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Chatbot Trends To Look In 2022

This piece will tell you about what the chatbot trends 2022 would be like and which of the trends are to look for. Here is what this piece of writing would have:

At some stage, we might have come across the term “chatbots”. Some of you would have taken no notice of it and some might have.  Are you the one who shuts the eye on that popped-up chatbox? No need to worry, even if you are. Learning about chatbots is fun and easy. However, you just need to look upon certain things, and, voila you are a chatbot champ now!

Here, in this piece of writing, you would know about chatbots. Also, what are the trends of chatbots to look in 2020?

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What is a Chatbot?

To indulge in a certain domain it is smarter to know its basics. However, starting with the basic knowledge of chatbots would be ideal to know. So, basically what are chatbots

Chatbots are technically software application that uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing that helps the customer/reader to understand well about the product and services. It is the same as talking to customer service. Also, the chatbots do understand the needs of a human, which certainly stands it better than the others.

An Outlook Of Chatbot From 2014 to 2025:

Chatbots certainly have a future and not only the future but in today’s era, it has a massive market too. Did you know? The first-ever chatbot built in the 1960s and it was named ELZA. However, if you look at 5 years back the chatbots were not that active as if they are now.  Also, the chatbot latest trends have changed the view and perspective of the chatbot. 

chatbot latest trends

Graphical representation of the travel & tourism chatbots and how they are growing with the passage of time 

It shows that the ‘chatbot trends 2022’ created a huge impact and with its influence, the next 5 years would be a greater market for the chatbots. Moreover, there are 1.4 billion people who are using a chatbot.

Did You Know?

  1. Up to 30%,  the chatbots can cut operational costs (smallbizgenius)
  2. By 2021, 85% of the customer interaction will be done without human assistance (smallbizgenius)
  3. In 2018, there were over 300,000 chatbots on Facebook (smallbizgenius)
  4. In the emergency circumstances, 37% of the people use chatbots for their queries (smallbizgenius)
  5. With the passage of time, half of the business plan is to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps (smallbizgenius)
  6. By the end of 2019, nearly a quarter of the world’s population was using chatbots (Chatbots Magazine) 
  7. By the year 2021, $5 billion would be invested in chatbots (Chatbots Magazine)
  8. 160% of the interest will be increased in chatbots by 2021 (Gartner)
  9. By the end of 2023, the companies are expected to save 2.5 billion customer service hours by using chatbots (Chatbots Life)
  10. 80% of the entrepreneur will be using chatbots by the end of 2020 (Chatbots Magazine) (SiteVisibility)

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Insights and Analytics with Chatbot:

For any corporation, Insights and Analytics are mandatory, because without it the knowledge of the outcome and results would be difficult. But what is it about Insights and Analytics with Chatbot? Here in this piece of writing, you will know about it.

To know about the tracking, extracting, or analysis of the data analytics insights. The insights and analytics help you understand the requirements of the customer better because at the end of the time it is the day it is the customer and its gratification that matters.

How does it help to increase the business scale? Certainly, it is one of the best latest chatbot trends to follow because it not only helps the corporation but the user too in many ways. However, striking back at the question. It helps in growing the business as it keeps the records of the data that is of each question and every answer delivered. 

The record entirely helps the business to grow and helps in understanding the customers better. 

chatbot analytics

Here is the general analytics of a beginner-level bot created by botsify. 

Voice Chatbots:

Voice chatbots are a must in the top chatbot trends list because certainly, it has created a massive difference. Why is that? It is because the customers do prefer voice as it gives the impact of trust and confidence.

Did you know? By the end of 2022, many of the companies will be using the voice bots for their customer service. 

According to the Forbes article,  by the year 2022, 50% of the searches would be based on voice. Also, the research from Accenture, states that the “digital customers do prefer platforms that have voice and text-based interface”

The voice chatbots lie among the chatbot latest trends and it is because of its uniqueness and distinct property, it is famous and many of the companies are looking forward to building voice chatbots for their companies.

You may know: Amazon has sold over 100 million devices with a built-in Alexa feature. Furthermore, over 20,000 skills of the Alexa store are there at the moment of chase the target. 

chatbot latest trends

Graphical representation of the voice assistance 2019

Smarter AI Chatbot:

Without a doubt, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a future of technology and gives an enormous part in the latest chatbot trends, which helps in making a huge impact. 

What is it about the AI chatbots? The AI chatbots are one of the types of chatbots and an astounding one among the rest types. The AI bots are much more sensible and responsive than any other bot. Moreover, if your bot is an AI-based bot then it is more likely to succeed than sequential chatbots.

top chatbot trends

Graphical representation of the consumers accepting the smarter AI chatbots

An AI-based chatbot deploys through numerous platforms and certainly ranks the best among all. Did you know? The AI-based chatbots are capable of delivering messages and showing personal experiences to the clients and customers. One of the best examples of AI chatbots is the chatbot of the ‘Bank of America’. Their chatbot can solve almost any customer query. It is because their chatbot is built with such extraordinary features of Artificial Intelligence. 

Not only the banks but many of the insurance companies are wholly using the beginner level of the AI system. Also, they are dividing the insurance area-wise, in order, to claim easily. However, it is convenient for the user too because the person would know when and where to approach.

Do You Need A Chatbot For Your Business?

In recent years, chatbots have grown in popularity. These programs enable people to converse with one another. Some are programmed to respond to simple questions, while others are more advanced and can comprehend more complex requests. As a result, social messaging networks such as Facebook, Telegram, and Slack have embraced similar applications.

AI chatbots and machine learning have simplified the process of gathering corporate intelligence. Having a chatbot on your website helps you to collect customer information. You can use this information to acquire significant insights by analyzing it. You can determine what they enjoy and don’t like by their preferences. This can assist you in developing new goods and improving service delivery in response to customer needs.

Obtaining business intelligence has become easier thanks to AI chatbots and machine learning. You can collect data on your customers by having a chatbot on your website. This information can be analyzed to provide useful information. You can tell what they enjoy and don’t like by observing their preferences and dislikes. This can aid in the development of new goods and the enhancement of service delivery in response to their needs.

Conversational Chatbots – The Rise Of Conversational Chatbots:

chatbot marketing

Conversation between customer and Botsify’s chatbot

One of the finest traits of conversational chatbots is that they are very much flexible. Its flexibility can be judged by the fact that it can work with both that are the simple queries and AI-based too. 

Moreover, when the bot is managed with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Processing Language then it is certain that conversational chatbots will rise. In addition, it makes a remarkable presence in chatbot latest trends, worldwide.

Enterprise Chatbots:

The enterprise chatbots are a different type of chatbot, it includes dealing with automating tasks, such as payroll, hiring, or recruitment. The chatbot trends 2022 revolves around one of the finest types of chatbots that is Enterprise Chatbots. 

Did you know? Enterprise chatbots can handle multiple languages.

EI and EQ Chatbots:

To compete with the top chatbot trends it becomes necessary for the companies to make their chatbots more human-like. Certainly, to make a bot like human emotions and intelligence is necessary. The chatbot latest trends are chatbots with emotion and intelligence. 

The chatbots with emotional intelligence have a better performance than the chatbots with less or no emotion. Why? It is because people like to interact more with humans than to a bot. However, to build a successful emotionally intelligent chatbot the chatbots should be ready to deal with arrogant, frustrated, irritating, and unpleasant types of clients.

Adding to it, if the chatbot fails to understand what the customer wants then there is a possibility that the customer would never approach the brand.

Did you know? 37% of the customers do not revert back to the chatbots who fail to answer them. 

Chatbots can cut operational costs for your business

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NLP Chatbots:

The NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, these chatbots are more or less like EI and EQ chatbots. Many companies are including these in their domain as firstly, it falls under the chatbot trends 2022 secondly, it better understands the user. 

Do you know? If there is no language barrier the chatbots become unstoppable.

However, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, the NLP chatbots could interpret, recognize, and understand. Technically, it deals with human language inputs and makes the use of chatbots easy.

Chatbots Call Center – Chatbots To Take Over Customer Service:

chatbot greetings

The chatbot trends 2022 list is certainly incomplete without the chatbots call center service. It is because every company must have a customer service department to engage and respond to the queries of the customers. Moreover, the new feature that is chatbots call center has undoubtedly made a mark in the market.

When the NLP and AI are mixed together the result is astonishing and breathtaking which is Chatbots with Call Center feature.  Also, fully automated calls will soon be the future, furthermore, according to the chatbot latest trends, it can clearly be said that chatbot call services will take over customer service. 

Did you know? 70% of the customers say that they do not prefer customer calling support. 

What is too good about the chatbots call center? They will never get tired nor they will get sick. Certainly, this way there would not be any loss of the company. Moreover, the chatbots call center would not need to make things understand numerous times. Once the command is entered there would not be any need to re-enter the command(s).

Health Chatbot:

Who is not aware of the pandemic situation which the world is facing, due to COVID19. Certainly, it is a tragic situation, moreover, it has impacted a lot of businesses. But due to it, the chatbot trends 2022 came into action and companies like Botsify made a health bot to guide about the situation. 

Chatbot trends 2020

Also,  the biggest organization of health that is WHO took a step and created a chatbot to make people aware. 

WHO took a step forward and created a chatbot via Facebook Messenger. The platform is solely created to aware people regarding COVID19, also, to give them accurate information about the pandemic.

The biggest advantage of chatbot created by WHO is that it can be accessed into numerous languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, and Arabic. 

Did you know? The message alert of COVID19 by WHO has already been reached to 2 billion people through WhatsApp.

Chatbot trends 2020


WHO health service through WhatsApp

How Botsify Took A Step Forward In Chatbot Trends 2020 And Created Video Call Support In Chatbot:

Botsify is one of the biggest chatbot platforms and it is vivid with the new feature Video Call Support, as it helps the customer to communicate in a better way. 

The user does not have to do anything, the agent would ask itself to join video chat for a better understanding.

Here is how it will work:

Chatbot trends 2020

Just click on the link and you will be directed to the video call chat, with one of the best Botsify’s agents.

Upcoming Chatbot Trends 2022 To Look On For Upscaling Business Level:

Half of the year 2022 has already passed but it seems like chatbot trends 2022 is not over yet. It is increasing day-by-by and the rest of the year seems to be flooded with the upcoming chatbot trend in 2022.

Back in 2019, the top industries that were making a profit from chatbots were mainly, real estate, travel, education, healthcare, and finance industries. But now almost each of the industries is making a profit from chatbots.

The following are the upcoming chatbot trends in 2022 that work the best with all businesses. Also, it helps to upscale the horizon of businesses.

  1. Chatbots for engaging customers
  2. More friendly chatbots
  3. Chatbots for customer services
  4. 24/7 availability of the chatbot
  5. Improved user experience 

In a Nutshell:

To summarize, chatbot trends 2022 has created a hype, and certainly, many of the companies took advantage of the hype and contributed to the chatbot latest trends, which helped a lot of the businesses too. 

Moreover, if the businesses may use chatbot back and forth, and keep updated with the top chatbot trends, then there is no chance to fall off. 


Chatbots can cut operational costs for your business

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