What Is A Whatsapp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Chatbot is a software program that runs on the encrypted platform of WhatsApp. Via the chat GUI, WhatsApp users will connect with a chatbot as they would speak to a real human. It's a series of automatic responses on WhatsApp that simulates a human conversation. Also, the WhatsApp chatbot allows the brands to communicate with the customer base with ease.

WhatsApp Messaging Turns Into Bot Auto Replies:

You can generate automatic responses from company settings with WhatsApp Business, like a bot, where you can respond to your customers without having to do it yourself.
There are several personalized messages you can create:

Greetings Message

when an entity writes to you for the first time, this letter will be sent. Like
"Welcome to Botsify, Alice"

Absence Message

when an entity writes to you during offline hours, this message will be sent. Like
"Pardon, we are out of reach at this moment"

Quick Message

They are messages that can be programmed to write pre-designed replies. For instance, we could write in a "goodbye" sentence when we want to say goodbye, which is automatically entered when we click on
"Thank you for always trusting us!”

“For any further questions, we are at your service".

WhatsApp Automation
The Best And Effective Growing Tool For Business

Businesses are clearly running over each other to meet this huge crowd. It's not as simple as you would assume, though, after all, WhatsApp does not currently serve advertising and its encrypted messaging framework suggests that anyway targeting will be quite restricted. But still, WhatsApp chatbot automation does a lot of wonders for the growth of businesses.

Have you ever questioned why your business needs a WhatsApp bot? If not then here is how you would know how effective your WhatsApp chatbot is for business automation.

“WhatsApp chatbots are a powerful tool for companies to build customer relationships, boost sales, and provide value-added services such as notifications, alerts, and in-app payments”

Why Your Business Should Have A WhatsApp Automation Tool?

Right off the bat, the sheer audience size of WhatsApp makes it irresistible to advertisers. This is particularly true if your company has a presence in countries with 120 million and 300 million active users respectively, such as Brazil or India.

WhatsApp also has an amazing market share in the EU, with 85% of Dutch smartphone owners using the app, 85% of Spaniards, and 84% of Italians using the app. There are currently over 23 million active users, except in the US, where WhatsApp has a relatively limited presence.

There are three key reasons why companies should seriously consider establishing a presence on WhatsApp, beyond just the size of their user base.

  • First is; it is a valuable customer support platform. It helps community managers to quickly and easily interact with clients on a forum they are comfortable with. For products, it is also free if they have a response time of fewer than 24 hours.
  • Second; as a wireless messaging channel, WhatsApp is underestimated. WhatsApp Status alone has over 450 million active users on a regular basis. Messaging consumer groups can reach up to 256 people at a time, while 1:1 comms can build user connections that enhance brand loyalty.
  • Third; marketing on WhatsApp is more effective than many brands believe. There are plenty of tactics and features that marketers can use to increase sales and increase conversions, from sending paid updates to directly messaging leads.

The Salient Features Of WhatsApp
Automation Tool For Business Growth

Recently, WhatsApp is creating new tools to make it easier for businesses to interact better with each other. Since the introduction of the WhatsApp Business App, many individuals have been able to have faster and simpler business talks than ever before. Here is a list of salient features that is beneficial for business growth.

Request for Helpful Information: WhatsApp may be submitted in the case of boarding passes or even shipping confirmations. It is possible to post the data by giving the mobile number to the company or its website or app, or even in their shops.

Real-time Support: With WhatsApp, organizations can provide help in real-time by answering questions to solve product and service problems.

End-to-end Encryption: There is an end to end encryption for these business messages. It will protect against clutter, and with the tap of a button, it is possible to block any business.

Quick Replies: For answering FAQs, quick replies allow saving and re-sending messages. Setting up fast answers for sending messages includes:

  • Thank you
  • Ordering instructions
  • Payment information
  • Discounts
  • Have a good day

Greeting Message Setup: Greeting messages are the initial response of chatbots that could make or break conversations. Creating greeting messages by WhatsApp enables businesses to greet users during the start of a dialog with the company. It provides a warm welcome without delays and waiting times for the future client.

Industries Growing With WhatsApp Bot

You can create an intimate relationship with your clients, talking to them where they normally go to communicate with others. WhatsApp Chatbot. With 2 billion users interacting every month, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging network in the world.

WhatsApp Chatbot for E-Commerce:

If an AI chatbot on WhatsApp is required for any business, it would be e-commerce. In the e-commerce sector, all customer purchase stages occur online. Billions of people around the world are using their smartphones to shop online for items.

Unresponsive platforms such as blogs, emails, or static landing pages do not matter to these individuals. With a single AI chatbot on WhatsApp, businesses can provide data, resolve questions, get payments, collect orders, ask for input, handle refunds/returns, and more.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Automotive:

The automotive industry is seeing an increasing demand for online purchasing of vehicles. After being totally satisfied, consumers go online to try out new models, ask their questions, see all the functionality, and book test drives. Most offers are happening online nowadays, from auto insurance assistance to used car sales.

So, in the exchange of information, a WhatsApp chatbot for business will assist. Companies can suggest cars, address questions, and book test drives for each prospective customer by using a chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance:

The insurance industry continually struggles to provide policy buyers and holders with fast online assistance. Companies want to accelerate the application filling and claim process. The standard methods and tools, however, are not enough to handle complicated documentation on a wide scale. The procurement and management of insurance plans are complicated procedures for clients, adjusting terms and conditions from policy to policy. And, emails and SMSs are not properly capable of meeting consumer needs.

To have a high-quality customer experience, a WhatsApp chatbot for business will help with AI/ML conversational skills. Security assurance provides users with confidence when sending their revenue statements, signed plans, ID evidence, and other essential documents.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Real Estate:

In the real estate industry, the stakes of winning or losing a potential client are very high. In the expected revenue, any lost lead puts a noticeable dent. A real estate agent will catch and qualify precious leads 24/7 with a WhatsApp chatbot for the company. That, too, before the leads become eligible without any human involvement.

To validate a lead's efficiency, an AI chatbot can use its conversational abilities to collect names, location preferences, budget, contact details, and more information. Then, on the same chat site, it can quickly pass all the top-quality results to realtors.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel:

Businesses face the question of 24/7 traffic in travel and hospitality. Customers can opt to visit the site at any time, click on an ad, or contact customer service. It seems difficult to answer questions, generate leads, and provide help without 24/7 availability. Travel and hospitality services can guide such requirements to their AI-powered chatbot with a WhatsApp chatbot for the company.

Use Cases In The Light Of WhatsApp Automations

As mentioned that many industries are gaining from WhatsApp chatbot here are the top use cases which have been very affected for the growth of businesses.

E-Commerce Use Cases:

Order Placement: for customers who click on your ads on Facebook and Instagram, a bot on WhatsApp will place orders. There is a button in these Click-to-WhatsApp ads that lead directly to your conversational platform operated by an AI chatbot.

Support Through Sales Funnel: a WhatsApp bot will assist prospects across the different sales stages. It can answer queries about the price, volume, quality, shipping options, shipping date, and more of a product. Plus, special consumer requests, such as returning or exchanging a product and claiming a refund, may be taken care of.

Automotive Use Cases:

Addressing Inquiries: through your car dealership's WhatsApp chatbot, customers can simply inquire about their requirements. Buyers of cars may ask about car types, funding options, colors available, and more. Car owners may also inquire about the availability of spare parts and accessories for cars and requests for repair or maintenance.

Customer Outreach: it is possible to engage people who may be searching for vehicles to buy with a WhatsApp chatbot. A conversation may begin with individuals who visit your website, click on advertisements, or on WhatsApp through drip marketing.

Insurance Use Cases:

Document Assistance: use WhatsApp chatbot automation to provide policy document information, collect address evidence, income proof, age proof, IDs, and other documents. In an integrated database, the bot can store certain documents directly and process them according to the requirements.

Policy Renewal: send policyholders automatic reminders about policy expiry dates and assist with the renewal terms. The chatbot may also share the advantages of policy renewal to decrease the number of cancellations.

Real Estate Use Cases:

Qualifying leads: a chatbot from WhatsApp offers the ability to speak immediately anytime a potential customer needs to. The bot collects qualifying data such as names, phone numbers, email ID, desired budget, necessary amenities, and others while speaking. The bot continues the conversation after qualifying to cultivate certain leads and makes instantaneous bot-to-human handover inappropriate situations. Hence, when they are most involved, the human realtors will take over the conversations and turn leads.

Scheduling Visits: a chatbot saves them from the chain of unnecessary emails and numerous calls after qualifying and cultivating a lead. This helps to prepare your visit to properties right on the WhatsApp site. Moreover, in order to support your clients, the bot sends timely reminders along with the realtor's address and contact information.

Travel Use Cases:

Personalized Tour Package: in order to build a customized tour package, an AI chatbot on WhatsApp will quickly understand a client's specific requirements. This increases the travel experience of consumers, where various individuals come with different goals.

Instant Support for Urgent Queries: customers can depend on the instant help and 24/7 availability of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot when traveling. They can solve urgent queries, such as an incorrect address, location-related uncertainty, or any other problem. Without wasting any time, the bot can always return.

Create Your Own WhatsApp Bot Now With Botsify

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Create A Story

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Test Your Bot

So now when you have saved the story it is time to test your bot. Click on “test your bot” at the right bottom, and test your no-code Chatbot.

Connect With WhatsApp And Fill The Form

Go to setting and connect your bot with WhatsApp, afterward fill the requested form and proceed.

Wait For Confirmation

Once you have sent the form the Botsify’s management will look upon it and forward it to WhatsApp’s respected department. You will be notified in 02 to 03 days. After the confirmation, you are now ready to start working on your WhatsApp chatbot.