistance of an agent, this marks a 260 percent improvement in end-to-end resolution. However, with this intrusive demand for chatbots it’s the high time to opt for a chatbot agency. Umm, wondering why? Don’t wonder much because you will get your answers here in this blog!

“The vast majority (87.2%) of consumers have neutral or positive experiences with chatbots” (Source: startupbonsai)

Under this guide on chatbot agency you will learn;

  1. how and why to own a chatbot development agency, 
  2. what is the benefit of it, 
  3. how your competitors are gaining advantages, 
  4. and some popular FAQs answered for your ease!

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How Can You Own A Chatbot Agency?

Keep in mind that there is a no-brainer if you want to create a chatbot development company. You just need to have your goal defined and that is — you have already decided to sell chatbots! So, gear up because this section is for you if you are on the fence about offering chatbot services.

Let’s start building your chatbot agency with a scratch…

Step 01: Figure Out How Will Your Chatbot Agency Be Fit In Your Marketing Ground

The idea of this step is that you need to be specific about what you are going to sell to your audience. Keep your marketing strategies on point and do not deviate from them. Also, check out which of the chatbot services you could offer. 

For your ease, I have listed the top chatbot offerings that most chat bot companies sell for their business.

  1. Your current consumers are anticipating it
  2. Scalability is a feature of chatbots
  3. Chatbots have the potential to produce tremendous outcomes for your clients
  4. With attractive retainer contracts, chatbots can provide an ongoing revenue stream
  5. Other digital marketing services, such as Facebook ads and social media management, are nicely complemented by chatbot marketing
  6. Chatbots are a fantastic method to avoid seasonal lulls or becoming obsolete
  7. Chatbots are simple to use
  8. Chatbots distinguish your firm as forward-thinking and unstoppable
  9. Chatbots are simple to sell
  10. Builders of chatbots are inexpensive

Step 02: Check Out Which Niche You Can Work On

I propose concentrating on clients in one or two unique industries, at least at first. Select a niche that you are familiar with, or at the most, you are interested in. That way, you will be able to focus entirely on the issues that businesses in this area confront. You may brand yourself as an expert in the sector of a chatbot agency startup, making future customer acquisition easier. Furthermore, concentrating on a certain region can aid in the rapid expansion of your bot agency.

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Step 03: Make Sure To Research For Your Bot Agency Properly

Market research is critical when you are aiming for a chatbot development agency. You will need to learn everything from the primary issues to critical thinking that businesses in your chosen industry confront. For this goal, the use of corresponding learning resources via the StuDocu study materials sharing platform is always welcome among a great number of leading managers and young specialists and that will be a great assistant in your advanced research.  Before you start building a chatbot, you need to figure out what problem your chatbot agency will solve.

Step 04: Build  A Template That Matches Your Niche

You will want to show potential clients in your niche a chatbot you have already built that can help them solve their problems. Create a demo chatbot for the industry you have chosen so that people can see what you are talking about. 

If you need some help or inspiration, have a look at our templates, which are entire bots dedicated to a specific use case, such as beauty salons, health, information technology, finance, or restaurants.

Step 05: Don’t Miss The Important Ingredient — Pricing

Setting the price for your white label chatbot agency may seem difficult, but it’s really only a matter of settling on two figures to get started. Pricing will undoubtedly affect a small number of people, but from a commercial standpoint, you must set your pricing. Because the price is the most versatile tool in the marketing mix for a chatbot agency.

A marketer can manage demand for a product by raising or lowering the price. Price has a significant impact on consumer purchase decisions. When making a purchase, most people are more concerned with the product’s price than with its value. As a result, a price adjustment influences demand, sales volume, and market share.

Step 06: At Last “PITCH” Your Bot Agency

You now have a chatbot development agency, a demo bot that addresses an industry pain issue, and a portfolio of chatbots for real businesses. You have also determined your pricing, so it’s time to begin pitching new clients and earning money. Look for companies on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, or approach local businesses or even create an affiliate marketing program.

You may even use your own chat bot to create leads by embedding it on your website or running advertisements that direct people to it. Remember to have a demo chatbot on hand to show prospects what your service looks like in action and how it may help them!

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Don’t You Want To Go Through All These Steps For Your Chatbot Agency Startup? — Here Is The Right Solution For You

You will need chatbot essentials to launch a chatbot agency but what’s better than having a platform that can offer you a White label chatbot agency and do all of those aforementioned 6 STEPS for your business?

So, which platform to look for? — Botsify!

Botsify is the finest platform for chatbot companies. Without knowing how to do coding, Botsify allows you to create AI chatbots for your website or Facebook Messenger. Botsify connects with a variety of services, including WordPress, Shopify, Slack, Alexa, Google Sheets, RSS Feeds, JSON API, and ZenDesk. Creating templates for your chatbot is a breeze with the simple  drag-and-drop UI. Botsify is used by Apple and Shazam, two large organizations, to design their chatbots.

By setting up for a chatbot cost calculator that does everything for your business, you must know what are their offerings, however, Botsify’s offerings are as follows:

  1. Separate Partner Portal 
  2. Custom Pricing Packages
  3. Landing Page Builder 
  4. Custom Email Events 
  5. Client Management 
  6. Completely Rebranded Platform
  7. Free Marketing Resources

To know more and get access to all amenities, sign up now!

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Fuel up your sales & drive crazy revenue by starting your own bot agency

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Top Questions Answered

Q1: What is chatbot agency?

Ans: Custom chatbots are created by chatbot agencies for businesses. Simpler bots can be created quickly using an intuitive chatbot builder, but more complicated bots that are intended to handle a large number of requests would require more development time.

Q2: How do I start chatbot agency?

Ans: Chatbot marketing agency can start off easily; first, you need to think of the niche and audience that you need to cover.

Q3: How do chatbot agency get clients?

Ans: Getting clients might seem trickier but once you have focused on your particular niche and aim to offer simple and less complicated chatbot services then gaining the clients is no brainer!

Q4: How much does a chatbot agency cost?

Ans: A good chatbot agency startup costs $500.

Q5: What are the advantages of hiring a chatbot agency?

Ans: The following are the top advantages of hiring a chatbot agency for your business:

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[5 Benefits]: Check Out What Are The Top Benefits Of A Chatbot Agency Startup?

Instant Answers:

An operator can focus on one customer and address one question at a time. A chatbot, on the other hand, may answer thousands of inquiries at once. Instant responses are possible because of the cloud, the internet, and software procedures.


A chatbot or customer service representative is unlikely to be like your hairdresser, keeping track of your relationship or personal life, or serving as a psychologist for folks who find it difficult to open up. Chatbots, on the other hand, can provide more personalized experiences than customer support representatives who don’t have time to prepare for your call and must understand the context while on the phone.

To provide a personalized experience, a chatbot can access your previous interactions with the organization. Given the immaturity of chatbots, most businesses aren’t focusing on this right now, but it will be a key aspect of future chatbots. Please read our research for additional information on personalizing your company’s website or the top personalization vendors.

Cost Savings:

The requirement for companies to expand their customer care departments can be met by deploying increasingly proficient bots that can handle increasingly complicated inquiries. Chatbot implementation will result in a certain level of investment charges. However, when compared to customer service salaries, infrastructure, and education, this cost may be cheaper. Aside from the initial investment fees, the additional costs of chatbots are minimal.

Increased Sales:

Bot agency may be a frictionless platform for presenting users with recommendations that intelligently introduce customers to your company’s new products and services. Bots can also increase sales because they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and respond quickly. Customers despite having to wait, and excessive wait times result in sales being lost. Chatbots, according to business leaders, has increased sales by 67 percent on average.

Start your chatbot agency with us

Fuel up your sales & drive crazy revenue by starting your own bot agency

Reaching New Customers:

One of the most popular apps for chat bot platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Being active on these platforms on a regular basis allows businesses to reach out to new clients who might otherwise be hesitant to contact them via email or phone. According to a Telus International poll, 38 percent of millennials provide input via social media once a week. 

The amount of comments received has risen in the last 12 months, according to the report. Chatbots appear to be a tool to contact new customers, as Facebook has over 300,000 chatbots.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Top Questions Answered

Q6: Reasons why businesses choose chatbot agency over livechat

Ans: The following are the top reasons why business choose chatbot agency over livechat:

  1. The chatbot agency is available in solving queries 24/7 whereas, the live chat is available for limited hours only 
  2. Chatbots provide an interactive chat experience to customers, however, live chat misses the wow factor which excites you while interacting with a chatbot 
  3. Chatbot agency has faster resolution time than live chat

chatbot development agency

Q7: What are the things to pay attention to while choosing a chatbot agency?

Ans: The main thing while choosing a chatbot agency is to see if the agency is capable of solving your problem or not

Q8: Is chatbot agency profitable?

Ans: Chatbots are one of the most profitable marketing agency technologies, and they have been shown to help marketing businesses scale quickly

Q9: What is chatbot agency and how it works?

Ans: A chatbot, often known as a bot, is computer software that mimics human conversation. Users converse with a chatbot through the chat interface or by voice, just as they would with a human. Chatbots understand and process the words or phrases of users and respond with a pre-programmed response.

Q10: What is best chatbot agency pricing?

Ans: A one-time setup charge for constructing the bot is included in the chatbot agency pricing. Typically, the price range is $500 to $3,000. The agency may additionally charge a monthly fee for bot maintenance, content changes, and improvements. This monthly charge ranges from $100 to $2,000 on average.

[Top 5] How Are Your Competitors Gaining From Chatbot Development Agency?

According to customer reviews, the top 3 industries using Chatbot Agencies solutions are Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, and Design. But here I have listed the top competitor industries who are gaining from the chat bot agency.

Medicine Industry:

Doctors already have a difficult job. Doctors, nurses, and medical industry professionals all suffer from the intense focus and attention to detail that being a medical practitioner necessitates. Administrative work consumes one-sixth of the average physician’s working hours, according to a study. Taking time and energy away from more critical tasks while lowering overall job satisfaction.

Chatbot agency can also help to synergize front-office healthcare by allowing patients to send information to the bot ahead of time. This information will be used by their bedside nurses or doctors to help them avoid avoidable readmissions or plan post-discharge follow-ups. Bots can help with admissions, discharge, and transfer requests, as well as scheduling patient consultations and sending and receiving referrals.

Top 3 functionalities that chatbot agency serve for the medicine industry:

  1. Collaboration between peer systems should be made easier
  2. Update the patient’s medical history in the records
  3. Send reminders and alerts for prescription refills

Travel Industry:

As the world becomes smaller, more individuals around the world are taking up travel. More foreign clients are likely to desire to do business with travel and tourism companies today than ever before. And for the first eight hours, this is good news.

Because one of the challenges of owning a travel company that serves consumers from all over the world is that you have to work local business hours. Your clients, on the other hand, are global citizens who will access your website at any time. So if you only spend 1/3 of your day talking to clients, you’re losing 2/3 of your leads.

You could get around this by posting forms all over your website, but even then, you’re definitely losing 70% to 90% of your potential purchases. Using forms as your primary lead generation has some drawbacks. A submission gateway for “contact us” feels like a survey that you are forcing your customer to fill out for a product they’ve never experienced. This demonstrates how customers handle forms.

Real Estate:

The real estate market is expanding in size and shape, from downtown Los Angeles to the suburbs of South India. Low borrowing rates around the world, better job markets, increased consumer confidence, and growing interest from international purchasers have all contributed to this optimism.

In real estate, the average cost of losing a customer is far higher than in e-commerce, so every lead you lose represents a significant amount of revenue. Every week, hundreds, if not thousands, of these potential leads visit your website to browse your offers. They are bombarded with information on how great you are in your field and how many customers you have.

Banking Industry:

Customers can now participate in fiscal behavior that would have been inconceivable 10 years ago because of the growing complexity and sophistication of technology. Customers may transfer dollars, exchange information, authenticate, and conduct transactions with one hand while holding a cup of coffee with the other. 

It almost appears like the only reason you’d need to physically visit your bank nowadays is to speak with a teller. More institutions appear to be gaining that conversational edge, thanks to the rise of chatbots.

With a banking chatbot, financial organizations can be available whenever their consumers need them, regardless of time or place. There’s no need to work bankers’ hours anymore because a chatbot is available 24/7 and has a 99% uptime.

E-commerce Industry:

In order to understand how chatbot applications are utilized in the e-commerce industry, you must first understand how they are employed in the business. It aids in comprehending some of the industry’s issues.

The e-commerce business has been flourishing all over the world. Global retail sales had a total e-commerce valuations of $2.3 trillion in 2017. By 2021, e-commerce revenues are expected to treble to $4.88 trillion.

Traditional customer service and sales tools like phone calls, emails, and social media have all but disappeared as a result of the problem’s near-exponential expansion. If you have been using only those three for your e-commerce platform, and not tried any new e-commerce promotional strategies, you have probably been struggling as well.

Scope of Chatbot Agency in B2B Industry:

chatbot agency

Today’s buyers want to buy but don’t want to be sold to. Salespeople have had to radically rethink their approach as a result of this. The most effective pitches from today’s top sales professionals are not pitches at all; they’re consultations. Salespeople who listen for opportunities to assist, educate, and please the buyer are the ones that close deals and build long-term relationships.

The average cost of missing a B2B lead is far higher than the cost of missing a B2C lead. For example, a B2B company determines three important data pieces that are required to schedule a meeting or demo with a potential client that visits their website. The clients’ phone number, email address, and name are the three data points.

You can chat to, produce, and qualify your leads 24/7, regardless of where they are, utilizing analytics like what they are looking at on your site and how long they are there, using a conversational Sales platform.

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