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Seven Tips On How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your CDP

As a business owner, you must know the importance of data research and collection. Data is the new currency for doing two key things -the first is job creation, and the second is revolutionizing the market. 

If we look at the first part, we see a rising number of professionals who are data analysts and scientists. Both new and highly-established companies require data research to grow.

However, for anyone who follows the industry closely, it is interesting to note that large companies hire full-time, expensive researchers and analysts to make the most out of their customer data platform or CDP. But, small businesses and startups cannot do that due to a lack of resources. 

A feasible way to solve this problem is to hire a virtual assistant. A VA can solve the jigsaw puzzle of customer research without burning a hole in your pocket. However, before exploring other benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, it is crucial to understand how a Virtual Assistant can help you get the most out of your CDP. 

What is a CDP? 

A customer data platform (CDP) is a collection of software that creates a persistent, unified customer database accessible to other systems. A CDP pulls the data from multiple sources, cleans, and combines it to create a single customer profile. 

Some of its benefits are: 

  • CDP is helpful for data organization
  • It assists in managing customer relationships
  • It leads to unified marketing efforts. 
  • A CDP presents accurate and consolidated data.

These are the benefits of having a CDP. But, business owners need assistance to use customer data to make the right decisions. That is where the role of a virtual assistant begins. Here are some tips on how a Virtual Assistant can help you get the most out of your CDP

1. Can Help You In Identifying The Customer

The first step is to identify your customer. A virtual assistant can make customer profiling easy and quick to understand. 

A detailed description of a particular customer classification that represents users of a service or product is the customer profile. Customer profiling is a way to understand your users regarding certain factors such as; demographics, behavior, and lifestyle. 

Profiling is a method to help business owners make customer-focused decisions without confusing the project’s scope with personal opinions. Imagine the sales meeting where you can show off your company’s best features. Your business proposal will be an integral part of that, and it should include every detail about how customers can get in on this deal with just one phone call or email from their manager.

A virtual assistant comes with prior training in the same, making them an expert for such research-based tasks.

2. A VA Can Help You Process Bulk Data 

Processing bulk data requires attention to detail. It takes a lot of time to do the most simple tasks while processing enormous amounts of data. Business owners have so many responsibilities that it becomes a challenge for them to handle bulk data independently.

That is where a virtual assistant comes in. The experienced professional can make bulk data sorting convenient, so you can have it handy while making crucial decisions.

3. A Virtual Assistant Can Help With Data Management

Data management is a significant part of business handling. Virtual assistants have the relevant skills and training to ensure that your company data stays organized. It is not enough anymore to store your business documents in a regular cloud storage

In addition, data is valuable only when business owners can access it on time and in a legible form. Therefore, remote assistants have skills like advanced excel management, data spreadsheet management, etc., to segregate the customer data according to various categories. 

It is also an excellent way to keep track of data so that you can use it for years. In addition, you can use the organized data to present to investors. 

4. A Virtual Assistant Can Collaborate With Data Analysts 

Data analysts and researchers do in-depth data analysis to ensure profit growth and help with scalability. However, before data scientists can finalize the reports, they need to have a clear view of the data. Virtual assistants can help analysts with good data visualization and assist them in doing organized work.

5. A Virtual Assistant Help With Social Media – Recognizing Customer Behavior 

A social media virtual assistant can help you leverage your brand’s social media handles through CDP’s brand interaction data. You have access to the social media data that tells you how the audience reacts to a particular post. The data also reflects your conversion rate and reveals other essential insights. 

When you hire a virtual assistant to handle social media, they can use this data to your advantage. They can even help with other social media tasks – making a posting schedule, researching relevant content, helping with posting relevant content, and many other social media tasks. 

A social media manager can also handle leads and queries about your product and forward the necessary information to you that requires your direct intervention.

6. Can Help With Trend Analysis 

Trend analysis is a crucial activity for all businesses. A customer data platform supplies relevant information about ongoing trends in the market. An experienced virtual assistant can use their skills to help business owners with trend analysis. Having an idea of market trends allows you to do promotions effectively. 

Trend analysis also assists business owners in making relevant changes to their products or services. They get to know market insights and what their audience is looking for,” says Lewis Banks, marketing manager at LegalDrop.

7. Having A Virtual Assistant Is Time-Efficient 

All of the above points lead to the conclusion that hiring a virtual assistant can save a lot of your time. Just imagine, if you have to assess raw data, it may take you months or even years to reach an intelligent decision. But, with the help of a virtual assistant, small business founders can engage in swift decision-making to expedite the scaling process. 

Virtual assistants can make it easy for startups to grow by providing research or social media assistance, processing CDP data, etc. 

The list of tips on how a VA can help you comes to an end. However, when you start working with a VA, you come across several other benefits, depending on the kind of business you own. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

  • Make sure you check their research profile: If you want to make the most out of your customer data platform, please check that the virtual assistant has a clear idea of the research requirements. 
  • Be clear with what you want: Having clarity about what you are looking for is crucial for business success. Clarity helps business founders to hire the right fit for their business and ensure that work delegation starts on time. 
  • Check their background: A background check is vital before you hire a professional to maximize the profit through CDP information. The background check is a time-consuming process, but it is a viable way to know if the candidate is fit for the role or not.
  • Check their experience: Checking the expertise of a professional is also very important. A professional’s skills and experiences assure you that they are eligible for the role you offer. 

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Now that you are familiar with all the technicalities before hiring a virtual assistant let us move to the final step. 

Hiring a virtual assistant is easy as you can bring a professional on board in less than half an hour. How? By connecting with a virtual assistant agency. VA agencies such as Wishup can help you hire a virtual assistant in a hassle-free way. 

Business requirements differ for every company. Hence, wishup provides virtual assistants with relevant training to execute even the most challenging tasks. Researching and managing the data received from your CDP is one such task. 

When you hire a virtual assistant, the most beneficial thing you do is – cut your costs. Extending a point mentioned above, hiring a full-time executive can be 50% costlier than hiring a VA. Moreover, small businesses do not have the budget to employ highly-experienced experts. So instead, working with highly-experienced virtual assistants is a feasible option. 

Final Word

A customer data platform can provide you with solid insights about your users and audiences. But keep in mind that audiences are potential customers, and you can convert them to real and long-term customers with the proper support. 

At the same time, the right kind of support does not have to be expensive. So, hiring a virtual assistant can be your go-to solution. Just get in touch with wishup, tell your requirements and find the right VA to make the most out of your CDP. 


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