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6 Use Cases Of Facebook Chatbot

Chatbots have extremely high open rates, save you time and resources, and provide you a competitive advantage. It only takes a few minutes to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Facebook Messenger, one of the most popular chat platforms on the planet, has proved to help you reach a wider audience, increase site traffic, and enhance conversions.

Focal Point Of Businesses For Opting Facebook Chatbot:

Here is why businesses are opting for a Facebook chatbot, check out the best reasons:

Messenger Chatbots to Save Time and Effort:

Chatbots, unlike human customer support personnel, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can easily handle more consumers and gain their trust without needing to hire more people. This saves you time and money, as well as increasing client happiness. Chatbots are designed to automate repetitive operations such as dealing with common consumer issues.

You may significantly reduce the amount of customer assistance handled by human employees. This frees up you and your team to focus on more critical issues, which you can accomplish via human/customer service agent takeover. Your Facebook chatbot becomes your personal assistant, assisting you in increasing the productivity of your company. Setting up and maintaining a chatbot requires a significant amount of time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it.

Chatbots Can Help You Deliver Hyper-Personalized Content:

You may increase engagement by utilizing the information your chatbot receives when a contact is added to the list. It’s best to do it directly at the start of the talk because the greeting sets the tone for the entire conversation. The Facebook chatbot can address people by their first names, with different salutations based on the time of day. To get things started, you can have the chatbot ask them about the weather in their exact location.

Even if they still assume they are dealing with a chatbot, you’ll be able to demonstrate that it’s not your typical chatbot. Because the chatbot has that information, it doesn’t need to ask questions about specific details, allowing it to go right to the point. The chatbot can also leverage user behavior to better locate the source of problems based on history. 

This results in more effective customer service, which can also be applied to content marketing. The types of material that a certain user chooses to engage with might be prioritized in your content delivery. As a result, your content marketing will have a better level of engagement and open rates, making it more successful.

facebook chatbot


Customers Are Guided Through Sales Funnels By Messenger Chatbots:

Customers can be guided through all four stages of the sales funnel with the help of a Facebook chatbot: awareness, interest, decision, and action. It can raise their awareness of your content and company, as well as generate interest in your products and services. Those who are sufficiently interested can then determine whether or not to make a purchase. Your content may persuade them to make a decision, and some of them may convert as a result. From the call-to-action to checkout and payment, the chatbot may guide those sales as well.

Conversion Rates For Click-to-Messenger Ads Are 100%:

Facebook advertising is already a better deal than paying for website traffic or a large number of leads. You will be happy to learn that Facebook Messenger advertising has a very high conversion rate. Messenger ads are quite engaging, and the fact that they’re mobile-friendly by default makes them even more so. Because you get contact information and can message them back via Messenger, their conversion rate is 100%. After you have gathered those connections, you can use Facebook Messenger marketing to increase your ROI.

Marketing With A Chatbot Is More Effective Than Email Marketing:

Consider chatbot marketing to be the upgraded version of email marketing. A Facebook Messenger conversation blast is the simplest and most direct way to send content to your audience, with open rates of 60 – 70% on average. 

Facebook Messenger can also be used to deliver drip advertisements. You only need a strong welcome message and a call-to-action that leads to your website to get started. Then, over the next several days, you may gently urge those prospects to engage more with your content.

Generate More Leads With Messenger Chatbots

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Why Is Every Industry Approaching Chatbots?

According to the report, by 2022, chatbots would save organizations over $8 billion in customer care costs. These simple bots automate processes and save time for customer interactions, and we all know that time is more valuable than money. 

According to MarketsandMarkets Forecast, the chatbot industry is expected to increase at a compound yearly growth rate of 29.7% from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion in 2024. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users worldwide, and chatbots are growing increasingly popular. The applications of Facebook chatbots vary greatly, yet practically every business will find them valuable in some way.

What Was The Need For Getting One? 


Autobahn Indoor Speedway is America’s top premier indoor go-kart racing facility that not only facilitates thousands of racers yearly but also provides a unique venue and experience to group events such as company events, meetings, and parties. 

What Was Their Need For A Chatbot?

The need for the chatbot was simple and that is to handle the excessive number of clients in real-time and none other than automation can handle this, therefore, they approach the company that can handle all sorts of customers. Including this, they wanted a chatbot for redirecting the clients to a specific landing page as per their need, booking and scheduling appointments, gather user information, connect them with a customer representative, help them provide location information of the nearest autobahn venue, availability of private tracks and provide information regarding promotional offers and discounts.

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The Outcome Of A Chatbot?

Autobahn has generated 154,095 leads with Botsify in 23 months. Not only this but gained a total of 214,122 users, the Facebook chatbot responded to 635,950 messages, the 317,975 hours of customers were saved, and improved their CX too.

EFU Life Assurance:

EFU Life is the Pioneers and industry leader of the Life Insurance Sector of Pakistan and has made some major developments for the insurance industry over the years. Their products are designed to meet the varying needs of clients and offer the best in financial services.

What Was Their Need For A Chatbot?

The following are the reasons why the EFU life assurance needed a Facebook chatbot:

Allow users to see the current product offerings and to get information about them and offer them a customer support agent’s help if needed regarding any product roadmap.

A user can book an appointment, acquire information or drop their complaints by clicking on the given contact information and if they ask about the company’s office timings and office locations, etc.

Lastly, for marketing purposes they have provided the option to drop queries and sponsorship offers from other businesses and media houses.

Facbook chatbot

Facebook chatbot


The Outcome Of A Chatbot?

EFU life assurance has generated 27,631 leads with Botsify in 32 months. Not only this but gained a total of 202,080 users, the Facebook chatbot responded to 174,714 messages, and 87,357 hours of customers were saved.

Bisa Seguros:

Offer customers the most relevant service and solutions of the Bolivian insurance market, through both the quality and professionalism of our human resources and our excellent products and services, exceptionally supported by the best available technology and proper management, generating value for our shareholders, employees, and society.

What Was Their Need For A Chatbot?

The following are the reasons why the Bisa Seguros needed a Facebook chatbot:

To allow customers to see their product offerings and learn more about them, also allow them to speak to an agent about a particular product.

To allow customers to report a loss, capture their information, and the follow-up.

To allow customers to see office timings, office locations and allow them to reach out to a human agent.

To allow customers to request help, lodge a complaint, or give feedback.

facebook chatbot


The Outcome Of A Chatbot?

Bisa Seguros has generated 24,887 leads with Botsify in 26 months. Not only this but gained a total of 158,900 users, the Facebook chatbot responded to 106,605 messages, the 53,303 hours of customers were saved.

Why Does Your Business Need A Facebook Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger happens to be one of the most popular messaging apps in the world (according to Statista, it currently has 1.3 billion monthly active users!), so if you have a Facebook business page, there’s a good chance a user will message you to learn more about your business.

There’s also the fact that very few businesses have actually jumped on the Facebook Messenger chatbot trend! However, here is why the business must need a Facebook chatbot. 

With Facebook Messenger Bots, You Can Improve Your Customer Service:

If you’re a larger brand that’s constantly getting inundated with Facebook messages, integrating a bot with your Messenger account could be a great way to save time and money on customer support.

They can understand questions related to your business and provide tons of different answers, from tips and advice to FAQs — they can even redirect users to specific web pages for more information. 

Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Educate Your Audience:

Messenger bots are also useful for increasing brand recognition and informing your customers about your company. Customizing the greeting message that appears when someone first interacts with your bot on Messenger is one method to do this. Users will be able to learn more about your company before engaging in conversation.

With Facebook Messenger Bots, You May Reach A Larger Audience:

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular programs in the world, with 1.3 billion monthly active users and growing. It isn’t just because of its popularity that it is such a useful tool for businesses.

According to multiple reports, Facebook Messenger has open rates of 70-80 percent and click-through rates of 20%, which is lightyears ahead of email marketing. You also won’t be blocked by a spam filter or end up in the wrong mailbox, unlike with email.

To Summarize:

Chatbot technology is improving all the time, allowing them to do everything from putting food orders to calling a taxi, processing payments, and even telling jokes. Chatbots are a fantastic method to connect with your audience, learn about them, and establish a long-term relationship. Why not develop a chatbot marketing plan and experiment with chatbots?

Generate More Leads With Messenger Chatbots

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