Human Handover and Takeover

With Botsify chatbot can handover conversation it can't handle to a human, or a human himself can takeover conversations which giving a hard time to his user.

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Easily Customised

Easily customise conversations and flows which you feel chatbot should ask to handover to you. So you are free to make "Human first" system or "Chatbot first" system. Its all upto you.

Single Integrated Live Chat Interface

Our single integrated live chat interface allows you to observe conversations and take over conversations from chatbot with a single click.

Smart AI

Artificial Intelligence picks up similar phrases and entities from the user's query and responds with the best answer.

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Human Handover With Botsify Chatbot

Botsify usually puts Chatbot in the leading position, but there might be some cases which chatbot can't handle. For such situation you can use our "Human Help" plugin to handover the conversations which your chatbot fails to understand. An agent is notified via email and conversation is handed over to him. Learn How To

Conversation Takeover With Botsify Chatbot

We have a live chat feature built, which allows you to monitor all conversations between your chatbot and your users from one single interface. Hence allowing you to take over the conversations seemlessly which your chatbot finding difficult to handle. Learn How To