Startup companies find it difficult to generate leads manually! Generating leads for different industries is different from each other. You can’t generate the leads for a real estate agency same as you generate for a human resource agency.

Best Lead generation companies have a pipeline of qualified leads. That’s why we have shortlisted Lead Generating Companies that works best for you! But before choosing any lead generation company, make your mind to focus on Quality over Quantity

Your company should maintain the relationship with your leads by getting more information about their interests.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they know how exactly you’ll get the leads?
  • Do they know about you before sending details to you?
  • Were they interested in windows shopping or do they really want to do shopping?
  • Are your leads revisiting your site?
  • Have your leads become your long-term customers?

You won’t be interested in surprise messages from any company until you agree to give them your number or subscribe to them.

Same goes with your potential customers!

You should instead focus on providing the value first and people who think you can provide the value and understand their pain, will contact themselves. They will love to give you their information & wait desperately for you to reach out to them.
Here’s how you can get qualified leads for your company.

To know which company to choose, you need to look into few more details about how it will work for you!

1. Facebook Pages & Messenger Chatbots

Social media is one of the biggest platforms for lead generation. Your Facebook Business page can generate leads easily if you use relevant tools for it. There are various ways to get leads out of Facebook, lets jot down a few!

There are two types of chatbots. Choose your chatbot type according to the nature of your business. If your product/service doesn't require details then you can go with scripted chatbots whereas more detailed business could go for Intelligent chatbots!

Facebook has 2.27 billion active users monthly! How great it would be if you could grab a lead out of it?

2. Instagram Lead Ads

You can generate leads through instagram which is now one of the biggest business marketing platforms.

Instagram can get your basic information like name, email address and contact details.

It can only appear on mobile phones which takes 40% longer to fill out a form than desktop. Insta makreters know how to cater their market by showing their interest in a creative way!

In this world of a hurry, people prefer easy-to-go forms and you get leads out of it. Here you can learn how to create lead ads on instagram!

3. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Since LinkedIn is a professional site and it is highly pre-populated. Linkedin is one of the most genuine lead generation company. We can extract relevant data like name, email address, contact number, work nature, education, location, etc from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These forms are very user friendly and time saving. If you are looking to generate leads for B2B Space then Linkedin should be a part of your lead strategy for sure.

It is available only on mobile phones and for sponsored content campaigns.
According to Linkedin it has made collection of data easy for nearly 500 million professionals.

Through LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can target the audience, keep track of their changes like job and interests and then contact them accordingly at the right time!

4. LeadGeneration offers a multi-channel solution. It gives a paid search marketing utilizing platforms like Google, bing, Facebook or Linkedin.

It helps you in generating leads on social media through brand awareness and PR. It also offers lead nurturing, email marketing and content distribution according to the target market.

You can get more info from here.

Best lead generation companies define a clear value proposition of your clients.
They work hard to create relevant content to grab more leads out of it.
Lead generation companies work on gathering qualified data to save your time and money. As people prefer up-to-date designing and user friendly websites so this company optimize website design according to the trend.
You won’t regret if you go for best lead generation companies like lead

5. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is one of the most demanding lead generating companies in lead generation market. It scales your sales your lead generation for sales and the growth of your company.
FindThatLead automates your sales process through automate lead prospecting tool.
It connects you with B2B companies, helps you in building hyper-targeted lists for your ideal users.

FindThatLead helps you find the emails for your target prospects for the cold email outreach. You can find emails by the company name or website, they also have email verifier if you are looking to start cleaning your email list for more open rates.

Startups look for a way to cut down the price, which includes automated marketing process. You can reduce cost by not spending way too much in lead generation companies.

We had a very tough time in shortlisting and finding out the best lead generation companies for your business but there are several other lead generation businesses which can save you tons of time and efforts by automating the lead generation and prospects searching and we are listing them down here.

More Tools For Lead Prospecting

1. D7 Lead Finder
Find local leads in your area with this free tool.

2. Email Finder-GetProspect
Find up to 50 emails with their free forever plan.

3. Discoverly
See Facebook and work info of your leads on Gmail.

4. Sumo
Use this free lead capture software to convert your site visitors into leads for your business.

5. Flowlu
Another great free alternative to the above free tools.

6. Mailchimp
Simple Email Marketing software to send newsletters to your subscribers.

7. HubSpot
Set up an SMTP server in minutes and achieve deep personalization with this tool.

8. Boomerang

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