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How To Build Foodbot For Restaurant

As we know that when it comes to ordering food, we need it as speedily as possible. Either you want a special dinner for you and your family or maybe want to enjoy your weekend days with lovely foods, if you want to order it you always want it quickly and get the fastest delivery at the time.

And also if you don’t want to order it and want to go out and have your meal at a restaurant you maybe want to find out the location of the nearest tasty restaurant, or if you want to reserve a table and many more things… Before AI it was all hard jobs to do but nowadays these all jobs are performed by a simple Foodbot you can easily order food at home, reserve your table and find out the best restaurant for you quickly by just using your fingertips.


 You know what Foodbot can help you out to do all the above-mentioned things on autopilot. chatbots can provide you a personalized customer experience they provide you, potential

customers, at a great level. As a result of this, you can increase your customer experience and get more leads

8 of 10 CIOs in Germany believe that chatbots absolutely change customer service thought and one-third hope for getting more profit through the use of chatbots!


So, a chatbot can increase your revenue many people think and almost 37% of the firms have already got higher revenue after using the chatbot, want to know more benefits of this AI tool? Okay, let’s see some exceptional perks of using Foodbot.

Why Use Foodbot For Restaurants?

There are many big restaurants like Burger King, Yumi Japanese, and Taco bell etc…, who are using chatbots to better up their services. So, for standing out in front of your competitors you highly need to acquire AI in your life and also in your business. You can greet your customers, provide them counter-order service, telling them the nearest restaurant location, providing them online payment service, and many more. So that’s how you can not only reduce your staff’s work but also provide your customer with a better customer service experience.

Look how a chatbot is working tell you the location, accept the order, suggest the food of your choice and give you options to choose…

Botsify chatbot greeting customers

Change the way of order with Chatbot

What is most notable is the fact that this makes the entire ordering and meal delivery much easier, and something that is more likely to be repeated by the customers. The entire thing happens as if you are talking to someone. Not like you are just pushing some buttons to get something done. 

For Engaging customers 

The chatbots are based on Artificial intelligence so they don’t just stop at receiving orders. These bots also keep the discussion enjoyable, engaging, and interesting by sharing trivia, asking random questions, cracking occasional jokes and the chatbot keeps the conversation as you would expect when you are texting a friend on a messenger.  

A chatbot can be applied to the pre-built messaging app

It is the great one of the quality of chatbots that they are built inside the apps that you are already using. So, there is no need for learning to use it, download any app, etc. If you are using a messaging app Like Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp then you don’t have to switch to a different one to order food. You do it from your messaging app by simply sending a text to your favorite restaurant and rest is handled by the Foodbot employed by the restaurant.

Save your marketing and customer support team cost

By using chatbot it will work as your customer support team and it will be available for your customer 24/7 and You don’t have to spend a large portion of your money on different marketing channels. It becomes more established to channel your marketing drive by using a chatbot. It saves you a lot of money because it self performs as a support and marketing team. You don’t have to spend on developing custom mobile apps for your business and then spend more of your money to promote it.

A perfect and scalable package for your business: 

A chatbot is basically an intelligent computer program that has knowledge about various perspectives of your business. Foodbot can act as a virtual agent that can be used as a one-stop solution for development, sales, and support. It gives you the option to scale your business pretty easily. It can be easily modified according to your requirements. 

Create a foodbot

I guess these reasons are enough to make up your mind to use a Foodbot for your business. So these are some of the most important aspects you must need in your business and chatbot is perfectly fulfilling it. So get your hands on chatbot now and get the fruit of its benefits.

Interested in building a food chatbot?

Okay! If yes…

Now then let’s move ahead and let’s learn to build a chatbot…

Building a Foodbot with Botsify

At botsify, you can create, track, update, and level-up your chatbot easily. There are many features provided by them which are very useful for getting leads and getting more customers.

Get started with Pre-designed templates

The fastest, simplest way to get your restaurant Foodbot up and working is to use one of our pre-designed templates. A template provides the framework for your chatbot. All you have to do is customize the data for your business, and you’ll be ready to launch! Head to your Chatfuel dashboard to check out all the templates we offer.

You can also use some local marketing templates suggested by botsify and create a good marketing strategy. We have many designed templates of different types of businesses so you can choose one of them and start to create your chatbot.

Make chatbot attractive by adding multiple images and locations

By using media blocks (a feature of botsify) you can add attractive images in your conversation or can create the whole list of food you have and receive the order from messenger just in one click. You can show them different varieties of food and engage your customers with attractive images like this:

Botsify chatbot showing different deals to the customer

You can add location guide also with this media button and redirect your customer to the google map location of the nearest restaurant look at how it works in botsify:

By clicking direction botsify is navigating the restaurant address.

Lets Get Started

Easily track the Stats

After creating a chatbot it’s quite necessary to track the working status of your chatbot that “Is your chatbot working properly? Is it engaging the customer? How many customers are using it? And many more questions you want to figure out. So we are giving you the option of analytics within the dashboard from where you can check your monthly, daily, or yearly progress with numerical and graphical representation both.

By getting the stats, you can easily figure out the factors you need to work on, and you can easily develop your business after working on the areas where you lacked before.

Analytics report of chatbot provided by botsify.


Easy to level up your Foodbot

Of course, all restaurant owners and managers aim to maintain a healthy revenue stream, and a Messenger bot can help with this. There are plenty of ways to bring new users to your bot, so you can then engage them with promotions and offers and encourage them to visit your location. 

And it is only possible when you have a perfect chatbot if your chatbot is not intelligent much and will not be able to answer some question it will be the negative impact on the customer, Mostly customer ask the repetitive question but what if bit received a new question don’t worry at botsify we have chatbot training area for you where you can level up your chatbot with new questions.

Chatbot training area


So as I say you can easily create track update ad level-up your chatbot here we have a lot more features which can help you out to bring your business to the next level

Build a Foodbot for your restaurant business. Now! ??

If you’re ready to boost sales, improve customer service, and bring in more diners to your restaurant, a chatbot is a tool for you. Sign up for Botsify for free today, or check out our Pro plan for supercharged features and functionalities. There’s no coding or previous experience required to build a bot with Botsify, so you can get started right away!

So what are your thoughts about food bot?

Let us know in the comment section below…

It’s the perfect time to get started building a chatbot to boost your restaurant business.

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