5 Growth Marketing Strategies to boost up your business in 2020

The world is approaching about 200 million companies around the world! It is very difficult to commence your target audience in this huge competition! To stand-out between your competitors, you need to think OUT OF THE BOX!

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Planning growth marketing strategies are all about entertaining your loyal customers through healthy and interactive marketing tactics. Your marketing manager should make the growth marketing strategies that create a loyal user base.

Growth Marketing Strategies helps you get new leads and customers by using a loop-hole or a feature of already existing platforms. It keeps you updated with the latest market demands. You can collect enough data which can be used in the future decision. Growth is important for any company.

As Wealthfront’s VP of Growth Andy Johns said:

“If finance owns the flow of cash in and out of a company, growth owns the flow of customers in and out of a product.”

generate leads

Growth is dependent on the depth of sorting the profiles, the deeper you dug and analyze the user the more accurate leads you’ll get.

Generate Leads

Let’s Learn How to Apply these 5 Growth Marketing Strategies for the Growth of Your Business!

1. How to Generate Leads from Linkedin

Linkedin is one of the best platforms to grab a huge amount of genuine leads. All you need is to work smartly and use tactics that could build the interest in your audience towards your content.

Not sure if this adds any value or it’s a required step for this strategy?

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Tools you will need:

You will need to have accounts on LinkedIn, and PhantomBustom to carry out this growth strategy successfully.

Step 1: Find a Linkedin post which is getting a huge number of comments and likes. Just like the one shown below. Find your competitor’s post and copy the URL

linkedIn post engagement

Copy and paste the URL in a new tab.

Go to Phantombuster’ Linkedin Post Likers API


All that you need is:

– Copy our session cookie from LinkedIn.

– The URL of a LinkedIn post you want to grab followers from

– The name of the CSV file you want to create

For Linkedin Session Cookie: Go to Linkedin > Right-click anywhere and click on “Inspect”


Find the “Application” on the right bar hidden under arrows ‘>>’.


Select “Cookies” > “http://www.linkedin.com” on the left menu.

Search and copy “li_at”


In the Dialogue Box:

– Paste session cookie in Session Cookie Field (directed above)

– Create a Google Spreadsheet and change its privacy to public and editable.

– Copy your Google spreadsheet URL so that you can get all your data on that.

– After that, paste the Linkedin post URL you want to gather an audience from.

– Choose a name of resulting CSV file and hit Save

name of  file

You will be directed to a new window > click LAUNCH!

Launch API

The process might take a couple of minutes to a few hours depending on the number of followers. Once you hit launch, you’ll be taken to this screen:

linkedin post likes

When you’ll get all the links, you can save it to your Google Spreadsheet.

Now Go to Phantombuster LinkedIn Profile Scraper API you will get tons of data of people engaging with your competitors by following few steps!


Click on “Configure me!”

Insert details on the dialogue box popped-up:

details on the dialogue box

You will receive all the data from these LinkedIn profiles with a detailed output like :

extracted sheet of URL's

Step 2: Create Connections with the Profiles

You cannot connect with the list of thousands of connections manually. Auto-connect with your competitor’s followers by using the tool, Phantombuster Auto-Endorse. Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Don’t forget to create a post that competes with your competitors so that your followers find it more interesting.

You will need:

– Your Linkedin session cookie

– Spreadsheet URL

– No. of profiles to get endorsed per launch

linkedin auto endorse

Put all the details and launch it!

You will be directed to the page like this:

database linkedin

From here, you’ll get the list of connections being auto-endorsed from your Linkedin Account. Manually this process would take a lot of time and resources. Auto-endorsement will break the ice between you and your followers! Break it and have fun! Work Smarter and quicker to grow your market rapidly!

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2. How to Build Facebook Custom Audience from your Competitor Facebook Groups

Spending too much money on Facebook ads is not a good idea if you are a startup company. Here are the tips to extract relevant leads from your competitor’s Facebook group without much efforts and time!

Step 1: Extract URLs from Facebook Group

Join groups that are related to your company.

Go to Phantombuster Facebook Group Extractor and extract the profiles with their basic information like name and their job title.

facebook groups

All that you need is:

– Your c_user and xs session cookies from Facebook

– The link of a Google Spreadsheet (or CSV) with Facebook groups URLs in it, OR the direct link of a Facebook group (group should be public, or you must be a member of these groups)

– No. of members per group: The number of members you want to collect per group. You can leave it, the API will scrape all the group members

– No. members per launch: If you want to scrape all members from a huge single group, choose to retrieve the data in several short launches instead of a long one

Click on “?” to learn how to get session cookie or :

Right-click anywhere on your Facebook Profile

Go to Inspect


From Right Tab find “>> Application”

Go to Cookies

First, copy Session Cookie c-user and paste it on session cookie c-user

then copy, “xs” and paste it on “Session Cookie xs”

Session Cookie
facebook group extractor

Fill in the required fields and hit launch!

You will get your Google Spreadsheet or you can download CSV file. Look through the member list if you have targeted the right market or not.

spreadsheet of groups

Step 2: Use Dux-Soup to get their Linkedin URLs

Dux-Soup grabs first and last names, work nature, job titles company domains and its size through Linkedin profiles.

Get the LinkedIn URLs from Linkedin Post Likers and start processing it in Dux-Soup. You can also export all the Linkedin URLs in a CSV file.

Note: If you want personal emails, you can buy Dux-Soup’s Revisit Data feature in $15/month

Download the Dux-Soup.CSV template. It extracts first and last names from the profiles. You can get CSV templates from here Paste the Linked URLs in the ‘Profile’ column

download template

Dux-Soup will update the rest of the data once it revisited the LinkedIn URLs in the ‘Profile column’

captured profiles

Hit ‘Visit Profiles’ from the Dux.

Now Dux-Soup will provide you personal emails.

dux store

Dux-Soup has a point system where 1 Dux point is good for 1 email address return This is how they source all those emails from Linkedin.

The return rate is about 90%

This is the best option for startup companies where the entrepreneurs are not sure if they’ll get the sales or not and if they are targeting the right audience.

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3. Building a chatbot is the ladder of Growth Marketing Strategies

A Chatbot is a personalized way of one-to-one conversational marketing.

Step 1: Grow your social audience when someone comments on your Facebook post Technology have developed a lot! And people don’t have enough time to search and read. What if you send them a personalized message which lets them read your write-ups with keen interest when they comment on your Facebook post.

Seems unbelievable?


Let me tell you how!

Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

There are many benefits to get connected with your followers through Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

– You can exchange ideas with your like-minded connections

– You can send your new write-ups in their inbox when they subscribe you

– You can stay connected with your new and old followers through Auto follow-ups

– You can gather contact information through Conversational Forms in your CRM or Google Spreadsheet

To create a chatbot, I would prefer Botsify Inc. as it is very user-friendly. You can create AI-powered chatbots in 5 minutes without coding knowledge.

get registered-botsify

You can register yourself and start your 14 days free trial first.

botsify features

Select your Criteria. I have selected “Build Messenger Audience for Facebook”

connect with facebook

Select your existing Facebook Page if you have or “Create New”

setting chatbot audience

You will be directed to another page. Select your plan according to how do you want to build your Chatbot Audience. I have selected “Acquire Users From Facebook Post Comments”

setup comment optin

Now fill 3 quick fields to continue working.

1. Keywords on which you want to answer your commenter.

2. Select the post from drop-down you want to turn on Auto-respond to comments

3. Create an auto message you want to send to the commenter.

messenger list

Here We Go!

Your post is ready! Now you can work on your latest growth marketing strategy for your business! Now go to your post and comment on any of the keywords you have put.

See how it works!

how it works

Chatbots are a great way to communicate with your leads. It plays a vital role in growth marketing. You can extract basic contact details of your user and gather them in CRM or Google spreadsheets to use it further in email marketing.

Create Content that is more engaging so that your followers turn on the notifications of your page. Whenever you post any valuable content, your followers will like, comment and share it. In this way, you’ll reach the target of your growth marketing strategies.

Write a post that might raise questions. Turn on post comments so that whenever someone asks questions on your blog post, you can answer them in person too!

It will leave a great impact on your reader and he will find you promising!

well, that’s the great strategy

want to try Botsify Chatbot?

Create a Chatbot

4. Create Cold Email Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Once you have got a list of emails from Linkedin and Facebook through Phantombusters, it’s time to create a mailing campaign for your business through Mailshake.

Sign-up with Mailshake

Email Campaigns

Create Mailing Campaigns


Note: Send 1 sequence to 75 people/day.

Before sending emails preview six emails to ensure all fields are filled like first name, city name etc.

map csv columns

This column is for creating the format of your email.

Copy and paste your email content which you have drafted for the campaign.

Check if the format looks good!

You can now schedule your email campaign and send it to your leads!

5. How to Hack SEO and Content Marketing With Ahrefs

Do you also want to become one of the top content writers on Google?

Looking for content ideas with zero difficulties that could bring a lot of organic traffic on your website? Ahrefs has made it easier for us!

Follow these easy steps to get Ahrefs!

Go to “Ahrefs Content Explorer” and write the keyword you want to search. I have searched for “Growth Marketing Strategies”


Now hit search! You will be directed to another window which looks like this:


Go to “Organic Traffic” and enter “1000” in the “From” field.

Click Apply!

From this option, Content Explorer will only show the content with 1000 Organic Traffic/month.


Now under the “Referring Domains” enter “0” in “To” field.

Click Apply!

You will be directed to all the articles with:

– More than 1,000 organic traffic/month and

– ZERO backlinks

These articles receive tons of traffic without any effort in affiliate marketing.


You will find a list of articles from which you can take an idea and create your own Content Title. There are a lot of companies that help you in making Growth Marketing Strategies!

By following the above strategies you can:

– Create a Successful long-term relationship with customers

– Drive demands for your business with new leads from Linkedin

– Automatically response to your customer questions & keywords on a Facebook post

– Automate the follow up with the cold prospects

You may also like this foolproof growth marketing strategy guide including 230+ Customer Acquisition Tactics to Scale Your Business.

Growth marketing strategies can be varied according to your marketing campaigns. All you have to do is to focus on creating content that engages your customers more often and create the customer experience.

what are your thoughts about these strategies?

let us know in the comment section below…

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