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What Is A Messenger Code? And How The Optimization Helps You Generate Leads+Its Use Cases and Benefits

Are you in search of a different way to connect with your audiences and customers on Facebook? And do you “what is a messenger code?”

Thought about Facebook Messenger yet?

Messenger makes it easy for Business Pages to provide instant, personalized, and effective customer service and keeps a record while doing so.

Launched by Facebook in 2011; the messenger app and the website were separated from so that we can simply use messenger without having to login-in or connect Facebook and messenger chat.

In other words, its unhooked from Facebook but still partially connected to it.

Messenger for Business

Ever since Messenger marketing came into existence, businesses grew massively on Facebook. According to Sprout Social Facebook Messenger can:

Get 15 times more customer engagement than standard Facebook ads
Be an attraction to 73% of your customers, while only 44% of them says the same about call support and 61% through email support
Has an average of responding and resolution as fast as under 42 seconds

Messenger Features

Since its launch, Facebook announced multiple features and enhancements over the course of 8 years (which are too many, so I am narrowing down to the ones made specifically to increase messenger usability for Business).

These are as follows:

Sr.Feature/EnhancementLaunch DateSupported Platforms
1Money transferMarch 2015Mobile
2Location sharingJune 2015Mobile
3Business interaction
4Third-party app integrationMobile
5Transportation requestsDecember 2015Mobile
6SMS support2012Android
7Multiple accountsFebruary 2016Mobile
8Bot platformApril 2016All
9Messenger Stories2017Mobile
10Reactions and Mentions2017All
11Messenger Code2017Mobile
12AI Chatbots in messengersJan 2018All

source: WikipediaFacebook announced scannable Messenger Codes in early 2016, just like Snapchat codes – these are scannable codes of a Facebook user’s profile which opens up a chat with the person, whose profile code anyone scans.

After successfully running for a year, Facebook announced messenger scan codes for Business too.
In order to understand the usefulness of messenger code for business, we must have a clear concept of what messenger code is, how to get it, and how it works, respectively.

Here you will learn about “what is messenger code?”

Comparison between chatbot and QR services

What are Messenger Codes?

A Messenger Code looks more or less like a QR scan code but its functionality is quite different and according to Richard Mcgrath:

Richard Mcgrath

“Messenger Scan Codes look a lot nicer than QR codes… don’t you think?”

caption: source

With messenger code, users do not need to download a third-party app to scan it, Facebook definitely thought this one though, because most people today prefer a short and snappy solution to everything.

Messenger scan codes, in terms of appearance, are a lot more appealing than a standard QR code that can be generated using an online QR Code Generator. And in terms of usability, they almost always work, unlike QR codes (which are gimmicky)

Why you should have a Messenger Code

It’s simple, you have a lot more offline users that could be your potential customers and you can turn them into your online audience using a Messenger Code.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using Messenger Code for your Business Page:

a. The audience is huge

According to Statistica, Facebook Messenger now has more than 133 million users in the U.S today; making it one of the biggest messaging apps in the world after Whatsapp.
See how much the audience has grown in the past 5 years and expected to reach 139 million by next year.

Statistic: Number of Facebook Messenger users in the United States from 2014 to 2020 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

With that being said, imagine how many of these users could be your potential customers?

b. Noise-Free Personalized Reach

A messenger code plays a key role in connecting these messenger users to your business page. You get to reach them directly into their inbox without all the newsfeed noise and deliver a clearer one-to-one message, and for free!

c. More Effective than your Facebook URL

It takes a lot of thinking, planning, and execution when you want to promote your social media on offline mediums, over standard marketing materials like posters, flyers, newspapers, etc. and you don’t even know if all this time and energy spent will be attractive enough for the audience to take their time out to search you over the internet.

Or if you simply have an embedded messenger code with your business card that would appeal to more people and increase an open rate up to 90%.

d. Re-engage Customers

A messenger code can be used as an engagement for your event attendees, regular buyers, hotel guests, magazine subscribers, patients, etc.

Take a look at this example of Hubspot, at their recent event, they made very interesting use of messenger code; they provided real-time updates on what’s happening to the people present over there.

Stay updated with facebook messenger

How they did it?

They decided to include their Facebook messenger’s link in their email confirmation of attendees and also, an embedded messenger code onto each seat at the event. This resulted in a good 91% open rate because the attendees simply had to scan the code and receive updates, then and there via messenger app instead of a huge email chain.

How to get a messenger code?

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a Messenger Code for your Facebook Business Page:

• Download Facebook Page App/Page Manager App from your iPhone or Android smartphone respectively
• Once downloaded, open the app and go to your business page profile.
• Look at the bottom far right of your screen, click on the 3 horizontal lines there.
• Now select Messages on the Menu
• In the upper right, click Messenger Code Icon
• And lastly, click “Share messenger Code”.
• You can save this code to your gallery & share it with anyone you want

Now that you have your messenger code its time we find out how to use it to generate leads. But first things first make sure to have chatbot integrated with your messenger so that it can provide instant customer support to people scanning your messenger code.

Messenger for Lead Generation?

According to Neil Patel, Facebook messenger has an open rate of 88%, which makes it our best bet for online marketing any day!

Although Facebook marketing isn’t a new phenomenon to people anymore, the fact that it still appeals to most customers today and can be used wisely to generate qualified leads through messenger.

I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer a more in-person, promotional message in my inbox rather than a newsfeed ad for the masses.

Okay, but let’s get to the real question, How?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to generate your Messenger Code to get Leads using Botsify.

First things first, make sure you are logged into your Botsify account to begin this procedure.

Step 1: Go to Botsify Dashboard

Go to your Botsify dashboard and on the side menu click on ‘Growth Tools’.

As soon as you click on Growth tools, the side panel will expand and you will see an option of ‘Messenger QR code’, click on it.

botsify growth tool

Step 2: Setup a Message

Now you will see an option to send a message to users who will scan your code.

botsify code generator for facebook

For example, in this case, we provided free WiFi password to people who scanned our code at an event. This allowed us to get these users directly into our subscribers’ list and at the same time, we provided some value to the users too.

Step 3: Generate Code

Once you have typed in the message, click on ‘Generate Code’ and that is it!
Here’s what my Messenger code looks like:

re-generate code for facebook

Let’s try scanning the code and see if the code and the message we setup or not…

Greeting message for customer

It works! You can also scan the code and try this out if you want.

There are several other ways you can use Botsify to increase your Lead Generation. We don’t like to brag when it comes to successful messenger marketing strategies our clients have created using our platform.

But to make things a little easier to understand here’s:

How a Chatbot Integrated Messenger Generates Leads!

One of Botsify’s clients, Bisa Segurous generated 1.8k qualified Leads within a few months using a single chatbot integrated to their website and Facebook messenger both.

User conversation

The main purpose of Bisa Seguros to opt for a chatbot was to allow customers to see their product offerings, learn about them and most importantly, to collect emails without asking the customers separately.

What did they do?

They created a Flow-based Chatbot using Botsify’s “Quick Replies” feature. So, whenever a new customer lands on their Facebook page or on their website and begins to chat by pressing the Get Started button, the chatbot greets the customer and offers multiple options for the customer to choose from.

Once a customer chooses either of the options, the flow of the conversation goes according to the choices made.

The Results?

• Bisa Seguros has collected over 1000 leads
• Saved over 500 hours of customer support cost
• Served an average of 66 messages each day and
• Overall 18,746 messages served till date

The Results from bots

Infographic maker

Messenger Code Use Cases

Here are the 5 ways you can Use Messenger Code for Networking and Marketing purposes

1. Get Subscribers at Seminars

Don’t want the attendees to leave without subscribing to your services or paid programs?

Anyone who attends your conference or convention scans your messenger code embedded standees, flyers, banners, etc, and interacts with your chatbot integrated to your Messenger is automatically added to your subscriber’s list.

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2. Optimized Business Cards

Your Business cards can be your instant Lead Generation tool in the offline world! Provide all the product information and packages you want to messenger the audience once they scan the code off of your card.
How cool!

Read how Real Estate Business can also optimize their Business Card and grow their online audience

3. Can be a Customer Support Agent for Retail

If you are a clothing brand, you can convert your customers into your messenger audience by optimizing your tags or shopping bag with a messenger code and provide relevant and engaging content to them.

4. Sign-up to a Loyalty Program

You can provide a loyalty program via messenger code to your customers as soon as they scan your code, the points will be added to their account.

The chatbot can later provide information on how many points they have gained so far.

5. Help your Staff out during Expos and Events

Having a chatbot integrated into your messenger can help your staff when they are unable to cater to every single attendee at events.

They can scan your messenger code and all the information they would want your staff to answer and at the same time, you will get your subscribers!

Benefits of (Chatbot-Integrated)
Messenger Code

Benefits of Chatbot

1. You no longer need to have a landing page, your chatbot can be used as your company’s marketing landing page as well as its form.

2. Your conversion rates significantly increase because filling out a messenger form is a lot easier and much more convenient for the users, compared to visiting a website and do the procedure over there. Keep in mind that 90% of all Facebook users are on their mobile devices.

3. As soon as the user scans your Messenger code its added to your subscriber list! Compared to tradition website landing pages, where most page visitors leave the website and you lose your potential customers.

4. You can follow-up with your users if they forget to send you their emails and phone numbers. This way, getting a qualified lead becomes a lot easier. Also, may use flyer templates

5. As Matthew Barby explains it, the response rate is faster when a chatbot is interacting with your users thus, the resolution time decreases as well. For example, your messenger scan code may come in handy after your seminar ends and a person you handed out your business card to, wants to know about the upcoming launch you were mentioning about.

Matthew Barby

“Bot experiences with more engaged audiences are getting 80-90% response rates.”

6. Flow-based chats are extremely helpful in providing a much more personalized experience to the customers compared to website visitors, mainly because your chatbot is capable of answering the previous question but your landing page cannot!


Here is how got the answer to “what is messenger code”


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