Top 7 Industries Taking Advantage Of The Chatbot

Top 7 Use Cases Of Chatbot

Remember those days when you were waiting to connect your call to the operator, for the sake of solving your issues and after 5-10 minutes your call was addressed by the concerned person. Have you been satisfied with this?

This was not only frustrating but also problematic for the one who wanted to improve customer services. Now, most of the industries are taking advantage of the chatbot and eliminating this dilemma.

Various industries have already deployed chatbots and the result of using this superpower is incredible in aspects of driving sales, generating leads, customer experience, customer engagements, customer acquisition and much more. Have a look at stats!

Clustaar Stats
Source: Clustaar

It also says that, Companies will save 2.5 billion customer service hours using chatbots applications  by the end of 2023. (Chatbots Life)

Chatbots are described to stimulate the interaction between humans and machines. The conversation is purely based on chatbot features and creates an impact on human interfaces. Many leading industries have already experimented with chatbots features. Now others are looking forward to accepting this AI technology with the core of their hearts.


You didn’t count the benefits of the chatbot on fingertips until you will not become a chatbot user. To start with grabbing your prospects till increasing your revenue, the chatbot will be the solution that helps you in this journey. 

Your strategies will work when your customers or prospects know your product, they consider your product as an option. Have you ever noticed, in 2020, the chatbot will be an essential part of the business? Because today’s situation is drowning us into the crisis. 

What is today’s situation?

If we see today’s situation of the pandemic, we realize the value of technology and how we are dependent on technical powers. Some businesses collapsed but numerous industries are still running smoothly. The main reason behind this is many leading businesses adopt technology and they are used to work remotely, they have a well-organized structure and strategies and well-developed technologies. 

Those industries that do not even concentrate on technical power, would face a huge crisis. (That is unbearable). Meanwhile, some industries are looking for a specific tool to optimize their customer churn rate and engage their customers even in this situation.

If you are still stuck on thinking about what should be that tool than my friend, that is “chatbot”. You can find all in one bundle. The delicacy of chatbot features is assisting your folks, responding to their queries, greeting them, letting them know your new arrivals and discounts offer, and other more facilities. 

In fact, 80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation by 2020 (Outgrow, 2018)

A large number of industries, corporate sectors, marketplaces know the worth of chatbots automation. They get the advantage of the chatbots to demonstrate an immense capacity of spreading their business. No doubt, bots are taking over!

Chatbot Features-That fascinates you!

Imagine you just conducted an interview and concluded that the guy is a smart, hard worker, punctual with flexible timing, and a real go-getter. Also, he works for you at a reasonable salary. Would you hire him or not? If your answer is “yes”, then you want a chatbot.

Chatbot features get everyone’s attention when someone obsessed is talking over chatbots. Many business insiders show their remarkable experience about the chatbot and they recommend others to get involved if they want to grow their sales and generate profits. It is not that easy to say, obviously, they take advantage of the chatbot, experience it, and gain something huge. 

Building a chatbot is an easy task because this super automation doesn’t need any platform to gather programmers and then it starts to work. Simply you just need to analyze your requirements, your product, and your prospect.

 “A good bot makes for great customer service. They reduce agents’ workload, improve response times, and eliminate dreaded, scratchy, on-hold music. If you design your chatbots with these guidelines in mind, they have the potential to transform your support.”

By looking at all these matters, your chatbot is ready to go. Let’s explore chatbot features that give the advantage to utilize chatbots. 

Automated Response 24/7

Because chatbots automation is made for the chit chat, so why are you in trouble for engaging your customers? Yes, chatbot automatically responds to your customers without delay a second. 

Not only automated response fascinates the users but this service you can avail every second of the day. The first-rate benefit of the chatbot is, it assists every individual in every second of the day. 

Chatbot Service

Even the slightest message of “hi” will surely be answered by chatbots. You just need to command the chatbots and increase the ability gradually for your needs.

Video Calling is Another Big Bang

Your customers can connect with you via video call support. It gives an insight experience with your customers. It gives you a chance to understand their issues, create engagements, and face-to-face interactions. 57% Of online consumers trust video demos of the product. Just a click away, your chatbot connects your audience with an insight calling experience.

Video calling boosts your satisfaction rate by sorting out customers’ difficulties and issues. You can thoroughly know the problematic situation and be ready to give insightful solutions to the customers. This chatbot feature equip you to transform your business by elevating the trust level.

Conversation Forms for Generating Leads

One of the best features of the chatbot is it brings customers to you. By fetching their data, it allows you to connect with them and build customer relations. The more loyal you are, the more customer recommendations you have. Nowadays people rely on word of mouth.

 As you can see in the infographic, you can see how chatbots take over the industries.

Chatbot Stats
Source: Relinns Technologies

People share their experiences and others also crave it. Generate leads and stay conceded with them clarifies your business growth up to 10x. 57% of businesses that agree chatbot deliver large ROI with minimal effort.

Different Templates You can Use

The advantage of the chatbots is, it works independently and regardless of demographics. Your chatbots are on your website or other apps, they definitely work for everyone. You make templates even for birthdays specials, any festivals, or any events. Chatbots are ready to greet them to optimize the customer experience.

FAQ Chatbot for FAQs

Tired with your FAQ page just because no one can find their related concerns? If yes, then why are you still not trying FAQchatbot. It gives you immense sense to convert your FAQs into chatbots. People just need to enter what they are looking for and the chatbot gives an answer in just a second. 

Botsify FAQ Chatbot
Source: FAQ chatbot Botsify

No frustration of finding the relative concern and it will surely reduce bouncing rate. If you are ready to converse your FAQ page into FAQbot, botsify gives you a platform where you can pick what you want. 

Analyze Your Chatbot

Trying chatbot and not getting what you want is not possible. You should keep an eye on chatbot too so we make your path easy by providing analytics data to demonstrate how your chatbot works. You can frequently check your chatbot performance, like botsify added analytics option at their dashboard, so your work operates easy peasy!

Botsify Chatbot Analytics
Source: Botsify

Media Block and Buttons for Direct Instruction

In this feature, you have almost done with your sales. How? People want to insight into your product, try it, and then make a decision. The advantage of the chatbot is another level of satisfaction. 

This chatbot feature will embed images of your products, your visitor will just tell them what they want, chatbot shows all the related products in a jiffy. The direct button will make it easy to choose what they want. If they want to add-in cart, a button makes it happen in a single click. 

Botsify Chatbot Media Block and Buttons
Source: B`otsify

Various other chatbot features are in the queue, but let’s make it a little shorter and move forward to know how many industries will benefit from the chatbots. 

Industries That Get Benefited With Chatbots

Application of chatbot in the businesses is not a new trend but the number of increasing users of the chatbot is proof of how successful it works. Most of the humans are replacing bots to handle different tasks and for better performance. 

As you heard, robots are working as waiter services in lavish restaurants. There are several other examples as well. Think about different industries, what they use for communication purposes when a huge pool of customers come along with queries. I believe you think about customer support agents. Every business has products or services, they have customers and customers investigate your products, raise questions, and this process will be going on. 

Don’t tire yourself, as others use Chabot, you also can do this. Let’s dive in and see which of the industries takes the best advantage of the chatbot and how a chatbot works for different types of industries. 

Healthcare Industry

We all are witnesses of today’s circumstances. People need doctor’s appointments, location of nearby hospitals, awareness campaigns, need to allocate symptoms, and what precautionary measures have to be taken. Ohhh!! And suddenly you come out with frustration because you can’t go outside just to save your life.

The Healthcare sector takes advantage of the chatbot to allocate all these queries and to help their patients resourcefully. Do you know, “The message alert of COVID19 by WHO has already been reached to 2 billion people through WhatsApp.”

Your MD made a chatbot in 2017, based on a symptom checker. For example, if a person visits a healthcare chatbot, he might have a runny nose and slight fever. Chatbot suggests his medicine and if he wants to schedule an appointment with a doctor, this will also be done by the chatbot. 

It is an excellent and user-friendly online first aid or medical service provider. It is the source of providing healthcare tips and many people are still using this bot.

Healthcare Chatbot Your.MD

Education Sector

As Technology Expert Kyla Matthews explains it:

“Kids are growing up with tablets in their hands, so teaching them about new technology and programs will only serve to prepare them for the wider world. Not to mention, technology can make a teacher’s job much easier”

The most intellectual era cannot emerge without hardworking students. AI transforms the way of learning and we can say it provides an intelligent tutoring system. It helps to encourage students and gives a dedicated learning environment for their learning process. 

Either students want to know about schedules, or want to know the topic of discussion, chatbot features never disappoint any of us. The benefit of the chatbot is transforming traditional processes into technical processes. 

Students also get interested in this tool and are more friendly to talk with. They may resolve their queries regarding their assignments, their courses, fees structure, the suggestion of the best institute, and other problematic issues. 

Healthcare Chatbot Your.MD Healthcare Chatbot Your.MD

The burden on facilitators also releases after embedding chatbots on your site because chatbot works like a “virtual assistant” that works for your students even when they are at home. 

Online Business 

I am tagging this industry with “The huge industry so far”. Online businesses trending all over the world. No one is deprived of imported things because all of them can buy all products through online service. The advantage of the chatbot cannot be ignored here because this is the tool where everyone can sell products throughout the world by communicating and interacting with customers worldwide.

The online retailers know the struggle behind their business. How difficult it is to handle your customers, their queries, how they optimize customer experience, and other all factors. Technology accommodates the online industry and produces a tool to help them in increasing their sales flow. 

If you have an online clothing business, you have to satisfy your prospects with high-resolution images, high-speed website, well-versed policies, shipping and tracking query and the list goes on. Dealing with all requirements, still, online marketing stands out in the crowd and performs well with the help of digital media.

Revolution in online businesses spread globally and it only needs to fill the gap between customers’ and retailers’ communication processes. By yielding the advantage of the chatbot, it mod cons for the customers. To gratify the prospects, you don’t need to interact physically, but a chatbot is your personal need. 

One of the benefits you can take from the chatbot feature is, it eliminates communication hurdles and tries to fix all the problems of the customers. In case, your visitor gets to know about the shipping process or tracking their order, Have a squint, how easily people get their query from the chatbot, and how quickly they get what they are concerned for!

Healthcare Chatbot Your.MDHealthcare Chatbot Your.MD

Food Industry

The food industry has a separate place in our industries. One of the industries that have experienced the most success with chatbots. From booking your table to ordering at your doorstep, chatbot tirelessly works for the food industry. Want to know the best place for dining in, or location of a restaurant, just one click away. Your queries are resolved with the superpower chatbot. 

The food industry gets the advantage of the chatbot relatively more than other industries. Many leading restaurants build chatbots on social sites and win a large number of customers on a daily basis. In this situation of the pandemic, their business never stops running just because they have strong support agents like chatbots. 

You might have tried Domino’s pizza, one of the delicious pizzas they have. They use the simplest chatbot to acquire customers’ orders. You just tap buttons, no need to call customer service to place your order. Look how simple is that!  

Domino's pizza Chatbot food industry
Source: ClickZ

However, the benefit of the chatbot for restaurants is the primary source of getting in touch with your customers. All the foodies get their food with the easiest application of chatbot. The advantage of utilizing chatbot in restaurants is, it provides menu, suggestion, flavors, price, and tracks their order in a quite simple way. 

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has a great command of chatbot features. More than 20 iconic brands and other retailers have trusted on deploying chatbot. For the fashion industry, the chatbot is the source of enhancing customer experience, generating leads, and increasing sales. The main focus of the fashion industry you can see in the below stats!

Online Store industry Tidio
People never get tired of clothes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. ?

After all, one of the most in-demand essentials is available in both online and offline stores. A huge platform of e-commerce supports fashion brands to enhance their business flows. It says that approximately 40% of people of all ages prefer to use chatbots when shopping online. (Tidio)

To provide ease and make the simplest way of the selling process, chatbot plays a vital role in it. It carries all the related stuff that people ask for. The way chatbot suggests the best outfit with a luxury handbag, fills the customers’ needs instantly. 

The process to assist your customers will be going on 24/7. Additionally, it also improves customer experience and customer acquisition that makes them potential customers in a very short time. 

In this cut-throat world of fashion, many fashion brands potentially work on superpower AI technology for satisfying their customer needs. It gets more challenging but leading brands share their experience by taking all the measures.

Burberry chatbots invite you to see the most appealing outfits with other accessories. All the collection is tagged with the proper pricing structure, just after clicking on “shop now”.

Burberry Clothing Chatbot
Source: Medium

The systematic way of selling your products needs more convincing power. They take the best advantage of the chatbot features by analyzing their style. It reflects on what they need to suggest to them, then it will be easy to grab customers’ attention.  

Real Estate Industry

You are the seller or buyer, in both cases, you need immediate response when you initially investigate a piece of land, house, or building. Before making a buying decision, you promptly investigate each and everything. More than half the investigation we do on calls or text-based messages. But still, you can’t take out time to manage all the queries in an immediate priority. But if your client interacts with the chatbot, then no worries!

Real Estate Industry Chatbot Botsify
Source: TARS

A Real estate agency using Botsify chatbot service and generating high profit. The real estate business tackled this challenge with the application of chatbot. You may indulge any other of clients’ genuine issues, here chatbot initiates with generating leads by responding to common queries regarding their concerns. As per data, More than 28% of real estate businesses now use chatbots. (Chatbot Magazine)

Many real estate agencies come across these types of hurdles. They all witness that deploying chatbot makes their operations the easiest. Look how chatbot concludes your prospect needs!

Travel & Tours Industry

Being a travel geek, one of the fastest-growing industries is the travel agency where I personally experienced travel agency chatbot. As soon as travel agencies create hype on social media and all of a sudden, people crave for gathering information, booking & reservations, and advance payment. Because people love traveling and want to spend quality time with their families and friends. It is not a seasonal business but continuous business throughout the year.

Several travel industries get a flow of customers and manage their queries by taking advantage of chatbot features. Chatbot purposefully works for gathering information, guide locations, letting them know with upcoming tours, and much more. 

Source: Botstar

Creating a chatbot is a handful of experiences for improving customers’ experience and loyalty. Additionally, chatbot simplifies the initial queries or FAQ based queries and acts as a virtual travel agent. However, bots are equipped with many tasks and handle them with the smartest action. 

Final Touch

As we discussed above all the top 7 industries, but do you know all the industries rather it can be manufacturing or non-manufacturing, if they know the best application of chatbot, they will utilize chatbots without hesitation. To optimize customer support, increase conversion rates, reduce cost, and generate revenue all the industry gets benefited for this dominant tool. 

Let’s take the advantage of the chatbots and try to reduce your workload. Botsify struggles to optimize industry growth by providing fully managed chatbots for your desired industry. Book a demo or try botsify chatbots for the free trial for your customer’s ease. 

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