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8 Best Lead Generation Companies to Skyrocket Your Business

Are you looking for some cool new lead generation techniques?

We all know how competitive online lead generation has become. So, unless you have the right strategy it’s gonna be a hell lot more difficult for you to capture those prospects lingering around you.

Mainly, because there are tons of businesses after your prospects. And may be have a hold onto some better lead generation strategies than you do. Unless you take the right action, at the right time you won’t be able to outperform them.

And to outperform them you have 3 broad options:

1. Drive relevant and more valuable traffic
2. Come up with more enticing offers
3. Optimize lead finder services for your site

I know, the first 2 ways have been overly discussed and you don’t need any more guides on these topics. However, lead generation companies haven’t been touched on as much.

This article will revolve around the best lead generation companies and tools. That helps to accelerate your website traffic and boost conversion rate while reducing your bounce rate to a greater extent.

Before we get into the lead finder tools, let’s have a look at why optimizing your online presence with them will help you improve your conversions. 

Lead finder tactic required more than just some cool marketing tactics to seduce customers. According to KevinTPayne, while looking for a product/service online, customers today spend 57% of their time doing the research before reaching out to you.

To generate more business, you need to gear up with an action-based lead finder technique. Let me explain how.

Lead Generation Strategy 101 + Example: Targeting Existing Audience

Lead generation should focus first on creating high-quality leads, rather than a high quantity

Best Lead generation companies strategies have a pipeline of qualified leads. And the most essential step would be to cover the bases of your audience. Your company should maintain its relationship with your audience by getting more information about their interests.

In order to begin with, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you care about their existence? If yes then what are the protocols you follow
  • Are you convincing enough for your prospects to send their information to you?
  • Is it worth spending time and money on these prospects?
  • Are your leads revisiting your site?
  • Have your leads become your long-term customers?

To answer all these questions you need to dig deeper into your existing audience. And trust me when I say this – you can find more customers here than anywhere else.

Take a look at our recent case study on real estate lead generation techniques that drove a huge engagement of 4500+ leads and a $100,000 business for a client.

A real estate business reached out to us to try our chatbot while looking for lead finder companies. Their main objective was to automate listing related queries, updates and other information that they were unable to provide in a timely manner.

Here’s what we were able to achieve for the client with the chatbot-driven lead generation strategy. Looks amazing no?

To capture more prospects, they wanted an automated solution and we suggested them to integrate a messenger chatbot. As Facebook is an excellent place to generate leads, drive engagement and traffic to the website as well.

To drive traffic on the website we first need to build enough audience on their messenger chatbot. Instead of setting up a budget for the outreach and paid ads, we simply targeted their existing audience.

The company had a pretty solid email subscription list. So, we came up with an affiliate program for them. This simple technique proved to a solid lead generation tool! We were able to get these results:

email open rate was 20% which is pretty good for the first step of our lead generation stategy

Why did this lead finder strategy work?

It’s simple. Your existing audience is your target audience. And taking baby steps at the beginning of your strategy proves a safe and easy way to create lead magnets. Rather than going all-in with multiple lead generation tools, you should try one at a time. See how effective it proves to be and then include more if needed.

Quality over quantity any day! The same goes for your potential customers.

You should focus on providing some value to your audience first as bait and those who find your offer valuable enough or feel like you understand their pain points will eventually turn into qualified leads.

Here’s how you can get qualified leads using chatbot with PPC ads

Like a lead generation chatbot, there are tons of other lead finder companies you can try,

So without further ado, let’s get right into these 5 lead generation companies and tools (both paid and free) to elevate your business.

1. Botsify Messenger Chatbot

Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest lead generation companies out there. With an audience of more than a billion users, this communication monolith is a marketplace for almost all kinds of businesses.

However, the fast-growing market on the biggest social media platform has its perk and shortcomings, fast responses. In order to cater your millennial audience fast enough and create awesome lead magnets, you need to optimize your messenger with an intelligent chatbot.

There are various ways to get leads out of a chatbot when integrated with Facebook.

  • You can chat with your website users via Facebook messenger using the Botsify chatbot. Whenever a visitor interacts with your website chatbot and at any point requests human assistance, you will get a notification on your messenger. As soon as you get the notification, you will be able to respond to that particular visitor through your messenger chatbot.

  • You can also respond to comments automatically and generate leads from your Facebook posts. No longer have to go through each comment manually which is mostly repetitive. This lead generation service can respond to tons of comments every day without you lifting a finger.

messenger chatbot responding to comments

  • Apart from these, you can also generate leads through messenger using our Lead Generation Forms within the chatbot conversation. All you have to do is create conversational forms with Botsify. That makes your chatbot interactive and easily collects prospect’s information then and there!

2. Instagram Lead Ads

Instagram can be one of the best lead generation companies. It has grown into a major business marketing platform throughout the years.

This lead generation tool collects your prospect’s basic information like name, email address and contact details. This can be excellent for E-commerce businesses running advertisements on Facebook affiliate platforms such as Instagram.

Create Form
Create Form

However, it can only appear on mobile phones which takes 40% longer to fill out a form than desktop. Insta marketers know how to cater to their market by showing their interest in a creative way. So, if your business has an Instagram profile you might be able to generate qualified leads through this excellent technique.

This short and snappy form is designed for today’s online buyer – people prefer easy-to-go forms that take a minute or so to fill out. Google also helped saving addresses and other contact information while filling out forms online so that might be a plus for you.

Here you can learn how to create lead ads on Instagram.

3. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Since, LinkedIn is a professional site and it is highly populated, it is one of the most genuine lead generation companies you can find. You can’t go wrong with picking your audience on this platform.

You can easily get access to your prospects and their relevant data for your leads. Like name, email address, contact number, work nature, education, location, etc. by using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These lead generation forms are very user-friendly and time-saving if your business is b2b in nature.

If you are looking for a lead generation tool for a B2B space then LinkedIn should be a part of your lead strategy for sure.

Linkedin Lead Gen Forms
Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

However, it is only available on mobile phone devices and can be integrated with sponsored content campaigns.

According to Linkedin, it has made a collection of data easy for nearly 500 million professionals. That is a huge database for you to find your relevant audience from.

Speaking of audiences, you can target your audience through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Keep track of their changes like job and interests and then contact them accordingly at the right time!

4. LeadGeneration.com

This lead generation company is a multi-channel solution. Basically, this tool is a paid search marketing that utilizes platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

It helps you generate leads on social media through brand awareness and PR. It also offers lead nurturing, email marketing, and content distribution according to your target market.

lead generation funnel

This is one of the best lead generation companies that define a clear value proposition of your clients. It helps provide a way to put up relevant content to grab more leads out of it.

It works on gathering qualified data to save your time and money. As people prefer up-to-date designing and user-friendly websites. So, this company optimizes website design according to the trend.

So instead of running after bougie solutions, try a full-on paid solution for best lead generation companies like leadgeneration.com

5. FindThatLead

This lead prospecting platform is one of the most demanding lead generating companies in the market. It scales your sales, your lead generation for sales and the growth of your company.

FindThatLead automates your sales process through it automate the lead prospecting tool.

It connects you with B2B companies, helps you in building hyper-targeted lists for your ideal users.

easy way to generate leads using find that lead

The platform allows you to find emails for your target prospects for cold email outreach. You can find emails by the company name or website. They also have an email verifier if you are looking to start cleaning your email list for more open rates.

This tool is ideal for startups. As they look for a way to cut down the price, which does not include an automated marketing process. You can simply reduce costs by not spending way too much on other lead generation companies and simply opt for this all-rounder.

6. AeroLeads

Wondering how to get more leads to grow your brand through Email Marketing…? Here’s AeroLeads to help you outreach potential prospects from all business platforms.  Find Business  Emails,  Contact details,  and much more credentials to work with from various platforms like  Crunchbase,  Angellist,  Xing,  etc,.  Paving out the way in building a beneficial email list,  AeroLeads has a  free  Google  Chrome extension that lets you add prospects directly from LinkedIn to a consolidated .CSV file. Work and nurture your leads by uploading the file to your favorite CRM platforms where you can import,   export,   and manage lead data. With inbuilt customization and automation,  AeroLeads extracts business email addresses cutting the long man-hours spent on finding potential clients manually. With some limitations there’s a  lifetime free plan available by just logging in with your Email ID and the premiere plans of AeroLeads lets you add unlimited prospects.

7. Ampliz

With Ampliz Healthcare Intelligence, lead generation has become quick and easier than ever. Now no more searching for the leads here and there, it’s time to avail them on your fingertips.

With the state of the art technologies, Ampliz provides you a 98% accurate, real-time updated and complaint list of your potential clients.

This list gives you email address, direct dials, and linkedin profile of the key decision makers of your prospective company. Not only this, it also provides you technographic, demographic, geographic, and firmographic details of your prospective company.

This helps you in better decision making and improve your conversion rate.

Some More Tools For Lead Prospecting

  1. D7 Lead Finder

Find local leads in your area with this free tool.

  1. GetProspect

Find up to 50 emails with their free forever plan.

  1. Discoverly

See Facebook and work info of your leads on Gmail.

  1. Sumo

Use this free lead capture software to convert your site visitors into leads for your business.

  1. Flowlu

Another great free alternative to the above free tools.

  1. Mailchimp

Simple Email Marketing Software to send newsletters to your subscribers.

  1. HubSpot 

Set up an SMTP server in minutes and achieve deep personalization with this tool.

8. Sender

Keep in touch with your customers by using this automated Email marketing software.

Check out some more lead generation tools you can use

So that’s all for today’s round-up of the best lead generation companies for your business. 

If you are looking for an easy solution to optimize your website or Facebook pages, Botsify is your best bet. This DIY chatbot platform offers a little more than just automation for the website and Facebook live chat support. It helps you generate leads in multiple ways without doing anything yourself.

Book a Demo with Botsify today


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