Chatbot: The ultimate Fashion store

What do your fashion store get with chatbots?

Online fashion store is the most trending operation in e-commerce marketing. It totally changes the way of shopping by implementing technical thoughts and a strong digital presence. It is predicted that the global online market will hit  4 trillion in 2020. In the fashion industry, online clothing stores are big boom now a days.

You can see how online shopping emerged as a bang..!! ?

Shopping Online Stats
Source: Optin monster

Online businesses may have a big source of getting more people on one platform. Either you are an online business insider or a local one, you have to face different customers with different queries. You have to fix it as soon as possible to make your customers happy.

The fashion industry is one of the most dominating in e-commerce marketing and the role of technology in online marketing is never underestimated.

Now, they are speeding up their activities and want to implement different sources to grab more customers. If you belong to the fashion store industry, you feel the customer’s eagerness for having new stuffs and style. 

Online Store

Your online fashion store may have more dynamic features than other offline stores. People want to investigate, research, and then they make purchasing decisions. As an online marketer, you should be available to answer those queries you expect from your customers.

Is there any magic tool to assist customers?

Most retailers are developing applications to make an easier and quicker path for their customers but guess what are they missing? 

A customer support agent who entertains their customers 24/7 and develops customer relationships continuously. 

For this, you need a virtual assistant to fulfill this requirement to make sure you are not alone to handle a crowd in your online store. Chatting with the virtual seller assistant adds a personalization that offline shopping lacks. In fact, 60% of consumers have used chatbots to find answers in the past 12 months. When customers get in touch with a virtual assistant, they get remarkable experience with correct information about their choices.

Online fashion stores are redirecting towards technology, artificial intelligence, specifically to recreate a friendly-environment and a human-like assistant. Chatbots are the ones who fill the gap between customers and their virtual assistant interfaces. 

Benefits of Chatbot

A chatbot is a software that acts like a human assistant and takes over the functions of customer support agents. The chatbot can be an advisor, operator, and seller in the e-commerce industry.

You can say e-commerce is the one industry where chatbot fits perfectly by their dynamic services. Meanwhile, by 2020, probably 80% of businesses will have a chatbot implemented on their sites.?

Is there any fashion store using chatbot?

Not anyone, but most of them.!!

It is not wrong if I say, the fashion industry was among the first to recognize the value chatbots can bring to its online commerce. Multiple leading brands adopt chatbot technology to create more fascinating ways to engage the customers and personalized customer experience. Let’s have a closer look at Tommy Hilfiger’s chatbot to make sure it is really up to the task. ?

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading American clothing and accessories corporations that use chatbot technology to assist customers. Once a user starts to chat with Tommy Hilfiger chatbot, it immediately engages users in a talkative way.

Tommy Hilfiger Chatbot introduces itself as a bot and asks what are you looking for? You can browse the outfits, see the catalog items, or directly ask the bot, it will surely assist you with an outfit that looks perfect on you. Further, the bot filters out a huge collection and suggests the item fitting your style.

If you need formal clothes, the chatbot will present clothes, shoes and other accessories for your formal look. By this, you can get an idea of your new Tommy Hilfiger outfit that matches your personality from top to toe.

Tommy Hilfiger  Chatbot
Source: RubyGarage

Finally, if you are ready to buy just “add to cart” your item, after answering all the other queries like size, color, name, and location, your cart is ready to check out with complete accessories.

This remarkable experience never disappoints its customers at any stage of the buying process. Indeed, a great way to engage customers and it also helps them to achieve the goal of their business.

How does a chatbot work as an ultimate fashion stores?

Well, many leading brands use the chatbot to engage their customers as much as possible. For example: In the offline market, you enter a clothing store with a bunch of racks and you cannot decide what to buy. Same when a rude seller makes your day worse by not getting what you need. You can experience it everywhere.

Fashion Store


However, you can think about what is the best approach to engage your customers for your online clothing business. Chatbots show multiple products or people can tell them what they need. By ultimately getting your customer requirements and show the products that you want to offer them from your online store.

The process behind is chatbot picks the answer and filters out the result of such phrases or keywords.

Here is the example!

When a visitor comes to your website to make some purchases, they look at your products. Ultimately they want to make a decision of buying your product. At the very right moment, a magic formula they hear, “May I help you” and the journey of purchasing begins. People love it when they have someone to help them out in a resourceful manner. And this is exactly what chatbots do!

As soon as they click on chatbot embed on your website, that virtual assistant is ready to show a couple of possible choices or offer that is close alternatives. The retailer chatbot asks what you are looking for and then shows all relative products. 

Even the size, price, colors, discounts, or any offer that makes a visitor all informed. Once they fill the cart, they are all along with their favorite and complete outfit. It also leads your visitors, a potential customer in the near future. 

Fashion Chatbot
Looks great. Doesn’t it??

Actually, this much understanding people seek when they prefer online shopping. No one can leave the store until they buy some of your products. It can make an on-going process that makes your industry profitable and trustworthy as well.

Now go up, and think is it more comfortable than interacting with an offline seller? Yes you are right, this is the easiest way for your customers with no doubt.

What else do your customers want with chatbot?

Identifying what your prospects need is more fascinating for your online business growth. Accommodating your prospects and customers would be better when you are in an online accessible market.

Your chatbot should be user -friendly and give a personalized environment is particularly important for converting your visitors into potential customers. There are few things that fashion bot attracts your customers in a friendlier way.

24/7 virtual assistant

When your customers are ready to buy so where are you? No more waiting.!!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be here. Your chatbot will manage all the customers without taking a break. The users interact with virtual assistants to ask anything or make purchases. It will help them and try to figure out their needs on-demand. Your online fashion store is always open for your customers.

Botsify is the one stop shop for your customer support service.

No More apps to download

People are tired of downloading apps for small things. Lots of people seek direct methods to interact with virtual assistants. No sign ups, no more new accounts, and nothing much. But only a chatbot-the ultimate fashion store and you..!!

Chatbots directly respond if it embeds on a Website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, or other messaging apps. For example, you are on Facebook, you ultimately connect with messenger bots at the same account and make purchases easily.

No need to wander multiple pages

On a serious note, people don’t want to go here and there to find products, and I am too. 

The beauty of chatbot is they serve the best for their customers. It shows multiple relevant products one after another. No matter what you include in your fashion chatbot, it can be images, videos, forms, or any catalog items. Your customer knows well what you are selling. In future, if they need anything, they will surely come back to your fashion store.

botsify fashion chatbot
botsify fashion chatbot
botsify fashion chatbot
botsify fashion chatbot
Simply great!!✌️

Your customers approach you

When users get a personalized atmosphere, they feel special and want to attract from you more often. Make sure you connect with them through all social media channels. It can be Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, your official website, etc. They immediately call you by your name and remember you as a brand too!! 

By using the chatbot, users easily contact you and build a strong customer relationship with happy greetings. It gives you an opportunity to approach your audience by developing your ultimate fashion store chatbots on different social media channels.

What do your fashion store get with chatbots?

With chatbots, you can see effective changes in your online business growth. Let’s have a squint of some major points.

Fewer resources needed

You can transfer a huge amount of customer support agents into virtual assistants. Your customer representative is resourceful for other operations, so you can cut down their salary expense or engage them in other activities too!!

For example: In ordering and tracking processes, your customer can approach you through the chatbot. No long calls will be needed to order from your fashion store.

Much cost-effective

The main factor you cannot neglect is your expense. Is it spending in the right place or right person? Hiring lots of customer support agents is not a better option. All the agents can not work 24hrs straight.

But chatbot is a good option for you. By using chatbots, you can see a difference in your expenses that can be used in different opportunities. 

Sales enhancement

Either it is your initiative or not, you have to plan a long-run strategy. The survival of every business is sales. Chatbot keeps your customers in the long term. It makes a smooth way of selling and satisfying your customers’ needs.

chatbots for sales
Source: Intercom

Due to a personalized approach, chatbot acts like a sales guide and has the power to convince them effectively. Building a chatbot on your channels, you can generate sales and ultimately high profit as well.

Create users engagements:

Your users should be well-aware of your newly launched product in your fashion store, discount offers, any other events that you make for your customers. Chatbot notifies them of your sales offer to increase engagements to make customers connect with you. Botsify offers you different templates that are easy to create and easy to embed on your chatbot. Use different  templates and assemble your offers with them. 

Here you can see!!?

botsify fashion chatbot

Evaluate your chatbot 

Take advantage of chatbot and get informed how it works? Is it entertaining the customer as you want? Is the flow of information working properly? and so on. Don’t worry, just keep the Botsify analytics function on your mind, because it gives you numerical and graphical reports and you can check your progress when you want.

See here.!!?

botsify dashboard

Hands on feedback

If you want to know what your customer wants from you, how much are they satisfied with your products and your brand? How much do your customers like your stuff? And the list is going on, then the only simple way is to get feedback from your customer.  The more you know about your products, the more you can fulfill your customers requirements.

Chatbot is ready to conduct survey, get feedback from your customers by using their functional tools. You can create feedback forms on your chatbot, so the users directly interact with you and easily give feedback without getting irritated.

On a final touch

Online marketing is getting vast. People engage them to shop for clothes either a woman or man. By creating your presence on all the platforms along with fashion chatbot, people know you well on any other platforms. All you need is to enhance your marketing style with technology and get your customers in bulk for your fashion store. 

If you are ready for attracting, retaining, and delighting your customers or users, don’t forget to develop automation tools named chatbot with Botsify.

We are waiting for your fashion chatbot store..!!?

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