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Jawwad Farid
CEO, Alchemy Technologies

We automated our live chat support with Botsify's chatbot for website. It's interesting to see how chatbot for website covers your frequently asked questions and still you have the full control.

Features Everybody Wants In A Chatbot

Easy Integrations via Plugins

Botsify offers several plugins which allows you to integrate your platform with chatbot, such as via RSS Feed or JSON API.

Drag n' Drop Template Designer

Forget programming, our easy drag and drop interface helps you with template designing.

Smart AI

Artificial Intelligence picks up similar phrases and entities from the user's query and responds with the best answer.

Machine Learning

Teach your chatbot new sentences overtime, know what questions chatbot failed to answer and teach your chatbot new sentences.

Analytics Integration

Know what your users has been talking about via simple integration with popular analytics platform, including

Human Takeover

Human can takeover chat from chatbot anytime! We know chatbot isn't 100% accurate today.

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Website Chatbot

Forget Intercom and Drift, your Botsify chatbot to automate live chat support

Drift and Intercom are amazing tools to help you convert visitors into leads, but it’s a very disappointing situation when your visitor has to wait 12 hours before you wake up and respond to him. We believe chatbot can solve this problem.. Learn How To

Automate your website live support with a chatbot

It’s almost a year people have known about facebook messenger chatbot. But why restrict the automate to only facebook messenger? What about your live chatbot support where 90% of the users ask the same question? Are you going to have a human waiting to answer them? Not anymore, you aren’t losing leads anymore. Learn How To