Low Operational Costs And Better Quality Of Services

With Botsify's bot, there are no theoretical geographic limitations but more reach to customers

Why Ecommerce Industries Should Choose Us?

Enjoy affordable advertising and marketing with AI chatbots and give flexibility to the customers

24/7 Support

Offering 24-hour support is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction. And 24/7 services to customers can only be catered by chabots


"For better product suggestions and recommendations chatbots give a personalized experience, also, used to collect data of the visitors

Cart Recovery

An abandoned cart can also be a great source of revenue. Chatbots can remind users of items in their abandoned shopping cart and ask them if they are willing this is how the cart can be recovered.

AI Based Customer Service

With algorithm-based customer service the chance of errors to the minimum of reduction

Increased Sales

Due to a personalized approach to customers, there are increased sales for the company

What Botsify Offers For Ecommerce Platforms?

To maintain personalization and provides less cart abandonment, Botsify facilitate their customers

How Botsify Is Best For Ecommerce?

Botsify's easy-to-use interface and secure chatbot solution helps businesses to attain maximum revenue, more engagement, highest lead, & optimum customer support

Boost Up Customer Engagement

Through chatbots reach out to the proactive customers and engage more customers for better credibility

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User Friendly Interface

Customers like to easy and uncomplicated interface, and Botsify cares for them. The easy-to-use interface help clients and business owners to deal with it, easily

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Maximum Lead Generation

With better initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business there are maximum chances of better lead generation

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Quick Payment Method

Payments can be rendered on chatbots more conveniently. A hassle-free payment method without even quitting your site

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Increased User Retention

Through the implementation of advanced technologies, customer retention can be increased with the ecommerce chatbot

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