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Chatbot For E-Commerce: What it is and why you should use it to sell more

E-commerce chatbots are the perfect tool to facilitate “conversational marketing”. That is the use of digital service channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and live chat) to offer an improved shopping experience to customers.

In other words, an e-commerce chatbot is an intelligent virtual assistant solution that can be implemented by digital businesses to help and guide customers at every stage of the purchase journey. This prevents them from abandoning your business or leaving the shopping cart careless. Moreover, with the integration of purchase-to-pay automation, chatbots can also assist with payment processing and invoicing, streamlining the entire purchasing process.

Thanks to easy and precise messages, an e-commerce chatbot makes user purchases much easier to carry out. In addition, they make customers feel more secure since when they have a complaint or claim, a bot will always be willing to help them.

In summary, an AI chatbot for ecommerce is the key tool to offering good customer service and improving your sales. Since it will send personalized messages to your clients, which helps the good interaction of a client with your business, eliminating any communication barrier.

5 Reasons to use a chatbot for e-commerce

You already know what an AI chatbot for ecommerce is. Now you know what are the reasons why every electronic business prefers to use this tool to improve customer service. Here are

5 reasons for its implementation: 

  • Allows bilateral communication with the client. You not only help or guide them, but also learn from your customers, listen to their questions, and build a relationship.
  • An e-commerce chatbot interacts with 2 to 5 times more customers than was previously possible via email or phone calls.
  • Stores that use conversational marketing with an e-commerce chatbot platform are the right way are increase annual revenue by 7-25%.
  • Open up new channels to drive sales – Instead of being limited to just your website, you can now display a catalog, make sales, and collect payments through WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and more digital touchpoints.
  • An e-commerce chatbot allows you to send content and promotional messages to the touch points where your customers spend the most time, creating a powerful omnichannel strategy.

How do chatbots add value to e-commerce?

Have you ever wondered why customers abandon their carts? The main reason is that customers feel that the business is not there to help them. In fact, according to  Forrester, 53% of online shoppers abandon their carts if they don’t get instant answers to their questions.

This means that customers need answers as soon as the question arises. It’s no longer just offering email support. Much less are they going to wait for us or withhold a phone call? It is important to solve with minute details everything about the product and services of your business.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is implement an e-commerce chatbot. This gives your business even more value since they will always be aware of your customers. Even the most complex queries from your customers can be answered in real-time, saving on shopping cart abandonment.

8 ways an e-commerce chatbot improves your sales

You already know what an e-commerce chatbot is, what its benefits are, and the added value it brings to your business. Next, discover how it helps you increase the sales of your e-commerce business.

  • Personalize your services

An e-commerce chatbot remembers past user interactions and further uses them to personalize future conversations. Additionally, bots can keep customers focused while guiding them through the entire sales funnel, using product recommendations and key information about your business.

In addition, by personalizing the services, the participation rate increases. It also saves customers time by promoting relevant products. This strategy undoubtedly allows customers to close their purchases in a faster and more interactive way.

  • Record interactions in real time

With the help of an omnichannel platform, an e-commerce chatbot enables businesses to get hands-on user interaction in real-time. This information can be analyzed to improve services based on user input.

Instant access to key data reduces the cost of operation and also maximizes the efficiency and running of a business.

  • Helps agents focus on complex tasks

An e-commerce chatbot can handle 80% of simple and repetitive customer questions, the famous frequently asked questions. In addition, they can help customer service agents maintain the support location to resolve complex queries.

Addressing complex inquiries with priority, it allows you to win more customers while lowering the cost of operation. Since they will have a whole focus on solving the problem.

  • Perfect customer service

According to a slick text report, more than 50% of customers expect businesses to be open 24/7. An e-commerce chatbot allows you to serve your users throughout the day by answering the main questions of your customers.

It is expensive for any business to maintain instant customer support 24 hours a day. Therefore, bots can establish a real connection with users when they need it most.

Furthermore, an e-commerce chatbot can answer 80% of repeat customer inquiries. And, in the event that he is unable to address the issue, he will instantly transfer the inquiry to a live chat agent. All this you achieve, with the help of an omnichannel platform.

  • Manage your catalog on multiple channels

If your customers realize they need to make a purchase while using another social media app, wouldn’t it be better if they could make that purchase within the app itself?

For the vast majority of digital users, entering a website or app can seem like too much effort as they don’t want to extend their path to purchase. Therefore, it is important to help you from bots.

Implementing this tool with omnichannel software, allows you to create the same chatbot on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and live chat. All this management is managed from the same place.

  • Drive lead generation

An e-commerce chatbot helps the lead selection process. This is because an e-business can use this tool to persuade customers to fill out forms and collect data.

Remember that an e-commerce chatbot can collect information from leads in a number of ways, ranging from capturing data directly in the conversation flow or even allowing customers to fill out forms natively in the bot.

  • Collect feedback

There are two ways in which e-commerce can obtain feedback from consumers. The first is through reviews and the other is through web forms. If a business focuses too much on collecting these types of reviews, sooner or later they will realize that it is not profitable.

This process is, in fact, too slow. Therefore, very few consumers post positive reviews. On the other hand, in the event of the delivery of a defective product or any complaint, a client makes sure to publish it in all your digital service channels.

Remember that bad reviews hurt business and that is why there is a need to improve customer experience to collect feedback from users. Through chatbots, e-commerce can activate the feedback collection process according to the defined time.

A bot can then get feedback from users while interacting with them. Also, if you have had a bad experience, ensure that the problem has been transferred to the assigned team in real-time.

In this way, you can reduce the impact of a negative comment on your digital channels.

  • Provides metrics

Many times the mistake is made of seeing chatbots as conversational tools. However, if you have an omnichannel support platform, you will have the possibility of accessing key data to improve sales and service processes.

The right user metrics can do wonders for your business. For example, they can collect unique details from users in real-time, such as interaction with products, preferences, what they didn’t like and how they responded to the chatbot, etc.

When used correctly, these user details are no less than a gold mine. They can help your e-business to improve the customer experience by knowing where to take the reins in the correct direction. Contact Botsify for ecommerce chatbot platform anytime.


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