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Perks of Using an Education Chatbot

AI in Education Provides Ease of Learning

Education Chatbots can be used to transform lectures into interactive conversation flows with the help of engagement tools and cool UI so students learn anywhere and anytime.

Collect Feedback or conduct online assessments

Our chatbot for education allows you to store data in a spreadsheet with the help of conversational forms. Collect student feedback, take quizzes or assessments.


Increase engagement with personalized chat flows

Education chatbot makes it fun for students to learn, helps them provide customized solutions to their queries and so much more!

Introduce AI in education for instant help

Use our education chatbot services to ensure 24/7 assistance and make student interactions speedy, accurate and interesting.

Quick Learning

Feature of Education Chatbots

Use pre-built templates to save time

Our education chatbot comes with ready-made templates for teachers to get them started. Customize templates based on a topic by adding text, images, audio or video, google search and much more.

Faster response to students with AI in education

Use our education chatbot services to schedule messages for students. Remind them for an upcoming test or send them their results.


Collect Data using AI forms

Teachers can collect information about their students easily using forms. Forms can also be used for storing assignments and solutions.

Our Education chatbot uses API to store data

Botsify's chatbot for education supports API, teachers can either store information like student feedback, test scores, admission forms or receive content from external sources.


Education Chatbot - A New Way To Learn

Botsify lets teachers around the globe improve learning methods for students using AI in education. Using our chatbot services students can converse with the chatbot on a specific topic, learn that topic by text and images, videos and hundreds of interactive built-in features. After learning a topic, students can take quizzes and submit their results to their respective teachers. Teaching with an education chatbot drastically improves students’ learning curve.

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