5 High End Marketing Templates For Your Agency

Are you an online business owner who can’t get enough conversions?

Let me tell you one thing,

You are not alone in this my friend. Many local marketing professionals are going through the same pain as yours, but it doesn’t have to be this way. ?


But it doesn’t require much effort to make things better than they have always been.

Converting rates really matter in every local online business. A local business with low conversions is not much profitable for the owner.

Now the Actual question is — how we increase our conversion rate?

Before discussing further local marketing strategies, let’s have a bit look at — what is conversion rate and why is it important for local marketing businesses?

The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. Understanding what rate of your users are completing the goals that drive your business allows you to calculate the success of your website or app and distinguish areas for improvement.

Local Marketing Templates Conversion Rate

Source: WBCOM

In the image above you can see how important it is to have a high converting rate of your marketing business.

If you have lots of visitors and they aren’t converting in your users, that’s the time you have to plan a local marketing strategy for your upcoming business plan.

If you are looking forward to high converting business ideas, you are in the right place.

Did you know?- We can improve our conversion rate by using a local marketing template. ???

Similar to this: https://botsify.com/blog/6-must-have-tools-to-skyrocket-your-website-conversion

But before discussing the local marketing template let’s discuss a bit about what is actually meant local marketing.

By the term, local marketing we can generally refer to any marketing techniques a localized business, in any industry, uses to market itself to the area it operates in.

And Local marketing template is one of the techniques from multiple local marketing ideas, By using it we can increase our sales at an extreme level.

It’s a fact that only around 20% of businesses are really satisfied with their conversion rates.

So, Whenever we hear about marketers making huge revenue gains using any marketing strategy, we investigate.

Local marketing companies are widely using chat automation strategies to interact with their customers. And these strategies are proved very high converting for local businesses.

Chat is the best and most friendly way to interact with your customers and make them feel important for us.

If we do not contact them in a timely manner, it would make a bad impression on our customers, So by using the Local marketing template, we can respond to them in a timely manner.

Let’s have a look at it’s some basic benefits than going to further discuss the local marketing template.

Your Business will be More Profitable ??

This is one of the most major advantages for any local marketing business to get a high converting website.

Now, it’s easy with local marketing templates.

Al began building templates to speed up the bot creating process to get them deployed and generating leads for clients faster.

Rather than wait weeks for a reply, Al could now install a template, modify a few details, start running ads, and start delivering results right away.

Website funnel vs chatbot funnel

Source: Medium

Even just a slight improvement in your chat marketing can lead to a massive improvement in your profits.


Beating Your Competition would be easier?

When your business is 24/7 active, your online store is going to have an edge over the competition.

Sometimes, that’s all it needs to win a customer you just have to be a little bit more efficient, a little bit faster, and you’ll win every time.

But that is not an easy task without using a chatbot to be available all the time for the customer.

And also every time you got a new client, you had to create a bot from scratch, even if they were in an industry similar to a previous bot he had made.

So, for this Botsify provides you already maintained templates by using templates you don’t need to recreate the bot all time.

Isn’t it cool???

Here we have a Shot of Some pre-designed templates for multiple businesses such as Education, Lead generation, Real Estate, etc. for the ease of usage.


Botsify Templates for chatbotWant to start using these Al’s templates today?

Go with Botsify now…You can have money flow up and running in minutes.

Let’s Get started.

Develop your Local connections?

You know what??

Using these templates we can enhance our connection too…


Local marketing templates can be so much helpful to develop your social and local connections. A better connection to specific communities is another big advantage for the Local marketing companies.

People nowadays are too socialized if you are not promoting and expanding our business on these platforms you will never get the full fruit of its profit.

According to Ellis.

“Big national brands can seem remote to people around the country. As local media has a closer relationship with its audience, people tend to trust it. If you can be a part of that community, and talk in the same way as that publication and audience, then people are more likely to listen to what you have to say and trust you.”

Improves Your Brand Perception

The local marketing template plays a vital role in high-converting rates that it is making sure your website looks authentic.

Why? Because online shoppers are very concerned. Especially with recent security breaches at major retailers, about the safety of their information.

So for visitors, it’s easy to first chat and confirm that the website is worthy of sending their personal information.

Your website will look as legitimate as your company really is, which helps to build trust and promote those who visit your store to go forward and make a purchase. Decreasing friction starts with a professional brand.

Researchers Luigi Dumitrescu and Simona Vinerean in The Glocal Strategy of Global Brands writes that:

“Customers [have] stopped feeling a connection with the generic products and communications,”

A single marketing strategy for global viewers is too general, or impersonal, to make much of an impression. Customers now demand different styles of marketing.

For this, we have to provide them different templates of marketing, which make them engage with our websites.

Here are some most effective Botsify’s Marketing templates for increasing your conversion rate.

?The Birthday Special Template

The Birthday Special Bot template is a fast and smart way to drive sales into local businesses.

This template basically targets people who have birthdays in the upcoming days.

We can use this template to send in a messenger bot or can use it as a Facebook advertisement post which is connected with a messenger bot offering different types of deals and discounts.

It’s great for when you want to drive instant results and long-term customers.

You can also collect their email and phone number for future contact.

Isn’t that cool?

Now have a look at how this birthday template looks like and how it works?

Conversational botsify chatbot

A chatbot is the best way to communicate and for retail outlets, like restaurants, you get a fully automated chatbot that drives new business week by week.

By these birthday wishes templates, we will be able to create a friendly environment for our customer which tends to produce more sales for us, and the chatbot will help us to do so.

?The Events Discount Template

You know what?

Everyone loves discounts!

It’s not a new approach, but it is an effective one—when marketers follow a few best practices.

It’s hard for people to resist a coupon, especially when it’s for a great product.

A discount is the most attractive way to interact with customers. The main goal of a discount strategy is to increase customer traffic

Using your business’s social media platforms, create a contest for people to enter to win a coupon.10%, 20%, or more–the amount is up to you.

Have a look at how a bot is offering a discount for Christmas.

Botsify Chatbot greetings

Offering coupons is a great incentive for customers to buy and use your products.

Encouraging customers to take advantage of bundle deals or exclusive coupons is an effective strategy to promote other offerings of your business. A great example of this is how websites like Udemy prompt users with time-limited offers, which triggers a sense of urgency and prompts users to explore the site to claim those valuable Udemy coupons.

Zetlin writes that:

“Salespeople offer discounts too quickly because they get flustered and fear to lose a deal, or because it’s easier than making the customer understand why this product is worth more,” 

?Special Loyalty Card

An identity card or a number issued by a retailer to its customers as part of a consumer motivation scheme, whereby credits are stored for future discounts every time a transaction is recorded.

The Loyalty Card template is a great way to motivate customers to come back and buy more. With this local marketing template, you can quickly get a loyalty program up and running for any retail business, from restaurant to spas, using automation.

All customers have to do is scan a code or use the number issued by retailers and they enter the program via Messenger. Where a chatbot easily convinces them for more purchase.

Isn’t that great?


Let’s discuss some benefits of Loyalty cards to make more clear.

• Customer Retention (the primary motive behind a loyalty card program is to retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat shopping behavior).
• Relevant Customer Data and Consumer Trends.
• Higher Cart Value.
• Decreasing Unprofitable Customers.
• Better Customer Interaction.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Welcome greetings chatbot

Are you getting excited to apply these templates to your Local marketing business?

So, Don’t think too much just let’s

?Promo Referral Template

Expand your business by creating more reference customers by using your existing customers.

It’s basically a coupon code, or promo code is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that customers can enter into a promotional box on a site’s shopping cart to obtain a discount on the current purchase.

According to Paul J. Zak, director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University:

“Getting a coupon, as hard as it is to believe, is physically shown to be more enjoyable than getting a gift,”

That means chatbot is also playing a vital role in engaging students in universities also.

Everyone loves to get a discount either it’s a teacher or a student.

Effective tactics stats

Source: townscript

In the above image, you can easily see referral codes can increase your sales up to 10.8% monthly without investing single money.

Woah that’s great!

According to research, 83% of the audience have made an unplanned purchase based on a promotion or coupon. People are heavily affected by Referrals and a limited-time offer, so you should certainly use this strategy to market your event.

Let’s see how Botsify chatbot is sending this Local marketing template and gathering customers.

?The Giveaway Template

Did you know?

Americans spend $20 billion dollars a year on product giveaways in their businesses, which causes a surprising increase in sales.

Honestly, product giveaways work very successfully and will continue to be a successful marketing strategy in the future also.

If used strategically and correctly, they can yield great results for your business

Viral giveaways are an effective way to get new customers, fast.

With this template, you can promote people to enter a contest and share with their network to increase reach — all inside Messenger.

It’s an easy way to get more eyes on your business, plus develop a list by collecting emails and phone numbers for entry.

Giveaways template looks like this:

Botsify Chatbot

Now it’s time to wrap up…


I guess now you probably understand how the Local marketing templates can increase your sales to an extreme level?

A local marketing template is an easy technique that is done both in-person and online. You will need to determine the local marketing strategies that will be the most beneficial for your business.

But don’t forget to Choose the coolest chatbot for you.

There are many chatbot building platforms in the market nowadays. However, getting the most appropriate and accurate chatbot for you is important.

Botsify’s chatbot for Local marketing suits all your needs.

What are your thoughts on chatbots?

After using these Local marketing templates How much increment you have seen in your sales?

Let us know in the comment section below.

In case you want to Apply all these Local marketing templates to your business and fly your business.


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