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Edge of Using an Education Chatbot

Education chatbot is advantageous in generating students engagement towards an institute or their studies.

AI in Education Provides Ease of Learning

Education Chatbots can be used to transform lectures into interactive conversation flows with the help of engagement tools. The AI chatbot is available 24/7 to assist your students.

Gather feedback, conduct online assessments

Our chatbot for education allows you to store data in a spreadsheet with the help of conversational forms. Pile up feedbacks, quizzes/assessments

Increase engagement with personalized chat flows

Eduaction get easier when students be able to learn in their personalized environement. Education chatbot makes it fun for students to learn, helps them provide customized solutions to their queries and so much more!

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Collect data in AI forms or in API stores

Teachers can collect information about their students easily using forms. Forms can also be used for storing assignments and solutions. Botsify's chatbot for education also supports API, teachers can store exessive information.

A few Educational chatbot use cases

Be it for teaching or learning, sky is the limit with Botsify

Education Consultancy

Education consultancy chatbot that provides quick resolution to queries that prospective students often ask.

Feedback Collection

Ideal for teachers and institutes to use chatbot services to collect student feedback

Mathematics Bot

Learn mathematics faster with the coolest use of AI in education

Coding Bot

Try our tech geek chatbot for education amd start learn coding now...

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