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The sublime way to collect information without enforcing the users using Conversational UI

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Generate Leads With Conversational Form Attributions

Generating leads with automated conversational forms will be easier to fill the pool of new customers for the future. Have a look at how conversational forms work best for you

Advanced Customized Bots For Qualified Leads

Customized conversational forms provide more fields to target what is your need to approach your new customers for lead generation. Create form fields to collect Name, Email, Location, Phone numbers, Geocode, and so many more

Strong Validation And API Integration

Our conversational chatbot can verify the information input by the user is the right data, location, contact number, or custom validation through API integration

Builtin Conversational AI

Our conversational chatbot is responsible to picks up similar keywords and phrases to respond to customer's queries and provide the right information at the right time

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Best Conversational UI Around! Built For The Eas

The better you provide ease, the more you get leads, our conversational forms don't bother your users, even not restart form by getting incorrect Information. We ensure that to retain your users and manage all data by the conversational form itself

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