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What is PPC Auditing? Top Benefits of These Reviews

Did you invest in pay-per-click adverts some time ago and find that the initial influx has slowed?

This can be frustrating, and while it is tempting to try and go back to the drawing board to come up with a new marketing option, it can be worth conducting a pay-per-click audit instead. 

It can seem long-winded, but there are many pros for doing it, which will be looked at in more depth here.


Defining PPC Audits

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In simple terms, a PPC audit is a review of any existing pay-per-click, or PPC campaigns that you currently have. With the help of a marketing team like Click Intelligence, these audits can help you identify areas for improvement and enhance the performance of any PPC adverts that you currently have. These audits also include an analysis of any other factors that can impact a campaign (such as local SEO or a product launch) over a set period of your choosing, which can help you identify the most successful advertisement method for your company.

When it comes to undertaking PPC auditing, most smaller companies aim to have their campaigns audited every three months or quarterly, but to decide when you should audit yours, consider the age of your PPC campaign, any changes to search engines like Google, and the needs of your business. 

So, why should you engage in regular PPC auditing? There are a few reasons.


Helps To Spot Wasted Ad Spends

Even if you have been working in search advertising for years and have worked in the ever-changing digital climate, there is always going to be room for improvement.

When you engage in a PPC audit, you will be able to better spot areas in your campaign where you can spend less without any significant impact on your company. These audits can also help to identify the source of failing adverts, such as longer adverts or the use of AI voices as narration. Indeed, if you have been using longer adverts to promote an item or a new service in the last few years, this kind of advertisement would have become less effective as short-form content has become more popular. 

A PPC audit will show this to you. If you opt for a reputable provider to conduct the audit, they will also show you how to cut the advert length down while simultaneously helping to reduce spending.

Also, just a hint: even though it may seem ideal to opt for AI voices in your adverts, marketing research has found that while AI voices are great on YouTube and TikTok, they don’t do well in professional adverts!


Help to Improve Targeting

When you are using PPC adverts, it can be hard to get the targeting right. This is even more the case if you are aiming to advertise your product or service on social media as, frankly, social media is huge and is used by people from many different demographics.

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When you audit your PPC campaigns, you will be able to take a look at the demographics of those who are responding to your adverts and those who aren’t. This will allow you to better target adverts for future campaigns; if you are missing an age group (such as those in their 40s) and you want to appeal to them, then a PPC campaign can help you spot this and adjust your adverts accordingly. A PPC audit can also help to highlight the best websites on the web to advertise on and be seen by those different age groups, thereby improving the chances of a successful advertisement.


New Keywords

Auditing a PPC campaign will help you find new keywords that you can use in the future. 

In 2024, this can range from related keywords to long-tail keywords, and when you have access to this data, you can better see what target groups are looking for, allowing you to adjust your campaign to that. This will help you stay ahead of competitors, and will also be a valuable tool to have going forward!


Get a Better Position

Speaking of competitors, a PPC audit should include an analysis of which keywords, ad campaigns, and techniques your competitors are using. It may seem sneaky, but this is the world of advertising, and popular advertising trends should never be ignored. This can help you to see which ones are working, as well as which ones aren’t. Again, you can use this data to adjust your own strategy and get a better understanding of what is trending and what isn’t! 


Brand Reputation

It has been seen a lot in recent times – a brand has lost out with its customers simply by promoting the wrong person or the wrong image to advertise its brand or new product line.

If your brand were to undertake a large advertisement release or press release that did not attract the customers that you wanted (or even put them against your business), then this could have enormous repercussions. A smaller release of an advert, followed by a PPC audit, can show you how popular your advert is, as well as who is clicking it. This will then allow you to understand the impact the advert is having on your brand and whether it should be promoted further. 


Conversion Measuring

When you are advertising, you need to measure the conversion rates. How often is your advert being clicked, and how often are the site users going to the main site to purchase your product or services?

A PPC audit can help to accurately measure conversion rates to show you which adverts are doing well and which aren’t. The data produced by a PPC audit is invaluable when it comes to making decisions about the next release of advertisements, and it can help you track the long-term success of your adverts.

So, if you are looking to improve your company online and feel that your PPCs may not be having the impact they once had, be sure to engage in a PPC audit. It will give you insights into your marketing strategy and your target demographics and will also set your business up for long-term success online.

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