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How Automated Live Chat Support Service Can Reduce Your Customer Support Cost In 2019

If you are someone who;
-Spends a huge chunk of money on their customer support team,
-Struggles to provide your customers optimal customer support other than your standard working hours
-And fears losing your customers by keeping them queued for long,

You need an Automated Live Chat Support Service. And you need the best one!


Want to know how? Keep reading…

Automated Customer Support Service… What? Why?

Artificial Intelligent chatbots provide live chat support services via an automated system. These chatbots are programs built to engage in conversations with your customers by assisting them thoroughly.

From finding the perfect pair of shoes to providing information on a nearby store of your brand, a chatbot can tackle all your customer services matters for you.

In other words;

The idea of chatbot is to help bridge the gap between data and human interaction and to help us in understanding our world a little better.

As a matter of fact, Business Insider claims that 80% of all businesses across the globe will be using chatbots by 2020.

Isn’t that just next year…??

So without further ado, let’s get into the details on how chatbots can lower your customer support expenses.

How Artificial Intelligent Chatbots save you Bucks

To make things easier for you, I have narrowed down to these 4 ways AI Chatbots reduce your customer support cost.

1. Chatbot = no more Queued Customers.

The biggest struggle brands face these days is losing a potential customer by keeping their questions queued for hours and sometimes, even days.

Truth is, customers do not like dropping emails and wait for them to be heard next monday; they want an immediate response.

But if you begin to answer all your customers exactly when they drop you a message, you will need a support team of a size your business cannot practically afford.

Here comes chatbots to the rescue!

It will not only provide a timely response to the customer but also give you the benefit of generating leads while simulating the conversation with your customers.

Plus it is always appreciated by users as it gives them the joy of being heard and taken care of.

2. Chatbot is Always There!

Chatbot offers your business with responding to all kinds of customer queries at any time of the day.

According to Chatbot Specialist Bernie Castro,

“Having a chatbot for your business saves money and time; with one chatbot, you have an opportunity to communicate and engage all your customers 24 hours a day.”

Even when you are closed, your chatbot is there, taking care of your customers!

Cristián Sepúlveda, Founder of Botifica says,

“A chatbot will always respond faster than a human, as it can help filter a lot of frequently asked questions which does not mean that it will be infallible. However, the number of cases that arrive at the hands of a human will be notoriously lower.”

So even if a chatbot is unable to solve complex issues for your customers, giving them an immediate and personalized response goes a long way in building a long term relationship with them.

3. One Chatbot, Many Languages!

Not all businesses can afford to hire multiple customer support agents to cater clients coming from different regions of the world.

An AI chatbot can be taught to respond to many languages so that way, your business can grow internationally without you having to spend thousands.

4. Chatbot provides Personalization.

Your chatbot can keep a track of your customer’s data and that way whenever they interact with your chatbot, it immediately knows your customer’s stats (likes, dislikes, information provided, etc.).

So that customers can enjoy feeling special and at the same time your chatbot has got you some leads.

Win, Win is’t?

Now that you know exactly what you want to look for while choosing the right chatbot for your business,

Here comes the fifty dollar Question:

How to decide which chatbot for customer support is right for your business?

Precisely, these are the 6 factors that you should look for:

1. Non technical stuff, in other words; easy sign up, setup and customization of chatbot
2. No third party integrations
3. Emergency SOS in case your chatbot fails to respond
4. Coping mechanism when it does a.k.a machine learning
5. Storing customers information = lead generation
6. And last but not least the price

Keeping these in mind, Botsify has designed and developed a comprehensive chatbot platform that provides customer support service for you exactly how your business needs!

Hear it from the others: This app helps you build Facebook chatbots without learning how to code

What Botisfy offers:

  • In-app integrations
  • Botsify understands how difficult and time consuming it is to learn to setup an integration and has taken the burden off of your shoulders. Botsify has enabled these integrations for you

  • Easy Setup
  • You can literally create a chatbot for your website with Botsify in just a minute so you do not have be the tech person to setup your chatbot.

  • Human Take over
  • Botsify allows you to talk to your customers by turning it off temporarily, if your chatbot is having a difficult time.

  • Machine Learning
  • You can teach your chatbot anytime you want; Botsify keeps a record of each query that your chatbot fails to provide an answer.

  • Live Chat on Several Platforms
  • We provide several platform integrations which allows you to have the same chatbot across all the different platforms.

  • Lead Generation
  • Botsify provides conversational forms that your chatbot uses to gather customers data and keep it stored for later use.

  • Price
  • Botsify offers a monthly subscription of $50 only which is gives our platform an edge over the rest. With unlimited chatbots, 30,000 unique users, multiple broadcast messages and much more. You can choose your plan accordingly.

“Our system automatically and intelligently reads your website content, finds frequently asked questions, builds its intelligence from the links of your website it finds in Google Search Engine and puts up a read to use chatbot for your website.” -CEO Botsify

Check out this video on how businesses have been using Botsify chatbot for their customers:


24/7 Live Chat support service is crazy expensive but you don’t have to spend tons of money for it. You need to automate your customer support through a chatbot and reduce your support cost.

Botsify is the one stop shop for your business’s customer support service.

It’s time you destress yourself from losing another lead by keeping customers in queue and let our chatbot take care of it!

Don’t believe us?

Try out our 14 days free trial and see for yourself!

Learn more on: How to setup your account on Botsify

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