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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Apps That You Need

Marketing is essential for success in any business. While most companies want to implement the very best of promotional strategies for their goods and services, only a tiny fraction of them allocate the right resources to the endeavor. More specifically, when it comes to social media marketing, a powerful way of pushing brands in modern times, only a few businesses understand that having the right resources will prove beneficial.  So, what resources are needed for social media advertising? You only require a device that can access the internet (smartphone, phone, or PC) as well as the appropriate social media marketing app for the objective you want to achieve. If you have the latter but are not familiar with the various marketing applications for social media, do not worry. Below, we go through the different apps you can use to push your brand on social media.

Quik – Android / Apple / Desktop

For the time social media advertising has existed, video content has proved to be the most engaging and understandable. It is no wonder why Nicola Mendelsohn, the Facebook Vice-President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, forecasts that the platform will be dominated by video content by 2020. With 2020 just around the corner, you might feel that you will not have enough time to polish up on your video making and editing skills, right? Do not worry, though. By using Quik, you can make stunning videos, add various effects, and even music to your visual content quickly. This is the best social media marketing strategy that you can work with. It will be particularly useful if you want to create highlight videos or brief recaps. This application eliminates the hassle of connecting clips together, helping you to add a different creative angle to your videos.

Hootsuite Mobile

If you want an excellent social media app for managing social networks, then this is what you need. With Hootsuite Mobile, you enjoy much flexibility while controlling your social media ventures and cooperating with your team in real-time. Apart from that, it allows you to make last-minute changes to your social posts and track consumer convos from anywhere. Also, you can plan your content, post to any major social platform, link up with clients, and greenlight posts created by your staff, all while using one application.


If you want to tag notes and also share them, Evernote is what you need. It is an easy to use application for taking notes that allows you to draft content for posts, create reminders for a future campaign, or providing a staff work back plan. Better yet, there are extra features that enable you to share docs, tag your ventures by date or type of campaign, and provide links to other docs. It is excellent for both personal and team use.

Over – Android / Apple

Photoshop is an essential skill for every social media marketer. With knowledge of this, you can easily design your content and edit your photographs. Nonetheless, if you are yet to master the art of photoshop, you can use Over as it offers you access to an array of editing effects for free. With the application, you can do an array of things, for instance, adding texts or art to your images.

You can also add messages and texture to any photograph you have. If you want to provide names for places or persons, then this is the best application for the job. That said, other than using existing apps, you can always consider a customized solution that suits your specific social media advertising objectives and the social media marketing. If you have time, you can learn how to create a social media app, and make one on your own after grasping the means. Alternatively, you can hire a reputable developer to create an all in one social media app for you.


Slack shines the most when it comes to communicating in a team. Whenever you want to work on a campaign and wish to share docs, get opinions, or make a staff decision fast, you are better off using this application. It presents an array of functionalities, allowing you to create working groups, tag your different campaigns, and quick-search past ventures in your conversation archives.

Final Words

There are many applications that are sure to make your social media advertising efforts worthwhile and not only this but social media marketing too. On your part, you have to understand your objective as well as implementation mode to identify the ideal application. All told, if the ones highlighted here match your needs, you can go ahead and use them right away. So, it is ideal to use these apps for social media marketing


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