Level Up Your Customer Service Experience With a Multilingual Chatbot

Boost Up Your Customer Service Experience With a Multilingual Chatbot

We all know the fact that every customer service representative is the face of the company they are working for.

Its business owner’s responsibility to provide their customers the best customer service experience. Because customers usually make up their judgment about a company by the treatment they received from their service representatives.

So are you interested in improving your customer service?-Well, of course, you do…who would ever say they have a foolproof plan to provide the best customer service experience to their customers?

You know what there are countless tactics and strategies out there, so where do you start? Where do you focus your time? Let’s discuss an easy strategy to improve your customer service…

But What Does Customer Service Experience Mean To You???

Every company has its own definition of good customer experience but it’s highly unlikely that they all practice the right methods. Let’s find out what customer service experience really means and how it varies from your definition.


Generally, the customer service experience is defined as the perception or opinion a customer forms about the support a company provides during purchase and post-purchase cycle.

In other words, we can say that Customer experience is the culmination of every communication a consumer has with a company before, throughout, and after shopping. Good customer experience raises sound as well as beneficial connections by prioritizing, evaluating, and improving customer opinion.

Great customer service experiences always drive growth just you have to follow these basic principles:

  • Learn what customer service experience is and its essential value.
  • Revolve company-wide best methods for serving the customer.
  • Seek out different touchpoints to build positive customer experiences.

Why Improve customer service experience?

Customer Service experience is important for your business because it retains customers and extracts infinite value from them. By giving top-notch customer service, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs and promote a loyal following that refers to customers, assists as case studies, provides testimonials and reviews.

By using this way, your consumer will no longer compare only products and prices, but also service and user experience. Feedbacks are the best and easiest way to attract customers, most of the customers use feedback to find out the quality of the product, so we have to provide a better experience to our current customers to get positive feedback.

Did you know??

88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business’s customer experience.

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: searchengineland

Let’s discuss some important points to know the necessity of the customer service experience.

Represents your brand image, vision, and values ?

You have an idea that what your brand is actually representing but how you would explain it to your customer. However, your customers can’t get into your head. So they will assume your brand’s image by your social media presence, your content and other marketing techniques you use. So the brand is not only limited within the organization, we had to promote it by providing better customer services.


Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: Lucidpress

So, your customer service is your first connection to your customers. So by providing services to the customers, you are actually describing your brand’s vision and quality. Without your customer service, you have no means of direct communication. Due to this, your customer service team is necessary for communicating to customers what you want your brand image to be. They can help influence customers and convince them of your strengths over competitors.

Get more referral customers??

If your customers are happier, they’re more likely to share their shopping experience with their friends, family, and colleagues. And according to research, 77% of customers have shared positive brand experiences with their friends and families.

Let’s think if you have a remarkable experience with a brand, you’re probably going to discuss it with your friends within a day. It’s natural you want your close ones to commit to a brand that you trust and get the same facilitation that you have got.

So by providing good services, you can start a chain of referral customers. If you have an excellent customer service strategy you can easily satisfy and exceed the expectations of your customers. Then, those customers will be extremely happy with your brand and refer others to it and make customer acquisition easier. Your customers can be your most reliable and cheapest form of word-of-mouth advertisement, as long as you give them a purpose to do so.

Referral customer chain

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: Nextbee

Customers are ready to pay to companies that offer better customer service as compared to other companies. Most of the customers enhance their purchasing with a brand after a positive customer service experience. Customers are easily influenced by even a single experience; one positive experience could be an important factor for them to stick to a brand, whereas one negative one could send them to one of your competitors.

Want to make more referral customers by providing good customer service?

Lets Get Started

Customer retention is easier than Customer Acquisition

An increase in customer retention of only 5% can compare to an increase in profit of 25%. This is because experienced customers are more likely to spend more with your brand (67% more), to be exact which then results in your business having to spend less on working costs. So It’s actually easy to create an impression on your existing then gathering new customers

According to our research team, the customer acquisition cost (CAC) how much it requires to acquire a new customer is higher for a company that doesn’t spend a small portion of its budget in customer service. Eventually, spending on customer service can decrease your churn rate, which decreases the cost you must spend on obtaining new customers and decreases the overall CAC.

A pictorial representation of both costs

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: Hubspot

Easily Acquire new Loyal Customers

Creating a good experience really impresses purchasers and assures that they will keep doing business with you in the future. A superior experience becomes a valued and unique asset for any type of business. So it’s easy to acquire customers who are loyal and be with you in the future.

Earning a new customer costs 7 times more than maintaining an existing one. Investing in your existing customers will pay off and it’s only a matter of time until you see positive results. But by making your current customers you will easily get new customers without investing single money. Look in the image below 72% of the customers share their experience and encourage others to shop when they are happy.

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: Aquire.io

So these are some important factors that affect your business so, i guess it’s totally enough to know the necessity of customer service experience now move on to the real questions that What if your customer is unhappy?- How are you going to make your customer experience?

So let us see how you can easily boost up your service experience intelligently by using a multilingual chatbot.

Multilingual chatbot boosting your customer service experience ?

A chatbot can easily fulfill all the key factors needed in customer service experience, a chatbot is proved as more reliable and dependable as compared to humans customer service and adding a multi-language feature to your chatbot is a plus point and high up your business to an extreme level.

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

see how chatbot engaging rate is 5 times better than emails sent by a human

If you own an online business, many of your customers come from more countries than just the one you’re based in. If your chatbot—which can help users with everything from making a purchase to customer support—only speaks English, you may be losing huge audiences who have a different language. The need for multi-language support has become a requirement for every technology that wants to stay in the game.

Building a multilingual bot is a clever move for any company looking to reach more than just customers in English-speaking countries. According to a survey of online customers across ten countries found that 75% of the customers want to make purchases in their own language or they won’t want to make the purchase at all.

So even a user who speaks English as a second language will be able to enjoy faster and easier communication with your brand if it can be in their original language instead. As a matter of fact, research conducted by Common Sense Advisory on buyers from 10 different countries shows that:

  • Approximately 60% of customers do not fancy doing a purchase via standard English-only sites.
  • 75% of the customers want to shop in their native language and
  • 67% of customers like to see content in their personal language.

So By Using a multilingual chatbot, you can provide better customer service experience to your customers.

see how Botsify multilingual chatbot is translating a sentence in multiple languages.

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Increase your customer experience and build a multi-language chatbot through Botsify.

Lets Get Started

Quick Response Shows the Brand image

Response time is one of the things that impact a brand’s reputation. It is really very frustrating when you receive a message from your manufacturers after several business days till then you are not in the mood of buying that thing or maybe bought it from somewhere else. And most times you don’t even get a reply, not even an automated “no-reply” email.

Is there a more proven way to discourage a customer than that?

Customers want immediate replies to their queries. They want to be able to handle challenges on their own until they’re no longer able to do it. And also they want replies in their native language. So, for this chatbot especially a multilingual chatbot can help you to fulfill your customer’s needs at the time they want you.

Chatbot quick responses can increase customer engagement that much:

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: goinflow

Offer 24/7 Customer Service Support

Customers are pleased to get the knowledge they need when they actually need it. But a human customer representative will most likely not be available all the time for answering customer’s queries. That’s where chatbots come in helpful. A chatbot is always there for your customers at any time of the day and very active at every time of the day waiting to be engaged.

It is interesting because your customers don’t need to wait for “several business days” before their queries can be attended to. Customer service is an important part of developing brand loyalty, and the way you respond to unhappy consumers will determine what they say about you afterward.

By providing 24/7 service to the existing customers you are more likely to make them happy and get a lot of referral new customers for your business.

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

Source: Twitter

Reduce Human Error get more positive feedbacks

As you know humans make mistakes and these little mistakes can ruin your impression and cause negative feedback but on the other hand, a chatbot is not human that’s why it doesn’t make mistakes and is more accurate and causes positive feedback.

Ideally, every business would first have exclusively positive feedback, but unfortunately, that’s a pretty unrealistic goal. But through chatbot, we can achieve this goal by providing customers the best customer service experience.

One of the ideas we use chatbots is because we want some time to respond and calculate the estimations but chatbot doesn’t have any personal work, unlike humans. Sometimes we may forget, but chatbots don’t forget.

Chatbots are designed to have access to huge information that can help them answer your customer’s questions accurately. The key to handling negative feedback is to respond politely and assure them that you’re trying your best to find a solution to their issue so chatbots can respond very politely in their native language also because they don’t have mood swings like humans and increases your positive feedback rate.

See how chatbot is responding instantly in multiple languages:

Customer Service Experience
Customer Service Experience

So, for improving your customer services and make your responses more engaging get your hands on multilingual chatbot now.

Lets Get Started

Bad customer service experiences will damage your business’s reputation and you will end up losing customers. At Botsify you can easily create a multi-language chatbot and interact with your customers in any language. If you haven’t thought about any customer service strategy it’s better you do so because of its high time to acquire artificial intelligence in your business.


Automating customer service with chatbots not only benefits users but also offers many advantages to businesses. Chatbots can decrease costs and give your business a way to provide 24/7 customer service. And through multilingual chatbot, you can target the audience all over the world and grab customers belonging to and from native languages.

That’s great!

What are your thoughts for multilingual chatbots let us know in the comment section below?

And book a free demo of Botsify customer service chatbot


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