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As the world is more connected than ever now, the need for multi-language support has become a necessity for every technology that wants to stay in the game.

Talking about the technology, we must emphasize the constant advancement Artificial Intelligence has made in the past 2 years.

According to Forbes, we are currently surrounded by the second generation of AI chatbots that came a long way from being too-robotic, and error-producing to a much advanced and comprehensive version 2.0.

For that matter, one of the most jaw-dropping enhancements in this area was the ability of a chatbot to understand and respond to not just one but hundreds of languages.

This cool addition to a chatbot's capabilities makes them a must-have optimization tool for brands because if they are trying to step outside of their local market and reach out to other regions in the world this could be an excellent option for their customer support.

What's the Need?

Customers prefer to interact in their native language; it doesn't matter if you are an online business or a physical store.

As a matter of fact, research conducted by Common Sense Advisory on buyers from 10 different countries shows that:

  • Around 60 percent of customers do not prefer making a purchase via standard English-only sites.
  • 75 percent of them want to shop in their native language and
  • 67 percent of consumers like to see content in their own language

Which means that the majority of actual customers who would generate your business, want to have the entire experience in their native language.

So, why not Hire a Local Support Agent then?

Sure you can! There are many options for you to localize your brand for a specific region you want to hit.
You can translate your web pages, FAQs and hire Local Customer Support agents in every native language your customers might speak.

Or a highly cost-effective and fast responding chatbot will do it all for your business and make it easier to keep a track of your customer queries and fasten the resolution rate.

Lucky for you - Botsify Chatbots are just right in the league!

You can create a Context-Aware Multi-Language chatbot that not only understands multiple languages but picks up any languages that you choose for your bot to respond to and answers your customer’s queries in that very language.

Pretty cool huh?

So without any blabbering and jabbering, let's get to the part where we show you how you can create an awesome Multi-Language Chatbot for your Website and Facebook Messenger!

Step-by-step Guide to Create a Multi-Language Chatbot Using Botsify

In order to begin, you will first need to have a Botsify account.

  • Once you are logged in, from your top left drop down on your Botsify Dashboard, go to Chatbot AI →Story.

  • Go to Create a Story and in the User Message add keywords in any language you want. And in the Bot Message type the response you want your chatbot to send when a user says something that contains any of these keywords.

  • Let's try a single query in 3 different languages to see if our Bot can respond in the same language or not.
  • First, let's make a story using stand English language. I have set up a Keyword Match for user queries. It helps the chatbot responding to various contexts a question has been asked.

  • Then make another story using the same or similar keywords in the Arabic Language as well as the chatbot response

  • And lastly, make another story using the same keywords and bot response in the Spanish Language.

Now that you have created your stories in multiple languages, its time to put your Botsify Chatbot to test!

  • On the bottom right of your screen look for this floating icon that says 'Test your Bot here'

  • Click on this icon and try any of the predetermined keywords that you set up for your chatbot in all 3 languages separately.

  • To see if the chatbot is picking the language I entered the designated keywords as well as a complete phrase to see if it works either way.


Your multi-language chatbot is ready to respond to queries in various languages. You can make as many stories in as many languages you want and our chatbots will never fail to impress your regional audience.

To learn more about how to create a Chatbot with Botsify and how to make it more intelligent you can check our help section.

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