The Role of Text Message Marketing in Building Consumer Loyalty

The Role of Text Message Marketing in Building Consumer Loyalty

Text message marketing is one of the most popular and growth tools for businesses to getting in touch with their customers. Text messaging is perhaps the most powerful medium of communication in existence at this time, mostly because it allows you to reach anyone instantaneously without requiring any action on part of the recipient. Anyone who owns a cell phone with a network connection has text messaging enabled on their phone, so a short message can be sent to their phone.

Sending out a text message is very cheap, and brands love using the medium to communicate with both existing and prospective customers. Some brands personalize their text message according to each recipient, adding a personal touch that helps build lasting brand loyalty.

The Advantage of Using Text Messaging

Text message marketing is a very flexible tool and you can make any changes or add any requirements that you will need for your business. When used as part of a brand loyalty program, text messaging has a much higher response rate compared to other communication mediums such as emails because of two reasons: first, it is easier for customers to respond to a text message, and second, text messages send out a notification to the recipient when it is received, instantly grabbing attention. While people often delay checking and reading their emails, they check and respond to text messages as soon as one is received.

Personalizing Your Text Communication

Building lasting consumer loyalty requires adding a personal touch to your text messages. Each message needs to be individualized, showing your customers that you care about them.

A guiding principle for all your communication, as far as building brand loyalty is concerned, is to send out only those messages that add some value to your customers. These messages also act as a reminder for the consumers about your brand’s presence and offerings.

This can be done in a number of ways, some of which have been described below.

Promotional Messages

A promotional text message provides your customers with useful information about active promotions that they can use for their benefit. This can be a notification about an upcoming sale, or a limited-time offering for only your special customers. Once your customers receive such communication, they will always pay more attention to a text message sent by your brand, especially if the messages are personalized for them.

Sentimental Communication

Not every message has to provide a discount or require a call-to-action. Sometimes, building brand loyalty is about letting your customers know just how important they are to the business and its success, and sending out a text message to thank them for their continued trust in your brand is a great way to do that. However, don’t send such messages too frequently. In fact, once every three months is good enough.

Personalized Recommendations

Many brands collect data about consumer buying behavior and use it to send out product recommendations to customers, usually through email. However, it is wise to send out product recommendations over text as well.

Due to space limitations posed by the text medium, perhaps recommending just one product is enough. By doing this, you keep bringing your customers back to your store, encouraging buying behavior and strengthening brand loyalty.


If you run a service business, then the provision of services may require follow-up communication with customers. Keeping your customers well informed is key to building a lasting relationship. For example, if your business model requires customers to make an appointment, then sending out an appointment reminder a couple of hours before it will show your customer that you care about them.

Birthday Surprises

Once every year, send out a text message to your customers with a birthday wish and a small gift promotion to let them know that you value them and care about them, just like a friend. Such gestures can help build a positive image of your brand in the consumer’s mind.

The Value Of Building Lasting Customer Loyalty

Investing in attracting new customers is important to grow your business, but to become more profitable, you must invest in retaining your existing customers. Retaining a customer is much cheaper compared to acquiring new ones, hence your brand is able to reduce its marketing costs if it increases its proportion of revenue coming from existing customers.

This means that consumer loyalty programs have a direct impact on the profitability of your business. Developing a comprehensive and effective loyalty program can give your brand the edge it needs to beat competitors in the market, and text messaging is among the most impactful mediums you must use.

According to a survey, around 48% of consumers prefer to receive messages from brands through SMS, while 22% said they preferred to be reached out via email. Text messaging might be more expensive compared to email or app notifications, but its effectiveness in building consumer loyalty cannot be ignored.

There are many text message marketing tools available in the market for commercial use, allowing businesses of all sizes to send out many text messages at the same time. Some tools, like SendSMS, are more sophisticated and offer many additional features, including the ability to segment customers and personalize text messages, and integration with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. Your goal should be to seamlessly integrate text messaging into your customer loyalty program, and using services like SendSMS is a great way to do it.

About SendSMS

SendSMS is an amazing global SMS marketing platform that you can use for all the text messaging needs of your business. This SMS marketing software offers mass texting and business messaging services for individuals and businesses of all sizes around the world. Having streamlined its interface, SendSMS allows users to reach out to their entire customer base through a single platform, offering easy management of your SMS marketing campaigns.

You can try out the platform before signing up for its paid services. Also, the pricing information for the bulk SMS services offered by SendSMS are mentioned on its website, here, for all countries where it operates. All of the distinct text communications mentioned above can be easily sent through its easy-to-use platform.

There are numerous advantages to using SendSMS.

1) Free Testing – the company offers free testing to all new users so they can thoroughly verify all the benefits of using its platform for their individual business needs.
2) Mass Texting Facility – this allows you to send text messages to many recipients at the same time with just a click of a button
3) Excel Import – if you maintain contact information for all your customers in an Excel file, this can easily be imported onto the SendSMS platform.
4) Segmentation – targeted marketing campaigns are made easy through the platform’s contact segmentation features
5) Message Scheduling – set a date and time in advance for messages to be sent.
6) Size Customization – split long messages into multiple parts.
7) Personalization – customize messages for individual customers by using predefined algorithms
8) Easy Unsubscription – allow users to easily unsubscribe to any future text messages from you.
9) Number Excluding – block numbers you don’t want on your recipient list any longer.
10) Ready Templates – the platform has ready-made text messaging templates you can use to craft your messages.
11) Optimized for Mobiles – you can access the platform through your mobile phone as well.
12) Advanced Analytics – track important metrics to understand the effectiveness of your text communications over time, including engagement.
13) API Integration – link the platform with your own for easier integration of its services.

Are you ready to explore the SMS feature to build consumer loyalty?


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