How to use Conversational AI to give a lasting impression to your customers

Did you know that the first impression matters a lot to our visitors?

Always pay attention to your first impression because it may prejudice you against someone else.

If what visitors of your site think of you matters, then pay attention to how they see your site the first time they interact with you.

Always make your visitors happy when the first time they interact with you and make your impression long-lasting, So the visitors can be converted into your customers.

So, tell me one thing…

If you want to create a long-lasting impression on your visitors, how would you go about it?

Let me think!


You would either maintain your website more attractive or maybe give some offers to them to feel happy.

But if there was another way to make your business more impressive.

There is actually an easier way.


So, what is it?

Conversational AI for leaving a lasting impression.?

Do you want to know how and why?

Your answer is in this Article. So, be with us…

But before discussing that how conversational AI is becoming a key factor of positive impressions–Let’s discuss a bit that what is actually Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is basically an artificially intelligent pre-planned automate communication tool, which can instantly reply to the customers make them feel happy because they don’t need to wait for hours or a day for simple queries.

Have a look at Botsify Conversational AI, how it looks.

You know what?- Conversations can be the sole factor in starting impressive engagement in a commerce website.

So what is better than a Conversational AI for having a timely conversation response and leave a positive impression on visitors.

Since the last decade, businesses have significantly shifted their interest towards AI chatbots.

They have leveraged bot technology to enhance their work operations while reducing the operation cost.

Conversational AI is the most appropriate and easy way to make your customers happy and show a positive long-lasting impression on them.

Kothandaraman says people do indeed start to think of a conversational AI as if it were a live human:

“Given a chance, human behavior transfers across worlds, even when discussing the artificial intelligence experience. After an initial period of interaction, people begin to relate to conversational chatbots in the same way they would relate to human customer service or sales representatives.”

A conversational AI simply chatbot can take advantage of the text messages to connect with the landing website visitors by simply saying, “Hi, there. How can I help you?”. 

So, This is a single message which can enable the users to engage with the bot and ask their queries, and as well get answers in real-time.

For expanding your E-commerce businesses you need to understand the basics of chatbots and how to take advantage of this platform to execute end-user goals.

But first, you had to know how a chatbot can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

So, let’s get ahead and learn how to perfect a chatbot from conversational features:

?Provides a Friendly Platform

Did you know?

Nowadays, making your audience engaged is not a piece of cake, you need to have an impressive website and also an impressive customer service process.

But humans sometimes can behave aggressively or unfriendly because of their emotional features.

Don’t you worry we have a reliable solution for that…

In this case, a chatbot can be the most reliable solution i guess because conversational AI doesn’t contain any human emotions.

They increase customer engagement by building a user-friendly environment, by sending unique texts, memes, gifs, and emoticons.

Which would be a great impression on your customers.


By using these fictional characters we can win the heart of the customers and customers will think they are discussing their choices and lifestyles with their friend.

For me, a chatbot is considered the best solution for maintaining the new visitors and also your permanent customers.

?24/7 Assistance is a Great Impression

A survey shows that 83% of online customers need assistance during shopping. So, your customers may require help trying to know which products fit their needs/budgets at any time of the day.

So, i guess it’s not possible for you to be available all the time for them and maybe you would not be able to be available for them at the time the customers require you, which is the negative impression and causes loss of customers.

But chatbots solved this problem very well; they will reply instantly without wasting a single second of the user.

Whenever you asked help from them, either at 12 am or 12 pm, they immediately analyze the question and give the most suitable answer.

Their 24/7 availability proves that they don’t need to rest like humans, they are available anytime. Through this strategy, brands can upgrade the customer experience.

?Win More Customers by Personalizing the Conversation

Customers more like the conversations which only revolve around their interest, customers are not likely to hear any unnecessary information from you.

Personalization in the world of bot conversation is just like magic.

A chatbot can offer visitors a personalized environment tailored as per their input. The chatbot does this by saving user inputs and using them to route the communication as per the interest of the buyer.

So, it’s necessary to build an Artificially intelligent chatbot. To make your business more impressive and give a lasting impression to your visitors.

Now i guess it’s enough to understand the necessity of chatbots in this digital world

You know what?

Peoples nowadays are more digitally engaged so for reaching out to them we also have to choose a digital way.

So if you haven’t thought about the chatbot, now it’s high time you should think of it.

But don’t forget to choose the best chatbot for you, choosing the best chatbot is also important so let me suggest to you.

There are lots of companies who build chatbot but at Botsify you will get all the features i have told you above.

And you know that already that those features are quite necessary for making your website impressive.

Let us know your thoughts about the chatbot…

In this comment section below???

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