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Remote Recruitment Teams: Are HR ChatBots The Solution to Automate Activities and Save Time?

If you find the term “HR ChatBots” very virtual, you can choose to call them digital assistants. Call this conversational artificial intelligence whatever you like but there are several reasons why they’re game-changing for businesses and life-changing for HR professionals, especially for remote recruitment teams. 

“There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035.”

—Gray Scott

Scott has a reason to predict and believe this. Why? Let’s dive straight into it starting with some exciting facts.

HR ChatBots: The Future of AI-Powered Technology?

Here are some statistics and predictions that help us understand what ChatBots can actually solve for businesses when it comes to communications challenges during the recruiting process. 

  • Good recruitment ChatBots can help you save time by answering up to 80% of common inquiries in under a minute. This is especially useful given that more than half of all candidates give up on an organization if they don’t hear back within two weeks of applying. Furthermore, 31% of those applicants anticipate a personalized message, which chatbots can deliver since they use current data, machine learning, and natural language processing to tailor interactions.
  • According to CNBC, 75-90% of queries will be taken by ChatBots by 2024.

What Can HR ChatBots Be Used For?

From startups to well-established large corporations, chatbots provide tremendous business value by improving internal communication and operations. 

Here are some examples of how recruitment chatbots can help businesses with hiring and onboarding functions: 

1. Human Resources (HR):

Chatbots may be used to monitor your organization’s various departments and staff, answer basic HR queries, and handle transactional HR tasks like payroll management.

With remote work environments where people are placed all over the world, chatbots are a great way to engage with employees and make them feel attended to, especially with regular tasks like salary notifications, general queries, etc

2. Remote Employee Onboarding:

Remote Employee onboarding is usually a time-consuming and arduous process. By asking the initial common screening questions and recording candidates’ responses, chatbots can save remote recruiters a lot of time. 

With remote recruitment, thorough screening is important to make sure that everything specified by any candidate is true. This is why employee onboarding takes a longer time. When HR chatbots are involved, the first phase of the screening becomes easier and faster.

It also aids in helping new employees understand important business policies. 

3. Internal Help Desk:

A chatbot that is well-equipped to answer basic questions helps other senior employees and managers to focus on other important tasks. They no longer have to be present for the new remote positions or other employees because the chat fills that gap.

Chatbots are that bridge between employees and the senior management that resolve queries without intervention from senior employees.

Benefits of HR ChatBots For Remote Businesses

We’ve seen what chatbot HR bots are used for and they do make a lot of sense especially for remote recruitment processes but that’s not all. The entire business benefits in multiple ways. Here’s how.

1. Save Big On Hiring Time And Recruitment Costs

From handling aspects like initial screening and video interviews, HR chatbots reduce both the cost and time for new talent acquisition.

How do chatbots work? They have access to the business’ information and data which enables them to respond to candidate questions immediately.

This not only lowers operating costs and saves time but also increases accuracy making the entire hiring process seamless.

2. Boost HR Efficiency

Good HR chatbots can easily process several inquiries parallelly at very fast speed, thanks to AI. The chatbots’ speed and accuracy save a lot of the recruiters’ time, thereby boosting their overall efficiency.

They take off a lot of weight from the HR’s task book!

3. Enhance Candidate Experience

HR chatbots are capable of communicating with candidates in a “human-like” manner instantly at any given time of the day, without taking time out of their day.

When candidates receive constant and uninterrupted help throughout the recruitment process, they feel more respected, heard and have a good overall experience.

4. Improve Business Reputation

The overall seamless recruitment process paints a good picture about the organization thereby enhancing their reputation and increasing the chances of being recommended to others.

Also, any business that incorporates AI into their processes is deemed innovative and futuristic. This helps build your company’s brand and reputation even further.

5. Automate Hiring Activities

HR chatbots don’t just sit around waiting for someone to send in a query to them. In fact, they’re used for multiple administrative tasks as well, saving a big chunk of time and effort for the HR department.

From connecting with the talent pool, matching and screening to scheduling interviews, good HR chatbots can do everything! That’s not all. They can also be used to manage payroll, employee leaves and act as an overall employee management system

3 Important Things To Look For In Your HR ChatBot

All those benefits might tempt you to find a chatbot for your business right away but wait! Not all chatbots are great. You could have a remote developer to create a chatbot for you or you could look for software companies that provide HR chatbots. Here’s what you should look for to find the one for your needs.

  • Does it fulfill all the requirements and is able to cut down your costs and time while increasing efficiency? This simply means, the more features it has that convert into benefits for your business requirement, the more apt it is.


  • Does it deliver exceptional employee experience? It’s all about creating the “delight” factor. Sure, it does it’s job but does the HR chatbot in question deliver consistent and “human-like” communication?
  • Is it customizable? Flexibility is very important when it comes to chatbots. While they come with great features, if the bot can’t be customized to your specific needs, it lacks detail. In a world of a very diverse new generation of employees, customisation should be at the core of every chatbot.


AI Is The Future And The Future Is Now

If you’re thinking of upgrading your remote recruitment team by providing them with a useful and innovative tool, then a ChatBot is undoubtedly your best choice. If you choose one carefully by making sure your requirements are met, you’ll have not only a very happy HR team but also happy candidates who further go on to become happy employees.

And we all know happy employees = happy clients = successful business.

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