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Why You Should Use an Instagram Chatbot ?

Automated messaging technologies, or chatbots, are more helpful than ever on social media as customer-business dialogues move online. In this article, we’ll discuss what an Instagram chatbot is and its benefits.

What can chatbots do on Instagram?

Two features that Instagram provides are automatic replies to direct messages and reactions to any actions with your account. For example, commenting on a post or tagging your account in stories.

Thanks to this, you can:

  • almost instantly answer typical questions that come in direct;
  • respond to comments on your posts according to the templates you have prepared;
  • engage in dialogue and build a sales funnel, stimulating direct calls, for example, by offering some kind of bonus or lead magnet;
  • stimulate profile activity by encouraging comments on your posts or reactions to stories;
  • stimulate the viral effect by offering something of value for tagging your profile in other users’ stories;

All this will happen in an automated mode without personal participation.

It also reduces the risks associated with the human factor, when the client forgets something, did not have time, or did not respond quickly.

Reasons to Use an Instagram Chatbot 

Instagram stores are popular with customers. Instagram users love to shop, making it a crucial tool for any firm to leverage for commerce. Additionally, Instagram stories, posts, and advertisements can draw potential clients into direct conversation. An Instagram dm bot can also assist in converting interest into a purchase.

1. Instagram dm automation is changing social media

Instagram, which began as a platform for sharing photos, has changed significantly over time. It began as a platform for creatives, quickly developed into a social media community, and eventually became a center for brands to raise their profile on social media. With the introduction of the Instagram Messenger API, the platform is once again undergoing change by enabling businesses to build conversational capabilities and have one-on-one conversations with their customers at scale via chatbots. It won’t come as a surprise if other social media platforms like Twitter or Snapchat implement this capability. Our next point discusses the rationale behind it.

2. Consumers want to converse with businesses in the same way they converse with friends.

The emergence of OTT services like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber has altered how customers communicate. They now prefer to converse, and they anticipate the same things from their brands. 80% of global adults concur that messaging is a quick and simple way to get in touch with a company. If you can do it at scale using chatbots, why not make it available to your customers?

3. Automating Instagram chatbots can help firms save millions.

Cost efficiency is always anticipated to come from automation in one way or another. Automation of Instagram chatbots aids firms in realising the same. Brands may save millions of dollars by developing conversational experiences using AI and NLP-based tools for all aspects of Marketing, Sales, and Support. Automated chats and clever escalation to live agents solely for complex enquiries can considerably save all those bucks spent on customer service.

4. Brands can create a 360-degree consumer journey on Instagram itself with the aid of an Instagram chatbot.

Today, Instagram has a community of more than 1 billion users that log on each month. However, there are certain issues with the user interface. For instance, without Instagram chatbots, users are compelled to switch to another network in order to connect or make a purchase. For instance, without Instagram chatbots, users are compelled to switch to another site in order to make a purchase or contact customer service. Brands are able to create a whole 360-degree customer experience with Instagram automated chatbots. Brands can engage with their customers at every point of the customer journey, from product discovery to sales to support, and generate action-based interactions to lower drop-off rates and boost conversions. Moreover, brands should also get a relevant Insta logo reflecting in the thumbnail of their profile for visual recognition during customer journey.

Conversations have the ability to transform the world, and incorporating them into the social media sphere offers businesses the chance to forge closer bonds with their clients. 

Features of chatbots in Instagram Direct

If you have already created chatbots, for example, in Telegram, then you will notice that there are quite a few nuances on Instagram.

The main principle for Instagram chatbots is individual communication “here and now” at the user’s request.

That is, you cannot be the first to send a message. You can only write back. These answers have 24 hours or 7 days for live answers, not automatically.

It is also impossible to make a mailing to the entire audience of the chatbot. More precisely, this makes little sense, since the message will go only to those who wrote something to you within 24 hours.

The same principle applies to Facebook and WhatsApp, but there are no official ways to solve the problem with mailing lists on Instagram yet.

According to the rules of Instagram, a chatbot user should be able to chat with a person. Therefore, it is good practice in messages with quick replies or buttons (when there is any choice) to add an option like “Contact Manager” and provide some kind of general menu with this option. 

Not all chatbot functions work in the messenger if it is opened in a computer or laptop browser. All features work correctly only in the mobile application.

Only some message formats are available. Now Instagram supports sending text messages, photos, product cards, messages with buttons (only 3 buttons per message) and quick replies, heart stickers. 

The Bottom Line

Your customer engages in messaging app conversations on a regular basis. They frequently talk online with their loved ones, family, and friends. Even business communications have moved from emails to chat services like Slack as a result of this habit change. Instagram is a platform where your users are already active and has over a billion users. Deliver exceptional experiences for your clients using Botsify Instagram Chatbot to take the channel to the next level. Additionally, the experience you provide may be interactive and customized like never before.



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