Why is it essential to have a chatbot if you are a B2B training provider?

Being a marketing professional in the B2B training and development industry, I spend half of my day searching for new ways to promote our training programs and trying new marketing strategies. Trust me, employee training & development industry is highly competitive. Before few years there were only a few B2B training providers in the industry. Expansion of the training and development industry has made it highly competitive. There is plenty of fish in the sea and companies have a hell lot of options.

Employee development is a strategic tool for any organization’s growth, productivity and ability to retain valuable employees. Hence, 90% of the companies are allocating a huge sum to develop employees from their annual budget. Due to an increase in website traffic, we thought of trying out a chatbot to provide a quality experience to our potential clients.

What is a chatbot?

Basically, a chatbot is computer software which is designed to communicate with humans (usually website visitors) via the internet.

Why we thought of using a chatbot for Trainergram?

To have real-time conversations

As I mentioned, with the increase in traffic, we need to provide our visitors with faster and efficient feedback. With the rat race, people do not have the time to spend hours searching for what they want. Usually, if they didn’t see what they want on our homepage there’s a high probability of them looking for another training provider. Hence, we use the chatbot with the help of AI to assist them throughout all the stages of their purchase journey.

It reduces our cost

Since the chatbot is automated, we don’t need to pay labour charges for a representative to be available and have conversations 24/7. The only thing we need to do is monitor the chatbot and that can be done anytime.

To gain Global Exposure

Actually, Trainergram is one of the global platforms, we provide training programs for companies in different parts of the world who use different languages. The chatbot helps us to be available during all of their working hours and communicate with them in the language they prefer.

To monitor customer data and get their insights

Customer is the king. For survival in the business field, customer feedback is essential. With the use of a chatbot, we carry out surveys on and off for the website visitors. Those surveys have assisted us to improve the customer experience and the functions related to the website.

To generate leads

Without good and strong leads sales is impossible. By automating good questions and carrying out a fruitful conversation with the customer we are able to collect leads and some visitors have recommended and shared details of their fellow colleagues and other potential clients.

Chatbot story is no fairytale. We faced and we are facing a lot of issues in the process of using a chatbot. such as,

• Availability of limited number of responses
• Technical issues
• Most customers prefer to have a conversation with a real person. So they avoid responding the chatbot
• Complex chatbots are really expensive

Remember not all businesses can use chatbots. Before deciding to invest in a chatbot, I highly recommend you to do market research and decide whether it is suitable for your business model and how to implement it in a way which suits your business model. Moreover, compare a few chatbot providers and get recommendations from the other professionals who are already using a chatbot in their business because of the success of the chatbot and maintaining it successfully depend on the provider.


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