omnichannel customer engagement strategy

7 Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategies

You’re running a company, you might think that your most critical goal is to get new customers—don’t get us wrong, that’s the key.

However, another priority should be to hang on to the customers you already have. And that’s when the commitment of the consumer steps in.

The relationship between customers and business makes a good brand around the world. It is as essential as the basic need of any concerned company who wants to uplift its position in the market. The backstory of any loyal customers is how your brand treats them and how they engage customers more frequently. 

Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer engagement is one of the factors that keeps connected with your customers and makes your bond long-lasting. It helps to access customers to reach you out and an irresistible way to interact with your brand. Once you win this race, you can overcome your competitors. 

In this era, one term is revolving around us that particularly helps in customer engagement that is omnichannel marketing. Let me explain what is that but first, you have to indulge in customer engagement. 

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the long-term process for any business that allows customers to interact with companies in different ways such as online and offline.

It seems easy but not that much. Companies spend years to make interaction streamline with their customers. If you are connecting with B2B customers, they surely want to connect for a long duration. And, when it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. But it depends on how beautiful your product or service is and how you treat them individually. The customer engagement strategy is a key objective that needs to align with your organizational vision. 63% of customers say that organizations should make getting to know them better a top priority. 

Hence having a strong focus on engaging with customers and delivering consistent customer experience across all touchpoints should be the prime objective your business should aim to achieve.

Digital customer engagement is a vital part of your business strategy that contributes to the success of the overall brand experience. If the experience is good, customers are likely to become loyal customers and repeat purchases.

Just have a look at your strategy, do you miss anything?

Today’s market is surrounded by AI technology and this strategy helps you to achieve your long-term goal. If you missed this element in your strategy, you may miss a big chunk. AI helps in many ways just instead of automation & advancement (-because it’s a really big thing).  

Nearly half of all companies (44%) have already moved to a digital-first approach for customer experience. If we see the other side of the mirror that seems little but has a great contribution to your business growth. Like customer experience, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and others that are more important to retain your customers.

If you want to make your customers loyal, you have to be attentive to these elements but I have seen many companies who ignore one of these while all are essential. These are vast areas that’s why I pick one element “customer engagement” to talk about in detail.

Omnichannel Customer engagement- A turning point for your Business

Look around yourself, you find many platforms where you can start marketing. It can be online or offline. Omnichannel marketing is an approach that provides customers with a completely seamless and integrated experience from the first touchpoint to the last. 

  • Omnichannel sets a customer-centric approach where customers find personalized & consistency on every channel/medium. All the touchpoints seem integrated which makes a joint strategy that helps marketers to provide a unified experience.
  • Omnichannel customer engagement is the concept of building a seamless, integrated interface for your customers using all of your platforms and providing a unified customer experience. This encompasses both conventional and interactive platforms, in-store, point-of-sale, and online experiences.
  • If you have an omnichannel market and targeted B2B marketplace, automation is your essential need. You have to target them as quickly as they couldn’t reach your competitors. If you lose them, you can never bring them back easily. Automation provides a vast area to connect your targeted B2B market and present in front of them as a time-savage tool for business. 
  • Automation helps in many areas like to automate emails, automate customer support, social media management & schedule tool, content management tool, and whatnot. Innovation is at its peak, thousands of software are there that streamlines marketing activities.

Business is present on more platforms


Let’s have a look at how many platforms we have:

  1. Website: For online marketing, the website is an essential proportion of it. A well-designed website with unique plugins makes your website more optimized. Like you have a great AI-powered WordPress-themed website with great content that attracts your visitors can increase your traffic. But the next step that can engage your customer is still missing. 

Guess what? Pop-ups or a must-have website chatbot to automate your conversation with your customers. Like if, your visitor comes to your website with queries, can you be available 24/7? Not possible. A chatbot software is the best solution to engage your customer with its high ability like quick responses, tracking orders, and booking, easy to accept payments, and lead generation through conversational forms.

Also, pop-ups help to build your email list like creating a pop-up for a free resource or subscribing to a newsletter. Once a visitor comes to your site and leaves your website after spending some time. A pop-up shows him instantly to make him stop and at least asking to pour his/her email for newsletters. It helps you in the future to get your target audience without any effort.

Also, to make your customer engaged on your website, it is necessary that your website speed is higher. It says that, if the website speed is less than 5 seconds otherwise 37% of visitors bounce when it takes too long.

Your website should be mobile-friendly if you want to make your customer stay on it. 79% of customers use mobile phones to complete their buying process.

  • Social media 

The best way to make your customer engagement higher is one and only social media. If you ignore social media from your omnichannel customer engagement, it means your marketing has no means. A meaningful and complete platform to reach your maximum and targeted audience. You have hundreds of platforms that help you to grow in the market but you need to prioritize it because you need your budget balanced. 

You can run ads on different platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Google, Youtube, and many others. You can simplify your marketing strategy that can engage your customers in any means. To make your advertising campaign, you have to be careful about your audience. Your content that can grab your customers and the integration on your ads can be redirected to your website to generate traffic and can be a chatbot to engage customers instantly.

Pools, contests, podcasts, live webinars, are the best solutions to make your customer more engaged and to ensure your brand presence on every social channel. This makes your omnichannel customer engagement marketing more powerful and effective.

  • Email Marketing

Cold emails still work for a new & old startup to enhance digital customer engagement. If you see how B2B & B2C interaction is made, their only way is email marketing. It is a more powerful way of communication in terms of increasing sales leads and revenues. Email marketing completes the omnichannel marketing strategy and customer engagements.

Bring your customer on board and make them aware from time to time, email makes this process formal and attractive to all your customers. B2B & B2C mostly focused on email communication when they started purchasing. 

Email marketing helps you to reach out to your paid, unpaid, trial, or your targeted prospect in a beautiful way. Email automation is the best choice in your omnichannel customer engagement because it reduces a huge time difference in your business activities. You are not supposed to send manually thousands of people, email automation can make it faster and quicker. 

  • In-person

In-person, this channel is the most old-fashioned and still in the town channel for the people. It is a brick-and-mortar business where the brands are doing physical marketing. Omnichannel marketing is not only surrounded by digital marketing, it also includes physical interaction between customers and businesses. 

But if they give the touch of digital marketing, they can enhance customer engagement better. People still want to shop in-person. That’s why many brands are open to both of the strategies that make them omnichannel marketers. Omnichannel customers spend 64% more in-store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. 

Omnichannel customer engagement

With all these facts, customer engagement can be easiest if they utilize omnichannel with automation. Automation helps marketers to cover more work in less time. Your business runs like a speedy wheel. No doubt, automation helps customers to engage & retain for a long span of time.

Pro tip: You can also use dynamic QR code generators to bridge your offline channels like in-person to your online channels and ensure efficient customer engagement from all your channels.

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Omnichannel marketing allows you to get more audience by spreading your network. But what after spreading it? What it actually provides to the B2B marketplace and its customers. Let’s see!

1. Provide Unified Experience

The main course of omnichannel can provide a unified experience to the people. If your company starts working on all the possible channels, there is a high chance to grab customers in the end. By providing a unified experience, you can simply enhance the user experience of your prospects and customers and ultimately, your customer engagement gets a rise. 

2. Ensure Your Presence

Count the channels/medium and plan your marketing strategy as a whole. To ensure your presence and create high customer engagement, your presence on every channel/medium is worthwhile. Omnichannel ensures your existence in the market and gives your brand recognition by engaging customers on all channels.

3. Personalization at Every Channel

Every channel has its own charm and provides personalization to your customers according to different channels is not an easy task. But with omnichannel customer engagement, you can analyze different aspects of the audience by the insights of data, and engage with your marketing activities according to all the data. In short, you have a safe corner to promote personalization. 

4. Collective Data from Every Point

When you use all mediums of marketing, you can easily evaluate which medium works best. You can easily collect the data and prioritize each channel for specific usage of marketing activity. Maybe your Facebook ad runs more effectively than LinkedIn ads, or your email marketing does a great job to make new leads and new customers. You can simply sort out the respective data and evaluate your performance for each medium.

5. Increase Conversion Rate Possibility

When your audience sees you in every medium, they surely want to know what you are selling, at least once. It is a high chance to make your new leads as potential customers. The omnichannel engagement has the main objective to convert maximum leads into your buying customers. 

6. Increase Sales Leads and Revenue 

Active on maximum channels create the opportunity to convert more customers and generate sales. When a large number of people see your product and endorsement, they can indulge easily. For instance, if one of your customers endorses your product, 2x customers can consider your product as an option for the next time. Consequently, sales leads and your existing customers make your revenue as much higher.

7. Follow a Customer-Centric Approach

With omnichannel customer engagement, you can set the customer-centric approach that increases the value of the customers’ needs. Meanwhile, an omnichannel customer engagement strategy convinces you to unify your channels and provide a customer-centric approach to the business. 

How Chatbot and Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy Grows Your Business 

At this point, I’m going to discuss how you should handle your omnichannel in just one tool. Businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies see 91% higher year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t. It is obvious when you spread your network, you need resources, but what if I recommend you a chatbot for your omnichannel customer engagement. See how chatbot and customer engagement on your omnichannel grow your business.

In-Person Experience on Omnichannel

People want personalization and it really works. Somehow it is better to engage your customers with meaningful activities. Your omnichannel must be providing a unified experience to build a serious connection with your customers. No double human can’t replace bots but when we talk about efficiency in all platforms, it helps alot. Today’s chatbot is that smart which analyzes the instant behavior of customers that helps them to connect like a human.

Like chatbot recommends products by analyzing past behavior of the users and instantly showing them their favorite one to complete their style. People love recommendations as they need an assistant or guide to choose the best.

Non-Stop Working Hours With High Engagement

To operate your omnichannel, you dare to bear all the queries around you. A chatbot is instant and allows you to reduce workload. Its 24/7 availability, quick responses, and offline working hours enhance the customer engagements on omnichannel without human help. If any complex query couldn’t be resolved by chatbots, live chat is the solution to make your customer calm.

Easy to Approach You

Omnichannel marketing set the goal to make ways for customers towards you. Your customers have a number of ways to approach you without any barriers. Unlock all the barriers with a chatbot. Mostly, customers find ways to resolve queries, get information after seeing your products on their newsfeed. The chatbot is reliable too to increase customer engagement as a whole. 

Usability of Social Media With a Chatbot

Within the omnichannel, social media itself is a hub of various platforms. That’s why you have to give time to social media because it provides value to your brand across the world. When people see your product, they want to connect with you and expect great customer support from your side. If you lose your customers at the initial point, you’ll not get them forever. 

Facebook, Linked In, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc, these are the channels you have to be active on 24/7. Millions of active users, you can find on different channels, you can pick your targeted one easily. But don’t worry, a chatbot is easily integrated with all the channels and makes your workload as less as possible.

Prioritize Better Customer Experience Channel

In an omnichannel marketing strategy, you need to prioritize your retail channels, like if you find better customer engagement on Facebook, you have to plan something more attractive and engage your customer more in different activities. 

customer engagement

Same if you think your in-store channels are more supportive of customers, you have to optimize it and make your staff more welcoming that makes customers’ experience satisfied. You can simply automate your in-store channel by giving your customer the opportunity to book your product or appointment with a chatbot and can deliver it or takeaways.

Overlook customer feedbacks

Don’t ignore the customers’ feedback, it has the opportunity for you to make your brand optimized. You can easily conduct surveys with a chatbot, without annoying your customers. As chatbot has a brilliant feature of conversational forms, you can use it as a lead capture for building your email list, to get feedback from customers at a time. It helps you to recognize how much your customer engages with your brand and how much they are satisfied. Also, it helps to make your service better after evaluating customer feedback.

Gather customer behavior and insights

If you couldn’t measure your success, there is no possible way to get more in the future. You can notice your customer behaviors after getting insights into your marketing channels. It is easy to export your data throughout the channel. But omnichannel doesn’t mean they show you how much you convert your prospects. If you build a chatbot on omnichannel, you can easily get the full insight into how much time your customer spent and did he get last and pay the bill through chatbot payment integration.

Offer promotions and engagement activities

Once in a life, you surely attract from the promotion and discounts. When anyone sees the discounted price, he/she can easily be attracted to it. Here customer engagement starts. Offer promotions on the different channels can grab large people’s attention towards your products. 

Set your promotion template into the chatbot to engage your customers and provide the best experience via chatbot. It happens when companies offer seasonal discounts, the workload of customer support increases. Instead of having long calls and unread emails, you can build a chatbot on your different channels that provide a unified & consistent experience. You can set the sequence messages of your promotions in a chatbot that reminds customers from time to time. People see your promotions and ultimately they have a chatbot to execute their purchasing.

Build Your Own Chatbot!

Want to engage customers on your omnichannel? Let’s make it instant & alive with AI chatbots

Choose Botsify for your omnichannel customer engagement

The importance of customer engagement is no more to ignore but it is getting enhanced by automation. Communication is the key to grab your customers. All the mediums/channels are made to sleek the way of communication but it’s up to you, to be there all the time, that is impossible. That’s why Chatbot automation can help improve communication on different channels in real-time. 

Botsify Chatbot has the ability to build a chatbot for your omnichannel and give a unified customer experience across all mediums/channels. From support, engagement, to connectivity, you can get all in one with seamless interactions. 


Platforms: you can build a chatbot for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and Slack. And join all the platforms to provide seamless interaction and 24/7 customer support. Don’t give a chance to leave your audience.

Integrations: Botsify allows various integration that makes your chatbot more intelligent and smart. Like you can easily accept payment through Zapier integration without crossing a long process. 

Data Analytics: Easy to look after your chatbot and export data to evaluate how your omnichannel chatbot can process and engage your customers.

Features: Chatbot not only provides support, but it also has maximum features that can streamline your marketing and selling process. Like conversational form to gather feedback from your customer or generate leads for building your email list. Chatbot also can speak multiple languages so you can reach your customer without any communication barrier. And lots more than making your chatbot user-friendly and multi-tasker.

Explore more by signing-up to Botsify, Cheers!


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