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The Secrets to Writing Landing Pages That Sell

The digital marketplace is quite competitive today, so any business strives for high converting landing pages that could help to increase sales.

Sometimes, the role of landing pages is misunderstood by marketers. That is why only 48% of them know that one landing page should be dedicated to one marketing campaign. In such a way only, they will be able to research buyers’ behavior, test the time for page loading and the appropriate page lengths and positions.

This article gives you some tips on how to make a landing page as effective as possible for increasing conversion.

Landing Pages and Their Essential Characteristics

The question of making improvements in the website conversion rate is essential for any business nowadays. Traditional email marketing campaigns do not work well anymore. If you want your business to grow and flourish, you are sure to create a landing page for your site.

The term ‘a landing page’ is often referred to as a ‘lead capture page’ or ‘destination page’. It is an independent webpage that is created for further support of your marketing campaign.

According to Brian Massey, a founder of ConversionSciences, a landing page is a “single-minded page dead set on keeping the promise made by an ad, link, or email, and on getting the visitor to take action”. These three criteria (a single idea, keeping the promise, and taking action) should be considered while creating a landing page.

When you start any promotional campaign, you create a newsletter, sponsored link, or advertising banner on some search engine. A visitor clicks on one of such links and gets to your company’s landing page. The main goal of any landing is to convince a visitor to take action. For example, the mattress brand Casper asks users to ‘Shop Now’.


So, which other types of actions are expected? They are, for example:

– registration for a newsletter;
– set-up of an online account;
– registration for a webinar;
– buying a service or product;
– a white book download;
– request for a quote;
– online demo version request.

Important Tips on How to Create a Landing Page That Sell

A Title Plays a Great Role

The title is the first point a visitor comes across, and it helps to decide whether to continue reading. As a rule, a visitor sees the title after clicking on the link to your campaign. It means that the title should correspond to the campaign goals. It has to catch the eye and draw one’s attention using simple and straightforward keywords.

The CTA Is an Efficient Tool for Conversion

The CTA (call-to-action) button is decisive for any landing page. The colors must be contrasting and words – convincing. The position and image must be clear and intuitively understandable.

A Landing Page Must Be Responsive

Since most potential customers nowadays are using mobiles while looking for products and services, make sure that your landing page is optimized for any device (including PCs, tablets, or smartphones).

Be Short and Precise

Long descriptions do not work anymore. Try to get immediately to the point and use convincing words describing the benefits. Add any supportive elements like labels, certificates, customer testimonials, and so forth.

The Design Has to Be Minimalist and Refined

Remember that every element of your landing page design should be aimed at conversion. Any visual tool like a GIF, video, or photo can become a powerful push for your potential clients. You could even go much further and add interactive elements to your landing pages like 3D product views or comparison tables. Do not include anything that could distract the visitors from the main idea of the landing page. For this reason, adding a navigation menu here is not the best option.

A Data Collection Form Needs to be Simple

If you want to classify your leads and collect some data about your potential clients and their requests, a special form to fill out is very helpful. Do not make it too complicated because visitors will be discouraged from filling it out and taking further actions.

The Landing Page Should Be Properly Referenced

Do not forget about SEO optimization of the text for your landing page. Such natural referencing will help to generate more traffic.

Making the Best Choice for Hosting of Landing Pages That Convert 

Think about where to host your landing page. You can either use your current CMS, specialized landing page providers like Leadpages and Kartra or simply your newsletter service (both Mailerlite and Mailchimp have free landing page tools, for example). There are many options nowadays, so look at any of them that you can afford.

The Essential Elements Should Be Placed on Right Positions

It’s not a secret that Internet users do not like scrolling when they are looking for something. Place the most important elements (for example, a title, user benefits, a form to complete, and CTA) above the float line.

The Landing Page Should Be Tested

Everyone knows that email campaigns and their possible results have always been tested. The same idea can be applied to landing pages. Use the A/B testing to decide which version would work better for generating leads. Statistics will show what kind of title, CTA, photos, or videos will turn out to be the most beneficial ones.

Emphasize a Single Goal

In short, if you want to get maximum results from your landing page, remember that it should be created for only one specific campaign and be focused on one goal.

Now, you have some important tips and keys to significantly increase your website conversion rate. Do not wait long to start boosting sales.

Remember that landing pages are not static or boring anymore. Use the right WordPress website builder like Kubio, or drag-and-drop website builders and you will be able to make these pages as attractive and interactive as possible. You can use tools to merchandise your pages according to your business goals/requirements. The best practices of personalization will help you to engage your visitors. And you know now which elements to optimize to get the best possible results.


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