Lead Generation Forms For Chatbots

Introducing "Conversation Forms”. An intelligent way to collect information from your users through Chatbots Conversations.

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Easily Customised

Easily customise conversation forms with multiple field types to collect information from customers and generate leads via chatbots.

Multiple Data Collection Points

Email, store in a sheet, or receive data to any JSON API endpoint. The form is yours the data is yours, collect it in the way which works best for you

Artificial Intelligence

Our forms recognize if user enters the right data, email, phone, location, or custom validation. We have got it all!

responsive devices

Best conversational experience around! Built for the ease

Our forms don't irritate your users, we don't restart forms over wrong inputs, we don't let you loose lead with the best experience for your customers.

  • Works best with Facebook Bots

    Botsify forms work best with facebook chatbot built via Botsify.

  • Works with Website Chatbots too

    What's more interesting than auto collecting your users queries and answering them via website chatbot?

  • Exportable data

    The responses can be exported in CSV, which later can be imported to google docs or open in excel to see your leads.

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How to use Botsify Conversational Forms

We have put up a complete documentation on about how to start creating forms for your chatbots. Each field type and how to get started using Botsify Conversational Forms. Learn how to

How to build a chatbot for a services company

Start with a simple tutorial on how to create a chatbot for your services company to generate leads, to start collecting user's requirements over facebook via a chatbot. It's simple and easy. Learn how to