Botsify Launched Coronavirus Chatbot With Digital Pakistan Team


As you all know, On the night of Thursday 12th March, a few cases almost 8 of Coronavirus throughout Pakistan were recorded.

This is just the beginning as things have started going crazy throughout the country considering whatever is going around the world. This virus has infected many peoples in the world and now it is reached in Pakistan.

According to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

We are at a critical point in the global response to COVID-19 – we need everyone to get involved in this massive effort to keep the world safe.

The Pakistani government has already called off the schools and universities. Also, all the gathering places are banned due to urgent control of this speedy spreading virus, but unfortunately, some careless citizens are criticizing the steps and taking the outbreak of the virus so lightly.

How It ALL Started?

Due to these circumstances, Botsify’s CEO receives a call from the Digital Pakistan team in Islamabad about the Idea to launch Facebook Messenger chatbot to increase the awareness of the people.

The Digital Pakistan team headed by Tania Andrus is the initiative of the government of Pakistan launched in 2019 to introduce digital solutions to common civil problems using technology and with everything going around in the country as well as around the world the situation demanded the input.

They called Botsify at 9:00 pm on Thursday night and asked if there can be something ready within the night to convince the ministry about the digital step, the CEO, Usama Noman said we are up for the challenge and will do it voluntarily as much as we can afford.

By the next hour, a digital Pakistan team arranged a meeting in Islamabad and they started to gather new ideas for how to aware people of this virus and also collect the info on how people can prevent themselves from this virus.  

They provided the basic chatbot follow and we were able to put up a prototype in a few hours. By the Sunday morning 34 cases of coronavirus had been registered throughout the country.

Very next day, fortunately, they got approval from the government and with furthermore improvements we were able to launch the chatbot on the evening of Sunday.

But this way was very unfortunate. By the evening of Sunday 15th March 2020, the count of cases had doubled to almost 85 cases within a day which sounds very critical as the virus was spreading rapidly so making people aware became more important.

The Announcement

Tania Aidrus, the head of Digital Pakistan initiative announced the chatbot on her twitter and soon after the announced the chatbot had been taken very positively throughout the country. Botsify had received almost 15,000 messages by the night.

Here is how the country appreciated efforts.

Here is how Botsify handled all the incoming traffic of messages that started coming in.

Chatbot receiving messages

If you want to try the Coronavirus Chatbot in action feel free to try it out here: 

Chatbot link: (Select Messenger to open it.)

But unfortunately, the count of cases is spreading rapidly till now (31st march 2020) we have almost 1800 cases of coronavirus in our beloved country, which is quite dangerous in the future so that’s why we have made this coronavirus chatbot to create awareness in our nation.

Our PM Imran khan also find chatbot very useful in this pandemic outbreak and not only useful he also shared a post that chatbot is a useful information source nowadays.

Facebook post related to corona


Facebook post related to corona


So that’s why it encourages us more to work on this chatbot and spread awareness in the public through chatbots.

Not only us who are spreading knowledge through chatbot but also many other companies are using this chatbot for creating awareness in their customers at least likewise Jazz has also integrated our chatbot in their Darna Nahin Bachna hai campaign.

Have a look at how this chatbot is working in Jazz campaign:

jazz chatbot


I hope with this initiative more people can go social-isolation themselves, learn how this deadly virus has been increasing exponentially and take appropriate steps. Furthermore, you all can integrate this chatbot to create awareness in people and can participate in this awareness initiative.


Many countries are working on the vaccine of this virus hopefully we got the solution soon and also Pakistan is one of these countries Pakistani scientist are also busy in researching on this vaccine and also possible solutions like Researchers at the National University of Science and Technology have developed a testing kit for the novel coronavirus which will cost Rs2,000.

corona virus vaccine


Adding more in the good news section is the rate of recovering people is also increasing day by day in Pakistan and local transmission cases of this virus are quite low maximum cases are the foreign return people that mean we are at the stage where we can control this virus just we have to maintain social distancing.

Have a look at the complete report 50+ cases are recovered successfully which means recovery rate is quite higher than death rate because Pakistan is one of the countries who is using the immune-boosting vaccine for developing ng the immune system of the patient’s resulting decrease in the death rate.

effected person statistics due to corona


God help us all and may we discover the vaccine soon. 

So if you have some ideas to resolve this issue and to stop the spread of this virus feel free to contact us and also let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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